289 collocations for interposed

Hastily throwing a cloak over her own shoulders, Mrs. Wilson followed Emily with the double purpose of ascertaining her views, and if necessary, of interposing her own authority against the repetition of similar excursions.

Should he turn the southern side of the lakes, a field of lava, deemed almost impassable for troops, interposed a primary obstacle; and fortified positions at San Antonio, San Angel, and Churubusco, with an intrenched camp at Contreras, were likewise to be surmounted before the southern causeways could be reached.

Whenever I feebly interposed an objection to anything he said (for, after all, he talked on), he told me to hear the Catholic Church.

"Strange, is it not, that it was a duty to pray for all these poor things last night, and a sin to pray for them this morning?" "Grace, dear!" interposed her mother, "don't you hear the gentleman thanking you?" She started, as one awaking out of a dream, and looked into his face, blushing scarlet.

By an admirable conduct, probably as political as just, he continually interposed his good offices to allay the civil discords of the English: he forwarded all healing measures, which might give security to both parties: and he still endeavoured, though in vain, to soothe, by persuasion, the fierce ambition of the Earl of Leicester, and to convince him how much it was his duty to submit peaceably to the authority of his sovereign.

Gracchus offered to pay him the value of the land out of his own purse; but Octavius was not to be so won over, and as Tribune interposed his veto to prevent the bill being read to the people that they might vote on it.

Willoughby felt an impulse to dash down the path, bearing Maud in his arms, but Nick interposed his own body to so rash a movement.

But let me not thus interpose delays; Fly, mortals, fly this cursed, detested race: A hundred of the same stupendous size, A hundred Cyclops live among the hills, Gigantic brotherhood, that stalk along With horrid strides o'er the high mountains' tops, 100 Enormous in their gait; I oft have heard Their voice and tread, oft seen them as they passed, Sculking and cowering down, half dead with fear.

"You must not tell us what the soldier said," interposed the judge, "it's not evidence.

The King attempted, rashly perhaps, but honestly, to interpose some check to the ecclesiastical desire for supremacy; but from the hour when he entered into a contest with bishops and synods, his reign became one of kingly trouble and national misery.

I remember that under the compelling power of this fancy, my hand rose to my brow outspread and concealing, as if to interpose a barrier between him and them.

"We are supposed to work by the school clock, sir," interposed the captain.

" "Let him touch you at his peril," cried John Lutcombe, rushing towards them, and interposing his stalwart person between her and the earl.

In September, he had interposed his force between the Federals at Chihuahua City and Torreon, at a place called Santa Rosalía.

" "Well said, my lord," here interposed Endicott, who had most moderately partaken of a cup of hypocras, and whose eye and hand were as steady as heretofore.

how persevering in his villainy!" "He does exceed my ideas of effrontery," said the earl, in great warmth- -"but he may offend too far; the laws shall interpose their power to defeat his schemes, should he ever repeat them.

he continued, endeavouring to rise"where is he?" "Stop, pa," interposed his daughter, alarmed at his appearance and manner.

"You certainly did well, son," interposed his father.

"It was not to tell me them that you came here, I trust," interposed the Prince.

Zarír agreed to interpose his efforts to this end, and brought him back to his father; but it was soon apparent that Lohurásp had no inclination to promote the elevation of Gushtásp in preference to the claims of his other sons; and indeed shortly afterwards manifested to what quarter his determination on this subject was directed.

But between Hagan and the gangway suddenly interposed the tall form of the ship's captain; instantly the man was ringed about by officers, and before he could say a word or move a hand he was gripped hard and led across the deck to the steamer's chart-house.

The law may interpose a strong arm, and keep the officer from violence, the men from mutiny.

" "Oh yes, mother," here interposed Esther; "Cad is too cross to him.

He had noticed that she had been rather preoccupied during dinner, an unusual mood for so lively a girl, and now he could not help watching the pair in the distance, she talking with an earnest, troubled expression, and he listening to her story in grave wonderment, now and again interposing a few words.

You don't perhaps know that he belongs to a very high-connected family, miss, or I'm sure you wouldn't' 'I see,' interposed Miss Rodney. '

289 collocations for  interposed