350 collocations for inherits

He inherited a large estate, which brought him in a princely revenue; and yet his desires and expenses so far outgo his means, that he is always in want.

"I'm worth a lot of money, Arthur," he continued, meekly, "and some day these three girls will inherit immense fortunes.

The servant stayed in the house of the cadi and inherited the property of all.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

I've no doubt he's found out she'll inherit some money; it's possible she's told him.

Canute, after his accession, summoned the Scottish King to acknowledge himself a vassal for Cumberland to the Crown of England; but Malcolm refused compliance, on pretence that he owed homage to those princes only who inherited that kingdom by right of blood.

I believe that it is those who patiently wait on the Lord, and not the discontented who fret themselves till they do evil, who will inherit the land, and be refreshed in peace.

FIRST VOYAGE I had inherited considerable wealth from my parents, and being young and foolish I at first squandered it recklessly upon every kind of pleasure, but presently, finding that riches speedily take to themselves wings if managed as badly as I was managing mine, and remembering also that to be old and poor is misery indeed, I began to bethink me of how I could make the best of what still remained to me.

Some have inherited a passionate love of country, and great traditions of patriotism.

" "Well, then, if he has inherited his father's power!"

None of Abd al Muttalib's sons inherited the nature of their father, and with his death the greatness of the house of Hashim diminished, until it gave place to the Omeyya branch, with Harb at its head.

The child may and undoubtedly sometimes does inherit a tendency to a particular disease; or he may be made sick by error in regard to dress, exercise, &c.

She had inherited from her gifted father a great talent for music.

He had evidently heard that I had inherited a good share of my father's fortune, and was worth making another effort for.

And then Prospero embraced his brother, and again assured him of his forgiveness; and said that a wise, over-ruling Providence had permitted that he should be driven from his poor dukedom of Milan, that his daughter might inherit the crown of Naples, for that by their meeting in this desert island it had happened, that the king's son had loved Miranda.

The trial proved very satisfactory, and Patty declared that she must have inherited her own taste for dancing from her father.

After all, his father was a cultivated Englishman, although Lister imagined he had inherited qualities that helped him most from his Canadian mother.

She inherited her father's delicate and unreliable constitution, and a nervous organization, whose worst disease is ever the preying of doubt, anxiety, or regret.

"She inherits all her mother's rare beauty.

In England the eldest son inherits the title and the estate, but Americans do not take to a system of .

He inherited the moribund traditions that the older Cato had typified some centuries ago.

Wace, moreover, was Norman born and Norman bred, and he inherited the possessions of his racea love of fact, the power of clear thought, the appreciation of simplicity, the command of elegance in form.

The British Government had refused to award him the absurd life pension of eighty thousand pounds sterling, which had been granted to his nominal father; but he had inherited at least half a million from the ex-peshwa; and he was allowed to keep six guns, to entertain as many followers as he pleased, and to live in half royal state in a castellated palace at Bithoor.

8-12. "Be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.

Mrs. Blatch shows why every woman who inherits the womanly virtues of the past, and who has grasped the ideal of the added womanly virtues of the present and the future, should support this war with all her strength and soul.

350 collocations for  inherits