606 collocations for ignoring

"No, and we mustn't ignore obvious facts," said Rolfe.

We glory in the fact that we can talk a thousand miles, but we ignore the greater question, whether when we thus out-do Stentor, we have anything worth saying.

" Why, thought Billie, as she ignored the remark, pretending not to hear it, would Laura always be such a goose as to make a joke of the very real friendship between her and Teddy Jordon?

Kazan had heard that sound before, and like all other beasts had learned to ignore the presence of the innocuous creature that made it.

But we have not wholly ignored its existence, for the very good reason that we could not.

"And she came down with a thump that shook the chandeliers," Laura went on, ignoring the interruption, "and when Mr. Gilliganyou know he weighs only a hundred and fifty and is about half her size" "Now I know she weighs three hundred," interposed Billie again.

" "On the contrary," replied Kalkmann instantly, rising from his chair and ignoring the hand the Englishman had stretched out to him, "it is we who have to thank you; and we do so most gratefully and sincerely.

"I was preparing to go in," she answered, ignoring his latter words.

The Sizers were among the first subscribers to the Millville Tribune and whenever Louise stopped at the farmhouse for news the family would crowd around her, ignoring all duties, and volunteer whatever information they possessed.

A country which announces her intention to ignore existing laws and "hack a way through at all costs," should surely be the last to declaim on the alleged offences against the laws of war by a small, weak, unprepared neighbour.

If the reader will observe the following general rules (which of necessity ignore many differences in pronunciation of fourteenth-century English), he may, in an hour or two, learn to read Chaucer almost as easily as Shakespeare: (1) Get the lilt of the lines, and let the meter itself decide how final syllables are to be pronounced.

I doubt if the Catholic Church has ever abrogated or ignored her old right to meddle in the politics of a state or nation.

You may set this down as a rule without exceptions: That all the kicks you get from relatives or friends come after you have ignored repeated hints from your own inner consciousness and them.

Some have ignored my condition and laughed because of the impossibility of getting Swaraj anyhow within one year.

" He ignored the one thing I most desired to learn, but I did not press it, believing I knew the answer already.

In effect there was a tendency for the late Latin writers to ignore those elements of structure and movement wherein poetry and oratory most differ, and stress unduly the elements of style wherein they have the most in common.

It is true, as has been said, that Kant sometimes ignores the distinction between phenomena as related to noumena and phenomena as related to representations; and, as a result of this, that the phenomenon is either completely volatilized into the representation or split up into an objective half independent of us and

As they grow in knowledge and in wealth they become more self-assertive, and make it correspondingly troublesome for those who would ignore their claims.

But Mr. Wilson even further discredited the phrase by adopting a policy toward Russia which ignored the principle.

Thus we were compelled to ignore the protests of the Luxembourg and Belgian Governments.

The "people who fail" take their revenge, as we have recently had occasion to observe, by ignoring all the rest of a man's work and glibly labelling him a more popularizer.

[Footnote 4: Livy ignores the more accepted and prettier tradition that this event took place where the sacred fig-tree originally stood, and that later it was miraculously transplanted to the comitium by Attius Navius, the famous augur, "That it might stand in the midst of the meetings of the Romans"D.O.]

With deliberate intention, she ignored his look.

Had he now heartily thrown himself into the hands of the moderate majority in Parliament he mightaided by them and by the Scots, who, seeing that the Independents were ignoring all the obligations which had been undertaken by the Solemn League and government, were now almost openly hostile to the party of the armyhave again mounted the throne, amid the joyful acclamations of the whole country.

" Gifford ignored the covert threat.

606 collocations for  ignoring