44 collocations for idealized

He idealized the girl; she was to him all that he fancied.

He idealized human beauty, and imitated Nature to the minutest details.

Sober-minded and free from all fanaticism, he leans not too much to Zoroaster or to Mohammed, though his desire to idealize his Iránian heroes leads him to excuse their faith to his readers.

He pours out his contempt on the Parisian philosophes who idealized primitive man and natural virtue.

The great fault, in my opinion, both of the writer and of the poet, is to idealize woman too much, and especially the young girl.

This artist idealizes the subjects of every-day, practical life, and gives them a poetic quality which is an uncommon and delightful attainment.

Why do men as a rule idealize the dead?

The poets idealized Elizabeth.

Love is no ideal and idealizing emotion, but a mere gratification of the sensesa luxuria scarcely distinguishable from gula.

The thought of this day had gone with her in the three years that had passed, like a radiant gleam, a glorious presence that brightened and idealized every experience of life, a rainbow that glorified every black cloud, and there had been some clouds in her life black enough to bring out the rainbows' colors too; as when her mother's serious illness had called her back from the city, where she was attending school.

He protested against distinctions founded on birth or rank, as in A Man's a Man for A' That; and, on the other hand, he idealized the homely feelings and manners of the "virtuous populace" in his immortal Cotter's Saturday Night.

In fiction its banner was carried by three women, two of whomwell known in England and AmericaFrederica Bremer, whose novels portrayed the home life of the middle class, Emelie Carlen, who idealized the fishermen and sea-faring folk of the West Coast, and Sophie von Knorring, who gave rather stilted descriptions of life in aristocratic circles.

Not one the number was troubled by any personal theory of art: all they asked of a portrait was that the costume should be sufficiently "life-like," and the face not too much so; and a long experience in idealizing flesh and realizing dress-fabrics had enabled Mr. Popple to meet both demands.

Rarely did they idealize humble folk:

I had idealized the freedom of America, and especially the reform of the position of women, to such an extent, that I would not listen to their arguments.

I remember one or two elderly men, in particular, whose faces would help an artist to idealize a Lacedaemonian general, or a baron of the Middle Ages.

Shall we in our youth, then, in generous emulation idealize the great of old times, and honour them as our fair example of what we most would be?

The Tendency to Idealize National Heroes. 6.

She had thought at one time that she might be able to idealize David Kent, but he had gone his way to hew out his fortune, taking her upstirrings of his ambition in a purely literal and selfish sense, so far as she could determine.

But the contrast between them and the chief in his soldier's uniform seated at breakfast was rather too striking; and incidentally it etched in bold lines the folly of those who idealize the life of even exceptionally good and pleasant-natured savages.

The youth idealizes the maiden he loves, his hero, and the ends of his life; and in age the old man idealizes his youth.

What constitutes that idealizing modification we know not; but we feel that it imparts to the figures an interest and impressiveness which natural forms possess not.

She had set love affairs, and all the notions connected therewith, behind her; but she had idealized Alec Naylor a little; and she thought Cynthia, in homely phrase, "hardly good enough."

BEAUTY Although such a deep need of friendship really creates and idealizes the object of its affection, the lover of antiquity would, through it alone, achieve only a one-sided moral excellence.

She did not idealize paternity.

44 collocations for  idealized