332 collocations for hope

Yet I had hoped better things of you, Patricia.

And so we will, Martina, with the olives that have been blown down, hoping the best for those still on the trees.

"I don't think so," he said, "As a matter of fact, I am sure we haven't, because you are one of the men whom I hoped some day to come across over here.

I hoped little in the far and dim future of the Serpent's promise, and I hoped and feared much in the life on this side of death.

And what shall we except that have such multitudes of Achans, church robbers, simoniacal patrons, &c., how can they hope to flourish, that neglect divine duties, that live most part like Epicures? Other common grievances are generally noxious to a body politic; alteration of laws and customs, breaking privileges, general oppressions, seditions, &c., observed by Aristotle, Bodin, Boterus, Junius, Arniscus, &

'To be sick, and to see nothing but sickness and death, is but a gloomy state; but I hope better times, even in this world, will come, and whatever this world may withhold or give, we shall be happy in a better state.

I thought him the fitter Match, Sir, and hope your Pardon.

Why, I hope a very honest Friend of mine, Harry Bellmour. Bel.

Mahmud, not discouraged by this answer, sent Hasan Jemmavi with rich presents to the court of Bokhara, and a letter in the following terms: "That he hoped the pure spring of friendship, which had flowed in the time of his father, should not now be polluted with the ashes of indignity, nor Mahmud be reduced to the necessity of divesting himself of that obedience which he had hitherto paid to the imperial family of Samania.

[mm]In vain, these dangers past, your doors you close, And hope the balmy blessings of repose; Cruel with guilt, and daring with despair, The midnight murd'rer bursts the faithless bar; Invades the sacred hour of silent rest, [L]And leaves, unseen, a dagger in your breast.

When the little children were gone out to play, Tom's wife said to him, "I hope thou and thy master haven't had words to-day.

'Yet hope not life from grief or danger free, Nor think the doom of man reversed for thee.

Those that fail, will feel their misery more acutely; but since poverty is now confessed to be such a calamity, as cannot be borne without the opiate of insensibility, I hope the happiness of those whom education enables to escape from it, may turn the balance against that exacerbation which the others suffer.

And then I'll own my Passion to the King; He loves me well, and I may hope his pity.

Through Nature's vale his homely pleasures glide, Unstained by envy, discontent, and pride; The bound of all his vanity, to deck, With one bright bell, a favourite heifer's neck; 495 Well pleased upon some simple annual feast, Remembered half the year and hoped the rest, If dairy-produce, from his inner hoard, Of thrice ten summers dignify [130] the board.

To speak of you as a Soldier, or a Statesman, were only to betray my own ignorance: and I could hope no better success from it, than that miserable Rhetorician had, who solemnly declaimed before HANNIBAL "of the Conduct of Armies, and the Art of War."

He singled out a warrior of inferior grade, toward whom he made at a gallop, and, insulting him by word of mouth, after the ancient fashion of the Celtic warriors, cried: "Frank, I am going to give thee my first present, a present which I have been keeping for thee a long while, and which I hope thou wilt bear in mind;" and launched at him a javelin which the other received on his shield.

And as I go, from out the wood A mocking-bird calls clear, "Sweetheart, sweetheart," and I turn, Half hoping thou art here.

My lord, I hope my Charity workes for your honour, Releiving him whose mercy spard your life.

I hope every man who regards either his own reputation, or that of the senate, or professes any solicitude for the publick good, will oppose the motion.

There requires, therefore, my dear Louisa, no time to convince you of what I am, or assure you of what I may be; and I hope the affection you bore me, as a faithful friend, and the protector of your innocence, will not be diminished on my making this declaration.

Sir, I confess I'm culpable, And were it not a sin equal to that, To doubt you could forgive me, I durst not hope your mercy after it.

I wonder you recovered after such mighty reverses; but I hope" "Hope!

I gave the thing a critical survey under his grave regard, then applauded the workmanship and hoped him a prosperous season with the melons.

"Are you for humanity?" "Madam, as I hope reward, I am!

332 collocations for  hope