659 collocations for hits

The other Indians had gained on us while I was engaged in shooting at their leader, and they sent several shots whizzing past me, but fortunately none of them hit the intended mark.

It was the 26th of February, that first day that they "hit the Long Trail.

The Giants started bravely in the seventh when Herzog hit the ball for a base and stole second.

" It seems possible sometimes to come by wrong roads to a right conclusion; and though the boys were mistaken in changing from their first opinion as to the meaning of the note, yet in this instance their error caused them to hit the right nail on the head.

The Austrians did not shell much till the evening, when they nearly hit our Mess and shell-shocked a man of another Battery in the road close by.

Thus:" He twirls it high in the air, grazes Mr. SIMPSON'S nearer ear, hits his own head accidentally, and breaks the glass in the hat-stand.

Thrackles hit the animal two vindictive blows after it had succumbed.

There ain't any privacy any more since you hit the road.

Then we hit the ground.

We stopped and gasped as it hit our eyes.

It had struck the opposite wall, and then glanced off and hit the other wall close to the door.

There is a swift delight in a late "cut" or a ball that spread-eagles the other fellow's wicket; there is a delicate pleasure in a long jenny neatly negotiated, in a drive that sails straight from the tee towards the flag on the green, in a hard return that hits the back line of the tennis court.

Well, pa was the foolishest man in the lot, 'cause he had tied the lariat rope that he held his elk by, around his belt, and when the elk went over the hill pa was only hitting the high places, and he was yelling for me to head off his elk.

And our lively little Flora, though she jumps to her conclusions, always jumps in a straight line, and usually hits the point.

'You'll 'ave as much chance of it as ever you had. Hit 'im!

" Aunt Plumy glanced at Ruth as she spoke, and a sudden color in the girl's cheeks proved that the words hit certain ambitious fancies of this pretty daughter of the house of Basset.

With a splash it hit the water perhaps a quarter of a mile from the British battleship.

" "You don't hit the thing at all," said his father.

Give him an ax maybe, and he hits one or two wallopin' licks with it and then stands and rests on the handle and starts to dreaming like a fool.

She wrecked the top on a low hanging branch, then hit another tree, severing thereby all connection between herself and the phaeton, and at last galloped down the lane to the farm house, with the broken shafts and harness dangling behind her.

Immediately behind him, came the beadle in vestments and a long flaxen wig ill-combed, put on all awry, making room with his staff and hitting the people if they would not leave off praying and get out of the way.

"When I fell, my head hit a stone.

They'll hit only the high spots.

I tell you, it ain't possible, hardly, for him to have planned to hit a swingin' target like that.

I noticed that the Indian, as he rode around the skirmish line, passed the head of a ravine not far distant, and it occurred to me that if I could dismount and creep to the ravine I could, as he passed there, easily drop him from his saddle without danger of hitting the horse.

659 collocations for  hits