90 collocations for hovered

Surely, thought Louis, if the blessings and tears of the poor and needy and the prayers of him who was ready to perish would crystalize a path to the glory-land, then Minnie's exit from earth must have been over a bridge of light, above whose radiant arches hovering angels would delight to bend.

Like the butterfly, he hovers only a moment over each flower.

expanse hovered a shadow that was neither hood of dust nor hue of gold.

Thus have I lain conceal'd like a Winter-Fly, hoping for some blest Sunshine to warm me into life again, and make me hover my flagging Wings; till the News of this Marriage (which fills the Town) made me crawl out this silent Hour, to upbraid the fickle Maid.

THE FIRST A PLEASING LANDSCAPE FAUST, reclining upon flowery turf, restless, seeking sleep TWILIGHT Circle of spirits, hovering, flit around;Graceful, tiny forms.

It was as if the leaf of a flower had settled upon it, and had hovered an instant, and fluttered away in a breath of soft air.

The Highland "wee folk" are not so diminutive as the fairies of Englandat least that type of fairy, beloved of the poet, which hovers bee-like over flowers and feeds on honey-dew.

The Dog, which still was hovering nigh, Repeating the same timid cry, 55 This Dog, had been through three months' space A dweller in that savage place.

Round Shab Fuad desolate and grand, Till Ere with hate the hero did behold, Hast'ning to sweep the foemen from the land, His sword flash'd red and radiant in his hand, In sunny splendour was his spear upraised, And hovering o'er his head the light of heroes blazed He comes!

Who, hovering o'er the infant's couch, Were wont to bless the child.

Between them hovers the celestial Dove, and above them is seen the Heavenly Father in likeness of "the Ancient of Days," who paternally lays a hand on the shoulder of each.

I can remember my mother hovering round the dinner-table to see that all was bright for the home-coming husband; my brothertwo years older than myselfand I watching "for papa"; the loving welcome, the game of romps that always preceded the dinner of the elder folks.

With an antagonist like Jobson, in a good stiff wind, the odds were against them; they had lost many men; so after hovering round for some hours they made off to Severndroog.

unincreased^ &c 35; decreased &c v.; decreasing &c v.; on the wane &c n.. Phr. a gilded halo hovering round decay

For you no Dryads dress the roseate bower, For you no Nymphs their sparkling vases pour; Unmarked by you, light Graces swim the green, And hovering Cupids aim their shafts, unseen.

Half a mile to the east of the derelict hovered a ship's cutter, the turn of her crew's heads speaking expectancy.

4 When fainting Nature call'd for aid, And hovering Death prepared the blow, His vigorous remedy

They would be bundled up greatly, but it was absolutely necessary in order to face the great cold, that hovered continuously around thirty to forty degrees below zero.

"I am going to pretend," said he, "that I am hovering over the townlike the devil on two sticksthe first night after the armistice.

I stand and watch with clouded eyes These dim battalions move along; Out of the distance memory cries Of days when life and hope were strong, When love was prompt and wit was gay; Even then, at evening, as to-day, I watched, while twilight hovered dim Over Potomac's curving rim, This selfsame flight of homing crows Blotting the sunset's fading rose, Above the roofs of Washington.

"You didn't know it then?" rejoined the rector, with now an almost quizzical glance, in which hovered a little doubt.

"He'd 'it you a pretty 'ard crack hover the 'ead with it, 'e would," remarked one of the men, throwing a ball of yarn at Davie, who stood listening to the conversation with a broad grin.

Loneliness reigns around the spot, but above it, in the air, hovers the imperial eagle.

My feelings have been so harrowed, my mind so harassed, during these last few years, and so many causes of pain and misery seem ever hovering round my existence, that I do assure you, my dear friend, I have grown old before my time.

See the dew-drops how they kiss Every little flower that is, Hanging on their velvet heads Like a rope of crystal beads; See the heavy clouds low falling, And bright Hesperus down calling The dead night from under ground, At whose rising mists unsound, Damps and vapours fly apace, Hovering o'er the wanton face Of these pastures, where they come Striking dead both bud and bloom.

90 collocations for  hovered