29 collocations for illuming

Nearest to earth, it is my ray That best illumes the midnight way.

"Thou, who my glory's captain art, And general of my bleeding heart, Guardian of every thought I know, And sharer of my lot of woe; Light that illumes my happy face, The bliss of my soul's dwelling-place; Why must thou disappear from me, Thou glass wherein myself I see? Azarco, bid me understand What is it thou dost command Must I remain and wait for thee?

In sweet amaze I feel as one who from a weary dream Of exile wakes, and sees the morning beam Illume the glorious clouds of every hue That float o'er scenes his happy childhood knew.

Her sense of the baseness of his action now was like a lightning illuming every corner of the past: every equivocation, every concealment, every subterfuge he had practised, stood out before her, bare, stripped of every shred of apology or excuse.

Oh, would you wish, Without a dish, Your scanty meal from a piece of bark, And a wood fire to illume the dark.

While Love's soft beams illume her treacherous eyes, And Beauty lightens through the thin disguise.

"And therewith she laid her head on my shoulder, and sighed, "'Life remits his tortures cruel, Love illumes his fairest fuel, When the hearts that once were dual Meet as one, in sweet renewal!' "'Miss Ringtop!'

But now farewell to each and alladieu To every charm, and last and chief to you, Ye lovely maidens that in noontide shade Rest near your little plots of wheaten glade; 130 To all that binds the soul in powerless trance, Lip-dewing song, and ringlet-tossing dance; Where sparkling eyes and breaking smiles illume The sylvan cabin's lute-enlivened gloom.

And all that we suppos'd most fair Is but a mockery now; No beam illumes the silken hair That traced thy smiling brow.

The far blue hillsthe smooth reposing sea The lonely forestthe meandering streams The farewell summer sun, whose mellowed beams Illume thine ivied halls, and tinge each tree, Whose green arms round thee clingthe balmy air

It lies in beauty 'neath our sad eyes' range, Bathed in a richer light, a warmer glow; For fairer moons, and sunsets rare and strange, Illume the landscape of the Long Ago.

Th' historic Muse illumes the maze For ages veil'd in gloomy night, Where empire with meridian blaze

Where the soul drinks of misery's power, Each moment seems a lengthened hour; But when bright joy illumes the mind, Time passes as the fleetest wind.

E'en the "taper's" light, Which in the lowly inn illumed the night, The "wood-fire" warm, and "casement swinging free," Were stamp'd with teeming interest by thee.

This province he entered gropingly, like a child in a vault, seeing nothing but shadow around him, perceiving in this gloom only the gleam of the candle which illumed the place a few paces before him.

MEPHISTOPHELES Doth not Sir Mammon for this fête Grandly illume his palace!

I admired the condensed wisdom of this, but, like experience, it only serves to illume the path over which I have passed.

This province he entered gropingly, like a child in a vault, seeing nothing but shadow around him, perceiving in this gloom only the gleam of the candle which illumed the place a few paces before him.

In the midst of these encouraging omens, the sun dipped into the sea, illuming, as it fell, a wide reach of the chill and gloomy element.

" "True, I have pointed out to you the ways of righteousness, but when you looked upon that bright river of life, I observed that its waters were no less tranquil, and mirrored upon its bosom was one more shining star; and it has been increasing in magnitude, till now its radiance illumes even the bright river itself.

No moon shone down on the hermit sea, No cheering beacon illumed the shore, No ship on the water, no light on the lea, No sound in the ear but the billow's roar!

Zál, overjoyed at the result of the enterprise, replied: Thou hast illumed the soul of Narímán, Now in the blissful bowers of Paradise, By punishing his foes with fire and sword.

Fly, lays of mine, but not to any clime Where happiness and light and love prevail, But seek the spots where woe and ill and crime Leave as they pass a noisome serpent-trail Fly, lays of mine, but not to the ether blue, Where golden sparks illume the heavenly sphere, But seek the depths where nothing that is true Relieves the eye or glads a listening ear.

IPHIGENIA Celestial pair, who from the realms above By night and day shed down the beauteous light To cheer mankind, but who may not illume Departed spirits, save a mortal pair!

Now, borne to Belgium's plain on bolder wings, Where England's warriors fix'd the fate of Kings: At once the Patriot and the Poet glows, And full the mingling inspiration flows: Resume the lyre: not thine in myrtle bowers To trifle light with Life's uncounted hours To crown thy toils, propitious Fame from far Entwines her noblest wreath, illumes her loftiest star!

29 collocations for  illuming