50 collocations for interchange

The cherubic landlord was just then pacing up and down the lobby, pausing here and there to interchange a word with his guests.

Inflamed to madness by the coquetry of the girl-widow, who neither granted nor quite withheld her favors, the three rivals began to interchange threatening glances.

Such meetings can not help but have a broadening effect upon our State Executives, for, by interchanging ideas and by learning how the governments of other States are conducted, our Governors will gain experience which ought to prove of great benefit, not only to themselves, but to the commonwealths which they represent.

To-morrow or next day some one will discover, say, the secret of easily and cheaply interchanging the so-called elements.

And he and Bob interchanged looks of despair as they ascended the companion ladder.

The best way of learning these matters is by classes, in which men may combine and interchange their thoughts and observations.

Fitzgerald, after interchanging some brief remarks with Mr. King about the classes at Cambridge, approached the cantatrice, and said in lowered tones: "I tried to call early with the hope of hearing you sing.

All these things they can believe without hesitation, and that they have even been done by their own acquaintances, neighbors, relatives; perhaps those with whom they interchange courtesies, those for whom they vote, or to whose salaries they

"Well, we won't interchange compliments, my dear fellow," replied Ralph, puffing at his pipe; "go on and explain about the Dutch and IrishI repeat, that I absolutely know nothing of them.

The neighbouring dioceses began to interchange feasts, to transfer them and to divide them, and to join in a common feast; ... frequently groups of martyrs suffered on the same day, which naturally led to a joint commemoration.

So, when Madame La Vigne replied to his abrupt query, "Oh, very, very much, indeed!" and held out her kind hand to me, I took it without misgiving, and the first glance we interchanged contained freemasonry.

Leontes and Polixenes were brought up together from their infancy, but being by the death of their fathers called to reign over their respective kingdoms, they had not met for many years, though they frequently interchanged gifts, letters, and loving embassies.

Many a time afterwards, when Eric, as he passed down the streets, interchanged friendly greetings with some young glazier or tradesman whom he remembered at school, he felt glad that thus early he had learnt practically to despise the accidental and nominal differences which separate man from man.

The two parties joined, shook hands, and interchanged a pleasant greetingall but Bart.

" No man, not even a provincial, can visit every body; and it seems but fair, that if a selection is to be made, all should interchange the hospitalities of life with those persons in whose society they feel the greatest enjoyment.

For husbands to interchange wives, and for wives to interchange husbands, was a common act of friendship, and persons who would not do this were not considered on good terms of sociability.

The Members of the League undertake to interchange full and frank information as to the scale of their armaments, their military, naval and air programmes and the condition of such of their industries as are adaptable to warlike purposes.

Two prophets, indeed, might thus interchange intelligence with effect; the epoch of the writer (Habbakuk) falling in with the true present time of the receiver (Daniel); but then we are no prophets.

How the Friars, in the presence of the Emperor, interchanged Letters Soon afterwards, the emperor sent us to his mother, as he intended to set up a flag of defiance against all the nations of the west, as has been mentioned before; and he was desirous to keep this circumstance from our knowledge.

Some of these places combine or interchange the menus of French, Italian and Swiss chefs, a piquant entree, or shellfish served bordelaise, being followed by a paste like lasagne, spaghetti or tagliarini, or by those geometric ravioli whose delights are in inverse ratio to their square.

To the Senate of the United States: The Swedish Government having repeatedly manifested a desire to interchange a public minister with the United States, and having lately appointed one with that view, and other considerations concurring to render it advisable at this period to make a correspondent appointment, I nominate Jonathan Russell, of Rhode Island, to be minister plenipotentiary of the United States to Sweden.

These estates, however, would not interchange their numbers; whereas, where freedom prevailed, the free labourers circulated from one employer to another, and appeared wherever they were wanted.

Long, even as long as room and food abound, They interchange their friendly offices For mutual good; reciprocally kind:

Marble, sea-shells, the chalk-cliffs of Dover, the limestone fossils which preserve for us animal forms of species long since extinct, the coral formations that are stretching out in dangerous reefs in so many seas of the tropics, are all identical in their chief ingredient, and, as we see, are by natural processes and various accidents constantly interchanging their positions.

It was so arranged that all should interchange presents, but nobody must know beforehand what he would receive.

50 collocations for  interchange