29 collocations for hedges

The three backers rubbed their hands when they saw him at work punching the ball in the gymnasium next morning; and Fawcett, the horse-breaker, who had written to Leeds to hedge his bets, sent a wire to cancel the letter, and to lay another fifty at the market price of seven to one.

In a shed, little more than a roof and four uprights, they made a rough couch for Juanita which they hedged round with heaps of bracken to protect her from the wind.

Beyond the air, you see the dark; (For the darkness hedges still our ways;) And beyond the dark, oh, lives away!

A woman, even among the Jews, must have had no small amount of both courage and wisdom, to have surmounted the difficulties which hedged up the path to fame and honor, and risen to the distinction which some of them reached.

For the divinity that doth hedge a king I care as little as one should whose forbears fought in the Revolution.

Neither will it be, under the influence of the old methods,not until legislators and politicians give over the business of tampering with the currency,till they give over the vain hope of "hedging the cuckoo," to use Locke's figure,and the principle of FREEDOM be allowed to adjust this, as it has already adjusted equally important matters.

I had no courage to address that functionary; but I lingered in his sight and sighed audibly, and wandered round and round the canvas walls that hedged my divinity.

He plunged forward, in at the gate, across a plot of turf, stumbled through the Goddess of Mercy bamboo that hedged the door, and went falling up the dark stairs, crying aloud,for the first time in his life,"Bertha!

He loved Buckingham, but he loved the Duchess of Ellswold more, and for this cause of peace, intended to hedge the Duke about with an impenetrable wall.

Neither can he show the circumstances that hedged in his way nor the equipment with which he entered life.

Mr. Adams, his successor, had none of that divinity which hedged the Father of his Country to protect him.

" MARIGOLDS With a fork drive Nature out, She will ever yet return; Hedge the flowerbed all about, Pull or stab or cut or burn, She will ever yet return.

Wha sways the empire of this city, When fou we're sometimes caperneity, Be thou prepared To hedge us frae that black banditti, The City Guard.

All the rest were restrictive; to curb this appetite, to bar that passion, to hedge this impulse, to check that disposition; in a word, to hold back the hand from open and positive transgression.

But if our Constitutional Obligations, as we like to call our constitutional timidity or indifference, teach us that a particular divinity hedges the Domestic Institution, they do not require us to forget that we have institutions of our own, worth maintaining and extending, and not without a certain sacredness, whether we regard the traditions of the fathers or the faith of the children.

He thought he had gone too far, and he hedged a little.

"I'd rather not tell," hedged Marie.

We say seems, for he is carefully indefinite in his specifications, and hedges his opinions with a thicket of ambiguous phrases, which renders it hard to get at them, and leaves opportunity for future evasion.

I don't hedge a penny.

It is attractively situated on the esplanade adjoining the famous Barnes' Bluff, with an amphitheatre of hills in the rear completely sheltering and hedging the place from view as it is approached from the south.

Hence comes the proverb, to play truant (faire l'ecole buissonniereto go to hedge school).

On the right-hand side of the road a fringe of bushes hedged a swamp.

Involuntarily but unobtrusively, under cover of the little tubbed trees that hedged the terrasse apart from the square, Duchemin did likewise, and so discovered, or for the first time appreciated, the cause of the uncommonly early dusk that loured over Nant.

Nor that he made the Floure-de-luce so 'fraid, Though strongly hedged of bloody Lions' paws That witty Lewis to him a tribute paid.

On the general principle that "no one is a hero to his valet," not even a valetudinarian, it may be safely asserted that the divinity that doth hedge most great writers is lost the moment their admirers become acquainted with their habits of thought and methods of composition.

29 collocations for  hedges