189 collocations for interview

Hearing of his nephew's extravagances, Major Pendennis interviewed that young man, and was thunderstruck at the extent of his liabilities after receiving Pen's dismal confession of the trouble in which he was involved.

"In the meantime I want you to interview the people in the neighbourhood and ascertain whether they heard any shots.

" Chetwoof meanwhile was interviewing the boy, who came quickly toward them.

The bishop, who came in while the writer was interviewing Mr. Brown, is a splendid type of the pure negro.

I inquired, thinking that it might be to my advantage to interview that gentleman.

"Well!" said he, "I have been interviewing that party who wanted to clean us out.

"However, Mr. Vassall walked round to the hotel and interviewed the hall porter.

Miss Irene Robertson Person interviewed: W.L. Pollacks Brinkley, Arkansas Age: 68 "I was born in Shelby County Tennessee.

He interviewed Detective-Inspector Watson, and was at once confronted with the awful difficulty which would make the recovery of the bank-notes practically hopeless.

" Haines, the ablest political reporter in Washington, had come to the International to interview the new Senator, to describe for his paper what kind of a citizen Langdon was.

" We accordingly interviewed the agent and placed the case before him.

Pa stood on one ear on a crushed chair, with his legs over the railing, and when he came to, the newspaper men wanted to interview pa.

What will you do?" "Interview the person who took away the body," Hewitt replied, with a smile.

In His House in Order (one of his greatest plays) Sir Arthur effects part of his exposition by the simple device of making Hilary Jesson a candidate for Parliament, and bringing on a reporter to interview his private secretary.

"Look here, we'd better interview the station-master, and have your case wired for to the next stop.

I was just interviewing my solicitor.

Then, again, in the far future perhaps some industrious antiquary will exhume an awful tail of the present generation that was invented by Mrs. H.B. STOWE, when she looked across the Atlantic Ocean, and interviewed the ghost of BYRON.

Mr. Fairburn, whose reputation as an investigator of crime waxes in direct inverted ratio to his capacities, did hit upon the obvious course of interviewing the managers of the larger London and Liverpool agents de change.

[Illustration: Member of Committee (interviewing candidate for training for farm work).

" FLOYD CO. (John I. Sturgill) Charlie Richmond: We are unable to interview ex-slaves in Floyd County, so far as anyone we are able to contact knows, there are no living ex-slaves in the County.

She would be on the road for weeks at a time, speaking, interviewing working-women, manufacturers or legislators,

"I thought you came here to interview the American ambassador.

Then she went out to interview Thomas, the butcher's boy, who came three times a week with supplies.

"Yes; Dipper has been interviewing the police on the subject.

Accordingly he commences his first volume by giving the 'Scène de la Fille de Chambre', where Harlequin, disguised as a woman, pretends to be seeking a place as waiting-maid to the DoctorEmperor of the Moon, Act ii, v. In the French, Pierrot, dressed as the Doctor's wife, interviews the applicant.

189 collocations for  interview