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If indeed Nature thus works by illusions and justifies the lying means by the benevolent end, it is hard to believe in a moral government of the universe, or to hope that an "absolute morality"righteousness for its own sakewill be the outcome of such disreputable methods.

Why, Jackson would turn in his grave if a son of John Sprague were not the first to take up arms when the Union that he loved, as he loved his life, was in peril!" Mrs. Sprague listened with woe-begone perplexity to these sounding periods, conscious only that her darling, her adored scapegrace, had suddenly turned serious, and was using the weapons she had so often employed to justify his conduct.

I think the course of events has fully justified his action, and now that it has proved such a success, every one claims to have taken the initiative of the French protectorate of Tunis.

How admirably did the progress of his travels evince and justify the pure and enlightened confidence of his spirit!

It is difficult to justify such an act as usurpation and military tyranny by the standard of an immutable morality.

I've often felt ashamed of myself for living such an idle, useless life; often felt that I ought to do something to justify my existence.

I know his Virtue justifies my Choice:

I as a Blessing sent from Heaven receive her, And e'er I sleep will justify my Claim, And make her mine.

The evidence respecting the corresponding Arctic area is less complete, but it is sufficient to justify the conclusion that an essentially similar silicious cap is being formed around the northern pole.

Of course, they could not admit that any man had the right to take the law into his own hands, but they realised that if any wrong done to an individual could justify this course it was the wrong Sir Horace

And yet how many were the examples to justify even the blackest suspicions?

" Subsequent history justified the rosiest hopes of the Emperor.

The view was a very fine one, and fully justified all expectations, although our lazy guide was effectually shut out from our gaze.

In order to justify this assertion, and yet, at the same time, not to claim more for Professor Wyville Thomson and his colleagues than is their due, I must give a brief history of the observations which have preceded their exploration of this recondite field of research, and endeavour to make clear what was the state of knowledge in December, 1872, and what new facts have been added by the scientific staff of the Challenger.

But he that declares his suspicion, may be called upon to discover upon what facts it is founded; nor will this part of the law produce any difficulty in the present case; for as every man in the nation suspects this person of the most enormous crimes, every man can produce sufficient arguments to justify his opinion.

With the case of the Horses before us, justifying a belief in the production of new animal forms by modification of old ones, I see no escape from the necessity of seeking for these ancestors of the Ungulata beyond the limits of the Tertiary formations.

He feared that Nemesis would overtake him, and time justified these fears; for in the spring of 1898 came a second letter to the Rev. Tudor Crisp, of The Rectory, San Lorenzo, a letter that the poor 'Bishop' read with quickening pulses, and then showed to Dick.

Nothing, in fact, can justify the measures of violence and the depredations committed in Magyar territory.

I know not whether he came with a view to sanctify the act, and pronounce a parting blessing; but this I do know, that he justifies slavery, and denounces anti-slavery efforts as bitterly as do the most hardened slave-dealers.

(Von Bethmann-Hollweg and von Tirpitz justify the use of gas, the sinking of merchant vessels containing women and children, the dropping of bombs on open towns, etc., etc., by the plea of self-defence.

And thus we justify the ways of God, who is our Father.

The German Chancellor, when he justified his policy by the dictum: "Necessity knows no law," evidently meant that necessity also recognizes no law of truth.

Wars don't change except in name; The next one must go just the same, And new foul tricks unguessed before Will win and justify this War.

The inquiry might here arise, whether in our times anything would justify a man in committing a homicide on an innocent person.

this plea will nowise justify such practice.

823 collocations for  justify
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