175 collocations for heightens

His counsel, as if anxious to take advantage of this very expectation to heighten the effect of what followed, proceeded immediately to inquire: "When did you see your sister Adelaide for the last time alive?

Sliced onions, fried with butter and flour till they are browned, and then rubbed through a sieve, are excellent to heighten the colour and flavour of brown soups and sauces, and form the basis of many of the fine relishes furnished by the cook.

That young lady received him as the brother of a person she extremely loved; and little suspecting the design on which he came, treated him with a gaity which heightened her charms, and at the same time flattered his hopes, that there was something in his person not disagreeable to her.

My first visit to Bloody Cañon was made in the summer of 1869, under circumstances well calculated to heighten the impressions that are the peculiar offspring of mountains.

The touch of colour heightened the beauty of her clear ivory face and brightened up the old habit; but she looked at herself in the glass with something like shamefacedness: why was she so anxious about her appearance this morning of all the mornings?

The interest in colour need never die out; it will probably show itself now in finer discrimination, and more careful reproduction of the colours of flowers and leaves, and the sympathy given will heighten interest and increase enjoyment.

This is evinced by the little pains he took to work upon and heighten such resemblances.

On the other hand, France, with that address for which she is eminent, had labored to heighten the good feelings already existing between herself and the United States.

This personal introduction to each part of the image, now presented to her for the first time, enabled her to realise more forcibly than a lengthened experience of astronomical observation might have done the likeness to her own world of that which was passing under her eyes; and at once intensified her wonder, heightened her pleasure, and sharpened her intellectual apprehension of the scene.

first plunder and then imprison, who take all opportunities of heightening the publick distresses, and make the miseries of war the instruments of new oppressions, are too ignorant to be formidable, and owe their power not to their abilities, but to casual prosperity, or to the influence of money.

She was believing at least a little part of what he said, and her disbelief only heightened her joy in what was real in this strangest of lovemakings.

The fresco wall, when painted, was covered with an encaustic varnish, both to heighten the color and to preserve it from the effects of the sun or the weather; but this process required so much care, and was attended with so much expense, that it was used only in the better houses and palaces."

Homer's supernatural machinery may be reckoned as a devicea device to heighten the general style and action of his poems; the significance of Homer must be found among his heroes, not among his gods.

She flew in a passion, that heightened her power; And cuffing, and shaking the innocent flower, Its tender corolla in shred after shred She hastily stripped; then she snapped off its head.

Several circumstances occurred immediately after this fit of Wyatt's which contributed to heighten the curiosity with which I was already possessed.

Sir Edward's companions were delighting in the scene, and his great discomfiture only heightened their enjoyment.

All placid, serene, smiling, self-assured: a more lovely flush than usual heightening her natural graces, and adding charms, even to radiance, to her charming complexion.

"Are you not judging rather hastily?" suggested Maggie, in a measured voice which heightened the contrast between the two.

Many of those who settled about Baton Rouge and on the Red River with cotton as their initial concern shifted to sugar at the end of the 'twenties, however, in response to the tariff of 1828 which heightened sugar prices at a time when the cotton market was depressed.

To heighten their opinion of their own felicity, they were daily entertained with songs, the subject of which was the happy valley.

The scene might have been employed to heighten the tension.

" The descendants of Ali, though almost universally devoid of the qualities of great leaders, possessed the persistence and devotion of martyrs, and their sufferings heightened the fanatical enthusiasm of their supporters.

The sky was rainy and dark, and completed the desolateness of the scene, which in no wise heightened our anticipations of the renowned glen.

I came to heighten tortures by reproach, And add new terrours to the face of death.

We should only heighten the evil by spreading it through the provinces.

175 collocations for  heightens
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