7 collocations for jetted

Thy latticed column jetted up the bright blue air, Tall as a mast it was, and stronger than a tower; Three hundred winters had beheld thee mighty there, Before my little life had lived one little hour.

out jets the flame!

Tired of doing nothing I take out my note-book, seat myself on a doorstep opposite the Restaurant Catelain, and jet down my memoranda by the light of a street lamp.

Thus jets my noble Skink along the streets, To whom each bonnet vails, and all knees bend; And yet my noble humour is too light By the six shillings.

The great rollers, which became higher as the water shoaled toward its foot, fell upon it bursting into foam, and jetting the spray high above the half-broken beacon.

Up into the still, hot air jetted vicious spurts of flame.

In the valley before us were a thousand hot springs of various sizes and character, and five hundred craters jetting forth vapor.

7 collocations for  jetted