1305 collocations for indicates

During the afternoon, I made a partial search of the gardens, accompanied by Pepper; but, without coming upon anything to indicate the presence of the creatures.

" They left their packs just inside the door of the log-cabin, indicated as "Bunk House for the men on No. 6, Above"a fearsome place, where, on shelf above shelf, among long unwashed bedclothes, the unwashed workmen of a prosperous company lay in the stupor of sore fatigue and semi-asphyxiation.

I will now indicate the position of the cavern to thee: whether the ladies will still be found in it is beyond my power to say.

Hosen and shoon are good, but they do not always sufficiently indicate the state of the heart.

I have often noticed that such discrepancies seem to indicate exceptional characters.

" He pulled out a chart of Virginia, and I marked for him our posts, and indicated the line of my own journey.

As a man who lived in the mouldy atmosphere of precedent, Mr. Mattingford hated the idea of change, and to him the thought of a lady in wig and gown pleading in the law courts indicated not merely change but a revolution which might well usher in the end of the world.

At the same time, it became desirable to ascertain and to indicate the nature of the sea-bottom, since this circumstance greatly affects its goodness as holding ground for anchors.

"The verse which serves as the antiphon text contains the fundamental thought of the psalm to which it is sung and indicates the point of view from which it is to be understood.

[Footnote 1: This was the retreat already twice mentioned as kept by the pilgrims in the summer, the different phraseology, "quiet rest," without any mention of the season, indicating their approach to India.

One or two were smoking and the others talked in low voices, but when Lister came in and the secretary indicated a chair they turned as if to study him.

The abrupt and energetic expressions of Jackson on this occasion indicate his profound sense of the injustice done Lee by these criticisms; and it would be difficult to imagine a stronger statement than that here made by him.

A certain Lady Nis here stated to have convinced Dr. Hutton of her possession of this remarkable gift, and by means of it to have indicated to him the existence of a spring of water in one of his fields adjoining the Woolwich College, which, in consequence of the discovery, he was enabled to sell to the college at a higher price.

" He jerked a grimy thumb over his shoulder to indicate the controlling and absent power of the old man, somewhere in the woods.

The ground now being covered with snow, we found that it would be almost impossible to follow Penrose's trail any further, especially as he had left no sign to indicate the direction he was going.

Here it is," indicating a small door, the top of which was only on a level with their shoulders.

Various facts indicate Germany's intention to annex Belgium, if not the entire country, then those districts in which Flemish is spoken.

It seemed to indicate a degree of complicity between these two which boded no good to her.

His earlier poems indicate a less healthy condition of mind.

This little prayer indicates the purpose and end of the recitation of the Office, the glory of the Holy Trinity.

His nearest approach to coherence seemed to indicate a desire that I should go back to Washington at once and destroy a perfectly reputable firm of chemists.

Still a state is in honor bound to indicate in some way its changed relation.

By and by Brown looked up and indicated the panting men.

I glanced along the ghostly battalions of family linen; along the fences traversed by feline sentries; along the latticed arbors; but nothing to indicate the origin of the alarm could be discovered, and as at that moment a breeze stirred in the apartment, producing a chilling sensation, I thought it prudent to jump back into bed.

Again, to quote the argument of Dr. Gardiner: "The dog indicates his different feelings by different tones."

1305 collocations for  indicates