5965 collocations for knowest

"Besides, I know my man.

It will be | | printed on a superior tinted paper of sixteen pages, size 13 | | by 9, and will be for sale by all respectable newsdealers | | who have the judgment to know a good thing when they see it, | | or by subscription from this office.

I never heard Gambetta speak, which I always regrettedin fact knew very little of him.

The fishing-sage knows the ways and haunts of fish.

And then, I had been sure that she must have known the truth, later, when those brutes had attacked the house.

" I saddled up my horse, and then taking my old reliable gun, "Lucretia," I said to the man: "That's the best writ of replevin that I can think of; come along, and we'll get that horse, or know the reason why.

Don't you know our place?" "I daresay I ought to know it," I replied, "although at the present moment I can't recall the name.

And so the days pass on, and I am still filled with a wonder to know the meaning of all that I saw on that memorable night.

" I did not, after this, push my inquiries farther; but remarked, aside to the Brahmin,"I would give a good deal to know this secret, provided it would suit our planet.

The happiest life, like the purest atmosphere, has its clouds as well as its sunshine; and what is worse, we never fully know the value of the one, until we have felt the inconvenience of the other.

" "In court," Henshaw observed, with a malicious smile, "handled by a counsel who knew his business, your statement could be given a very ugly turn indeed.

"Aha!" said he, "hast heard such a name ere now, even here in the greenwood?" "Sir," answered Beltane, "betimes I have talked with soldiers and men-at-arms, so do I know thee for that same great knight who, of all the nobles of Pentavalon, doth yet withstand the great Duke Ivo" "Call you that black usurper 'great,' youth?

She has always known that scandalous story about you and me.

When we were dining out it was very disagreeable, particularly the first winter when I didn't know many people.

" Sir Henry sat silent for a moment, then he said, in a terse voice: "Perhaps you will advise me what to do after you know the nature of the malady which afflicts me.

Yet there are accredited professors of English who do not know these facts, and who, if called upon, could neither prove them nor disprove them.

It was evident, I reflected as I went toward the tent, that the inhabitants of these few huts in the wilderness did not know a word of English; and when I told Tonnison, he remarked that he was aware of the fact, and, more, that it was not at all uncommon in that part of the country, where the people often lived and died in their isolated hamlets without ever coming in contact with the outside world.

Who ever knew a fickle woman?

But, knowing well the difference between reading and seeing, I will only ask attention to some brief sketches of its varying aspects as they are presented throughout the more marked seasons of the year.

I was astonished the first years of my married life in France, to see people of certain position and standing give the cold shoulder to men they had known all their lives because they were Republicans, knowing them quite well to be honourable, independent gentlemen, wanting nothing from the Republicmerely trying to do their best for the country.

"You are not going to suggest we don't know our own minds.

Endowed with natural business talent, the young man who goes out into the world with such preparation as this knows a great deal more than just how to make money; he knows how to make it honorably and how to spend it, in his business, family, and social life, for the public good; he has in him the making of a statesman and a philanthropist, as well as a man of wealth.

I do not know the names of the fish.

The super asked the Manager, What did the Censor see?' 'Charming,' murmured Lady Everard; 'brilliantI know his father so well.' 'Whose fatherthe censor's?' 'Oh, the father of the composera very charming man.

All through the British camp spread the tale of Kavanagh's brave deed; and the enthusiasm of officers and men alike knew no bounds.

5965 collocations for  knowest