129 collocations for intimating

At length, when the paper bags had been wellnigh emptied, Jack Vance intimated his intention of making a speechwhich announcement was received with considerable applause.

" The lady put the required sum into his hand, and at the same time intimated a desire to have a specimen of his art.

After receiving the news of his disgrace he rushed to his rooms and there penned a letter to his tutor full of thanks, regards, remorse and despair, requesting that his name might be taken off the college books, and intimating a wish that death might speedily end the woes of the disgraced Arthur Pendennis.

The editors of the "Catalogue Raisonné" intimate their doubts of the good taste and reliability of all -hien's statements.

The King came out to meet the crowd, who were cheering him, and intimated his purpose to surpass the other sovereigns of Italy in the magnitude of his concessions.

But yet it seems to me to intimate several relations the mind gives to the several propositions or parts of them which it joins by this monosyllable.

This proposal has its origin in a public meeting, held in Sydney on the 11th instant, at which resolutions were passed invoking the assistance of the Government, and it is recommended to favourable consideration at the present moment by the circumstance that Mr. Gregory, who recently returned from a successful exploration in the same direction, has intimated his willingness to undertake the conduct of the proposed Expedition.

Those who received the republican constitution with coolness, or who intimated their pretended apprehensions for its establishment and duration.

" Dr. Danvers intimated his readiness to hear and advise, if desired; and Marston resumed abruptly, after a pause "Pray, Doctor Danvers, have you heard any stories of an odd kind; any surmisesI don't mean of a moral sort, for those I hold very cheapto my prejudice?

why shrinks the soul Back on herself, and startles at destruction? 'Tis the divinity that stirs within us; 'Tis heaven itself, that points out an hereafter, And intimates eternity to man.

I the rather chuse this way, because it in some measure answers the Terms on which he intimated the Breach between us might possibly be made up, as you will see by the Letter he sent me the next Day after I had discarded him; which I thought fit to send you a Copy of, that you might the better know the whole Case.

The Pope's legate in consequence intimated to her the expediency of her immediate departure from the city, with a request that she would not repeat her visit.

Even when in the flower and vigor of his age, he had never been able to summon courage to give verbal orders or reproofs to his own children, but had intimated his pleasure or displeasure by letters.

It was hard work for me, a poor stripling, to have to intimate such close things; but the conclusion was easier to the natural part, I having to address a few to whom the language seemed to go forth, of "Mary, the Master is come, and calleth for thee.

There is, indeed, this difference between the two: That the terms used in describing the first, proclaim at once in their direct meaning that we should in vain attempt to construe it to the imagination; whereas the terms used in describing the second do not intimate that fact.

"There are some," continued Pennington, "who have intimated to me their belief that I did it on purpose.

He will challenge acquaintance with those he never saw before, and pretend to intimate knowledge of those he has only heard of.

It must have been at about this time that he thought of giving up politics and devoting himself to literature, which brought the following "Remonstrance" from his friend Thomas Moore: REMONSTRANCE (After a conversation with Lord John Russell in which he had intimated some idea of giving up all political pursuits.)

Plutarch says of Pericles, an Athenian general, that when a friend come to see him, and inquired after his health he reached out his hand and shewed him his amulet; by which he meant to intimate the truth of his illness, and, at the same time, the confidence he placed in these popular remedies.

I do not, however, at all despair of being very shortly much better beloved by you than Antenor is at present; since whenever my Fortune shall exceed his, you were pleased to intimate your Passion would encrease accordingly.

Cobb, Thompson, and myself found much to differ from in it,Cobb because it inculcated submission to Lincoln's election and intimated the use of force to coerce a submission to his rule, and because it reprehended the policy of the Kansas-Nebraska bill; Thompson because of the doctrine of acquiescence and the hostility to the secession doctrine.

My expression may have intimated my state of mind, for Mr. Larramie said to me that we had now gone so far that it would be a pity to send Percy back, and that he did not think there would be any danger, for his boy had been taught how to carry a gun properly.

The child was dressed in rich clothes and jewels; for Hermione had made it very fine when she sent it to Leontes, and Antigonus had pinned a paper to its mantle, with the name of Perdita written thereon, and words obscurely intimating its high birth and untoward fate.

It intimates the finer want, Whose adequate supply Is that great water in the west Termed immortality.

The English prelates and nobility, taking advantage of this event, sent over a deputation to Normandy, inviting Ethelred to return to them, expressing a desire of being again governed by their native prince, and intimating their hopes that, being now tutored by experience, he would avoid all those errors which had been attended with such misfortunes to himself and to his people.

129 collocations for  intimating