329 collocations for intending

Dear Dyer,Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rogers's friends are perfectly assured that you never intended any harm by an innocent couplet, and that in the revivification of it by blundering Barker you had no hand whatever.

Everybody was satisfied with the plan and the mother assented eagerly, as she had intended the same thing.

I intended some day to make her comfortable and happy, for I knew her husband's death had left her poor and friendless.

In one sense, and that the highest, it certainly is not; but just as certainly Christ never intended those words to be used as a subterfuge by which to escape our responsibilities in the life of business and politics.

I will be so ingenuous as to tell you that I do not intend Marriage: But if you are wise, you will use your Authority with her not to be too nice, when she has an opportunity of saving you and your Family, and of making her self happy.

It was a mistake of mine to imagine that God ever intended man to rest in this world.

'A compliment, indeed, (said Mr. Lowe,) from a man who cannot lie, and cannot be mistaken.' About this time he wrote to Mrs. Lucy Porter, mentioning his bad health, and that he intended a visit to Lichfield.

It was a trivial objection to my aspiring mind that I did not understand a word of the language, since I certainly intend some time in my life to see Paris, and equally certainly never intend to learn the language; therefore that could be no objection.

Note that in this term I intend no disrespect.

Queen Anne was not the last in doing justice to our author and his performance; she was pleased to signify an inclination of having it dedicated to her, but as he intended that compliment to another, it came into the world without any dedication.

Resentment gratifies him who intended an injury, and pains him unjustly who did not intend it.

He intended every child in it to be a model, just as the five young Gradgrinds were all models.

Had the apostle intended such a sense, he would have used the latter verb, or one of the more common words, [Greek: metochoi, koinonountes], &c. (See Heb.

Raise me to love intense; O Father, source of love divine, My powers to love and hymn incline! While God my Father I revere, Nor all hell powers, nor death I fear; I am my Father's care; His succours present are. All comes from my loved Father's will, And that sweet name intends no ill.

"You have enlisted my soldiers, and many veterans, under the pretence of intending the destruction of those men who slew Caesar; and then, when they expected no such step, you have led them on to attack their quaestor, their general, and their former comrades!"

Col. Wilson, the Speaker, asked Maj. Anthony whether he intended the remark as personal.

And so, when Jesus went on, from the last Passover of the Jewish church, to the first sacramental feast of the Christian church, and began by saying, "This do in remembrance of me," what else could the apostles possibly have thought, but that he intended this new service of the Christian church to be a memorial service, just as the old festival of the Jewish church had been?

Accordingly, it may then be supposed into what a dismay it threw Colonel Belford when one fine day he received a letter from Captain Obadiah, in which our West Indian desperado informed his brother that he proposed quitting those torrid latitudes in which he had lived for so long a time, and that he intended thenceforth to make his home in New Hope.

She read as plain as day in his face that he intended murder this night and Nelly was truly frightened.

that in the character of the villainous, corrupt, greedy, vain, lascivious, but plausible Ochihatou Mrs. Haywood intended her readers to recognize a semblance of the English minister.

Mr. Jetson has given me his word that he did not intend a foul trip.

Such a course of history would quicken women's inborn personal interest in the actors of this life-drama, and be quickened by it in return, as indeed it ought: for it is thus that God intended woman to look instinctively at the world.

We refused this at first, but were told there was no danger, and that it was only precautionary, in case we intended any mischief to their lord, or should have brought poison along with us, as the fire would remove all evil.

I do not intend the poor creature to be hanged, and I am not going to frighten her to death.

I intend the Paper for this Day as a loose Essay upon Friendship, in which I shall throw my Observations together without any set Form, that I may avoid repeating what has been often said on this Subject.

329 collocations for  intending