527 collocations for  impacts

527 collocations for impacts

Absolutely nothing in their efforts can be formal; this is not simply a question of new offices with new authorities, but the determination to transform, to perfect, to impact Cubans daily life with improved quality of life and well-being.

Adolescents can be really picky eaters which may, in turn, impact their health.

Clearly this is something that has impacted our communities.

A dentist may be able to address any dental problems impacting your ability to enjoy food.

But clearly if we see the unemployment rate skyrocket the general downturn is going to impact a lot more people.

According to a study performed by Tilgar and associates, predation stress alters parents behaviours such as the reduction in provisioning rates, which negatively impacts the offspring’s performance.

A squall line of severe thunderstorms impacted the area also with large hail and strong winds.

But only in recent days has it begun to sink in just how much and how broadly fighting the virus will impact the nation’s economy.

AAV Ranga Raju, Managing Director, in a statement said, The operating results of this quarter are not comparable with the corresponding quarter of the previous year, since Covid-19 has impacted the operations significantly.

Our sponsors are Southwest (Airlines) hugely impacted industry; Live Nation, hugely impacted industry and many different brands throughout the season.

A CFIB survey revealed that 84 per cent of the province’s entrepreneurs said recent municipal property tax hikes have negatively impacted their business.

Braddock discussed how many former candidates for the Presidency have gone on to have careers that have impacted the political world.

Dr. Sastry will discuss the latest in remote learning and how it is impacting students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

A giant plume of dust that originated in the Sahara Desert has significantly impacted air quality in much of the Caribbean.

Blunt said December and January are the height of flu season and impacted the decision to delay the start of the semester.

CHES will go beyond indoor air quality to consider all the factors that impact indoor environments including lighting, acoustics and optimal temperatures and humidity.

It follows government efforts to increase the supply of ventilators to the NHS from around the world, although the virus is impacting health services globally with more than 155,000 confirmed cases.

However, he said the KSAMC needs to address how the changes will impact costs as additional charges could end up being passed through to purchasers.

How we can impact that system and kind of turn it around and have it work more so in our favor is learn the rules of it and the first rule of engagement is in the power of the vote.

Final Fantasy IV did quite a lot to impact role-playing video games.

However, Maruti’s chairman thinks this will not impact the sector.

Gender diversity positively impacts corporate outcomes.

Furthermore, the form also requires students to acknowledge that the University may need to make sudden changes to the campus environment which may impact students experience.

Growing preference for DIY trend in cosmetics and makeup applications is expected to impact this market growth.

Bloomsburg University significantly impacted my development as an individual, and I take great pride in being allowed to continue that positive impact on our current and prospective student-athletes.

DStv said that while there will be fewer M-Net Movie channels after this change, it will not impact the number of movies customers have access to.

If you want a clear picture of how the events of the last week have impacted the markets, look no further than oil prices.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to nominate companies whose tireless efforts have created ripples of economic growth, positively impacting the families of employers and employees.

"One new experiment we are now planning is to see how these fields may impact the rate of photosynthesis in plants," Price added.

Dr. Cutler’s past and current research has positively impacted agricultural practices in the blueberry industry within the region and will ultimately enhance their competitiveness nationally and globally.

Many people are aware that there’s an opioid epidemic, says Dr. Kelley-Quon, but when I talk about my work, people are surprised to hear that it impacts children.

A series of moves that have disrupted the industry in the past five years, this has pushed legitimate export companies to the side, in turn impacting the export revenue of the country.

"Converting to an import terminal will not impact the safe and reliable supply of quality fuel products to Western Australia; however, it will require fewer people to run.

Amid the extreme heat, PG&E is warning customers of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) that could impact 172,000 customers in 22 California counties.

Even if you decide to vote in person, you’ll have your vote counted and it will impact our country’s future.

China's embassy in Bangkok says a severe drought has impacted the region since early 2019 and it has increased the outflow of water from upstream at Thailand's request.

I have learned that our biggest obstacle in our careers can often be ourselves; an unfortunate trait that seems to impact more women than men.

But a state judge the suit as moot on Nov. 13 after the campaign filed a motion () telling the court that the outcome of the suit would not impact the state’s presidential results.

It is possible to decrease the number of people in our jails and in our prisons in a way that does not impact public safety and does not lead to an increase in crime.

If you grow up in an abusive household, where your needs, your basic needs aren’t met and you aren’t taught to appropriately identify boundaries or emotions, then that’s going to impact the way that you develop as an adult, Ziv said.

During our interview, he outlined many factors impacting real estate sales in the San Diego region.

But one aspect of the campaign rises above all others in its potential to impact the relationship between the U.S. and its closest allies.

CHEYENNE With COVID-19 impacting many aspects of daily life, the Wyoming Department of Family Services wants residents to remember children and parents need additional support and understanding during times of increased stress.

Rising sea temperatures and intense rainfall levels will impact unique mangrove ecosystems through erosion, leaving the coast even more exposed to storms and wave damage.

Beyond questions about the economy, African Americans see a range of concerns impacting the country overall as well as their own communities.

One goal is to develop a landscape of interactions so we can understand the ways that fishing impacts fish populations.

Patients with diabetes need to remember to look after themselves, knowing that changes in lifestyle, stress and illness can impact glucose levels in all sorts of ways, Peters says.

Even today, she still discovers ways to intertwine her passion for volleyball and for people together to impact individuals, even if it is just as simple of making someone smile.

If a patient is able to remain at work for more years, the industry argues, this significantly impacts the general productivity.

It is highly unlikely that the 149th Open could be held later than September due to the weather, but a delay until next year would impact plans to hold the 150th edition at St Andrews.