1159 collocations for hiding

" The laughing lips quivered and the child turned away from him to John and hid her face against his knee.

Who ever thought that the locomotive would go screaming and thundering along the base of the Green Mountains, hurling its ponderous train, loaded with human freight, along the narrow valleys above which mountain peaks hide their heads in the clouds?

What's anything?" He let drop his head to hide his eyes.

It hid the thing from me, though the glare of fire shone through, dully.

Somewhere out West Charley Cox is now going to begin to show 'em the stuff in Charley Coxthat's what Charley Cox & Co. are going to do!" He shook his head, turning away his eyes to hide their tears.

"Ah, you hide your feelings well," he cried, and his laughter was a trifle unconvincing and a bit angry.

The bushes were matted, and the trees overhung us, so that the place was disagreeably gloomy; though not dark enough to hide from me the fact that many of the trees were fruit trees, and that, here and there, one could trace indistinctly, signs of a long departed cultivation.

Sometimes when I pass him jogging along to town in his rickety old cart, and look at his pale, cruel face, and know that he is a broken-down gambler and man of the world, and yet considers himself infinitely superior to mea young man in the prime of life, with a good constitution and happy prospects, it makes me turn away to hide a smile.

Go now, dig ye a pit and therein hide such treasure as ye will and thereafter arm ye at points, for in the hour we march.

He was hideously calmthe frightful calm of great-hearted men, who use mirth, levity, and indolency to hide emotion.

But that, Erminia, you can best resolve; And 'tis not kindly done to hide a truth, The Prince so clearly own'd.

Now, the most interesting thing about the Adorned C., after his mouth, is his bark, and why he should be reluctant to exhibit it except under pressure of irritationwhy he should hide his light under a bushel of ill-temperI can't conceive.

Should she try to reach the house, or hide her small body, like a trapped animal's, on the dark side of the hedge?

Already were clouds hiding the setting sun, the wind was growing stronger, and it was reasonable to believe that within an hour the heavens would be covered as with a black veil.

"Oh, you needn't hide your thoughts," she said.

I suppose men are often blind to these hateful qualities before marriage; doubtless a clever, unscrupulous woman is able to hide her faults when she has the main chance in view.

Where have you hid this mighty Man of valour? Have you exhausted so his stock of Courage, He has not any left t'appear withal? Phi.

Then bursts upon him a new significance from all things; he sees that the great world is but a fable of divine truth, hiding its secrets from all but the initiated and the worthy, and that faith, and trust, and worship are the cipher, which unlocks them all.

She has never 'had cause to wear the veil before the household' [to hide blushes or tears], or found that his 'lips can give sharper sting than their kiss can heal,' like the rest of us.

yelled another; while the object of this outburst of animosity, recovering himself sufficiently to glance round with a contemptuous sneer on his face, fell back, and endeavoured to hide his confusion by entering into conversation with Gull and Thurston.

At this rate, we shall all be obliged to let our beards grow at least, if only to hide the nakedness of the land and make a sylvan appearance.

Swaying to and fro, with her eyes covered as if to hide her shame, she tried to tell herself that Stafford's was only a transient fancy for this girl, that it was mere flirtation, a vulgar liaison that she would teach him to forget.

But though thus calmly did she speak to him, When he had gone to hide his breaking heart As best he might, to bravely bide his time, And do his life work as she bade him do, Then all her lonely haunts echoed this cry, This cry of deeper anguish"Oh, my heart!"

There lay his work; to do all that he could to hide Gus Ingle's gold.

The long whistle with which he concluded the sentence had certainly an ominous sound, but the appearance of their principal was the signal for the seconds to hide their fears under an assumed air of jovial confidence.

1159 collocations for  hiding