411 collocations for kick

Yet, in spite of the quietness, I had a horrible feeling that we were not alone; and I kept so close to Tonnison that twice I kicked his heels clumsily, though he said nothing.

" "Ifif you keep running around till all hours of the night, with me and ma waiting up for you, kicking up rows and getting your name insinuated in the newspapers as 'the tall, handsome blonde,' II'm going to throw up my job, I am, and you can pay double your share for the running of this flat.

At ten o'clock, with a gust that swayed the heavy drapes, her son burst in upon the room, his stride kicking the door before he opened it.

But after looking about him for an angry second or two, he flung down the rope of his sled, walked sulkily uphill, and kicked off his snow-shoes at the door of the cabin, all with the air of one who waits, but is not baulked of his purpose.

His master, a brown, handsome, big, young shepherd from Tweedsmuir, would have liked to have knocked down any man, would "drink up Esil, or eat a crocodile," for that part, if he had a chance; it was no use kicking the little dog; that would only make him hold the closer.

Then he kicked off his web-feet, turned back a few paces uphill, and sat down on a spruce stump, folded his arms, and waited.

For only answer the other squealed and whinnied, grimacing and kicking his legs up at the same time.

I averted my gaze tactfully, but I could hear him kicking chairs and things.

Hardly had they crossed the threshold when Diggory started up, kicked off his slippers, crept swiftly and noiselessly as a shadow across the ground, and before his companion had time to realize what was happening, the door of the shed was slammed to and locked on the outside.

If Jack Vance had kicked the ball a yard over the bar instead of under it, the probability is that the following chapter would never have been written; while the public disgrace of young Noaks was destined to cause our three comrades more trouble than they ever expected to encounter, at all events on this side of their leaving school.

I saw the bullet kick the dust to the right of the man, who jumped for a rock, so I knew carbines were no good at that distance.

The corporal turns the balance; the Deity kicks the beam.

A high tricky wind spoiled both attempts to kick goal, and time was called with a score at 6-6.

Her feet were bare, for she had kicked off her funny high-heeled city boots the minute she had reached the forest.

"Heroes aren't usually thieves, are they?" "Not as a rule," he said, kind of quiet and all the while kicking a stone.

"And it availeth nothing to kick a dead man, Roger.

It is easier to "bear" things and grumble than it is to kick over the traces and change them.

"Now we will kick his wife out of Paris and smash his furniture.

At her voice, the Shy One stopped kicking holes in the turf with the toes of her new boots and executing a bearlike rush, threw herself into her sister's arms.

One thing, however, did come to disturb my peace, for just as I finally made ready to go, and had kicked the embers of the fire into a last effort, I fancied I saw, peering at me round the farther end of the stockade wall, a dark and shadowy mass that might have beenthat strongly resembled, in factthe body of a large animal.

And when he became Dictator, he kicked away the ladder on which he climbed to power.

I want it in a bank, so's if I should kick the bucket (there'll be some pretty high rollin' here when there's been a few boats in, and

" The third day, when he had kicked that football down the field, and, later, had made the acquaintance of Outfield West, seemed now to have been the turning point from gloom to sunshine.

The major slapped his face with the flat of his hand and then kicked the fellow in the shins.

I mean, you aren't going to kick up a rumpus and spill the beans?

411 collocations for  kick
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