41 collocations for injected

Some day you will perhaps be a great physician, if they let you go your way in peace, but greater yet will be he who can inject a new idea into this anemic people!

And he continued to visit, with his tranquil smile, only those of his patients who clamored for him loudly, and who found themselves miraculously relieved when he injected into them only pure water.

I said to myself: 'I must surely be mad!' An ordinary chat began, while Clodagh turned up Peters' sleeve, and, kneeling there, injected his fore-arm.

The operation of injecting blood taken from one person into the veins of another.

Archie Westcott had unbent to the point of offering him a cigarette, and Trevvy Morehouse, who had joined them over the cocktails, and injected polite bromidics into the conversation which Reggie Armistead, who knew nothing of Markham's art and cared less, only saved by some wholesome enthusiasm, in which all joined, over the "sand" and all-around good fellowship of their hostess.

If it becomes necessary to inject the contents of the bulb into the water twice, it is clear that the proportion is only ten thousandths; and if it requires ten injections the air contains ten times less CO{2} than that having twenty thousandths, or only two per cent.

"Sure, I'll go," he responded, before the hesitation had become pronounced, and managed to inject a good deal of his old heartiness into the words.

Then into our economic life, with industrial forces already working at high pressure, were injected the new demands arising from changing the United States from a people as unprepared for effective hostilities as a baby in its cradle, into a nation equipped for war.

It is made by injecting very small doses of raw venom (about one-tenth of the fatal dose) into a horse and then gradually increasing the dose, making the horse immune to snake venom.

Murray, employing the glycerin extract of the thyroid gland of a freshly killed sheep, injected twenty-four drops hypodermically, twice a week.

The term is completely pre-occupied by this signification, and you cannot inject the human life element into it.

Taking my hypodermic case from my bag, I prepared in the syringe a full dose of atropine sulphate, which I injected forthwith into the unconscious man's arm.

After a while Cecil would awake guiltily and inject a fresh, almost gay interest into her sleepy voice.

The management, instead, began fighting shy to inject fresh investment in the enterprise.

Should the wound be of two or more days' standing, inject the joint with the corrosive sublimate solution.

Put it under influence of chloroform, and open into the cavity of the chest; make an incision into the right ventricle, and allow the animal to bleed to death; cut the trachea and inject the lungs with a solution of one and a half drachms of chromic acid in one quart of water, care being taken not to overdistend the lung.

Even when the doctors injected medicine into her arm to relieve her pain, she did not murmur.

So they scraped some of the lining of the bowel, rubbed it up with acid, and injected the filtered mixture into the blood.

Spurts of energy on the part of different clubs, unexpected ill fortune on the part of others, and marked variations of form, which ranged from the leaders almost to the lowliest teams of the second division, injected spasmodic moments of excited interest into the National League race for 1912 and marked it by more vicissitudes than any of its immediate predecessors.

To-night Atkinson has injected morphia and will watch by his patient.

" She bent over Jack Junior, striving to inject an amused note into her reply.

There was a moment's silence into which Monona injected a loud "Num, num, num-my-num," as if she were the burden of an Elizabethan lyric.

In order to force the fluid to the bottom of each diseased track, it is necessary, when injecting one opening, to firmly close all others.

With these it pressed the crab against its mouth, injecting under its shell the venomous output of its salivary glands, paralyzing thus every movement of existence.

That drawer, since it was, perhaps, to contain such priceless documents as the love letters of a kingeven more so, if the love letters were from another man! must be adequately guarded, and therefore a mechanism was devised to stab the person attempting to open it and to inject into the wound a poison so powerful as to cause instant death.

41 collocations for  injected