125 collocations for jests

It isn't harsh to do that, is it?" "Not ha'sh to a-ask for it, but not jest the ker-kind thing to bring ser-suit before askin'.

But it's jest my luck.

"That's jest the way I feel about it," said Ralph, "jest the way that paper reads.

A RAINY DAY Kind er like a stormy day, take it all together, Don't believe I'd want it jest only pleasant weather; If the sky was allers blue, guess I'd be complainin', And a-pesterin' around, wishin' it was rainin'.

I'd jest admire ter

And when this was done, I shaped the handle so small as might come into the grasp of the Maid, and did jest her very loving and gentle that she give me so great a work, because that she have her hands so little.

so, nut intendin' no pers'nal reflections, They don'tdon't nut allus, thet ismake connections: Sometimes, when it really doos seem thet they'd oughter Combine jest ez kindly ez new rum an' water, Both 'll be jest ez sot in their ways ez a bagnet, Ez otherwise-minded ez th' eends of a magnet, An' folks like you 'n me, thet ain't ept to be sold, Git somehow or 'nother left out in the cold.

Mrs. Greenfield, the doctor's wife, admitted that it would be an excellent match, "jest a child apiece, both on 'em well brought up, used to good company, and all that; but, land's sakes!

You wouldn't think it now, but it used to be jest the color o' a robin's egg or a light-blue 'bachelor's button;' and your father he used to stick one o' them in my belt whenever they was in blossom, when I hed the gownd on.

An' then it begun to rain, an' I had to come away, an' I walked up here in the dark all alone, an' w'en I got here they wasn't nothin' but jest one room, an' nobody but you a-waitin' for me, an'no!

It don't rise neither to one side nor t'other, but jest even all 'round; and it a'n't white one side and burnt the other, but jest a good brown all over; and it don't have no heavy streak in it.

She used to say, "Lawd, chile, you don't know how soovin' it is to jest bust out awn 'casions lake dese!" Happy negroes!

Well, I'd cut my han' that day on a piece o' coal, an' it was a-bleedin' bad, an' he see it, an' he asked me what was the matter with it, an' I told 'im, an' he took it an' washed it off, he did, jest as nice an' careful; an' then what d'ye think he done?

"Yew wouldn't 'a' had folks a-comin' here ter bid jest out o' charity, would yew?"

Mrs. Greenfield, the doctor's wife, admitted that it would be an excellent match, "jest a child apiece, both on 'em well brought up, used to good company, and all that; but, land's sakes!

I found it somehow lost its joys, I found it kind er made me sick to hear that senseless noise; I wished 't was jest a common clock, that struck a gong, yer know, And didn't have no foolish bird ter flap his wings and go: "Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!"

THE MARTYRDOM OF "MEALY" JONES A WAIL IN B MINOR Oh, what has become of the ornery boy, Who used to chew slip'ry elm, "rosum" and wheat: And say "jest a coddin'" and "what d'ye soy;" And wear rolled-up trousers all out at the seat?

And we got along first-rate, only onfortinat'ly jest as we got to the door we backed into the Chinese Minister and his party who wuz jest comin' in.

"I war jest a-countin' ob dem jailbirds, an' had 'rived at 'leven w'en a 'streperous root she keeled me ober.

hedn't gut his i teeth cut cos he looked a kindo's though he 'd jest cum down, so he cal'lated to hook him in, but Hosy woodn't take none o his sarse for all he hed much as 20 Rooster's tales stuck onto his hat and eenamost enuf brass a bobbin up and down on his shoulders and figureed onto his coat and trousis, let alone wut nater hed sot in his featers, to make a 6 pounder out on.

that sermon's like: it's jest like one great rainbow all round ye, and before 'n' behind 'n' everywheres, 'n' the end on't reaches way to the Throne; it jest dazzles my eyes, that's what it does.'

While they were laughing, I jested a good deal with them, and told them that I had also seen adulterers as hogs; and then I recollected the fable of Ulysses and the Circe, how she sprinkled the companions and servants of Ulysses with poisonous herbs, and touched them with a magic wand, and turned them into hogs,perhaps into adulterers, because she could not by any art turn any one into a hog.

Freya jested about the oysterman's typical good looks and the languishing glances that he was forever casting toward all the ladies that entered the establishment ... a prime discovery for a tourist anxious for adventures in local color.

But in Trade, Art, and Littery lines, CHARLIE, 'anged if there's any fair play, And the "cullerable himitation" is jest the disgrace of the day.

But he wa'n't jest a common dog, sir; he was a fishin' dog.

125 collocations for  jests