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5965 collocations for  knowest

5965 collocations for knowest

"Besides, I know my man.

It will be | | printed on a superior tinted paper of sixteen pages, size 13 | | by 9, and will be for sale by all respectable newsdealers | | who have the judgment to know a good thing when they see it, | | or by subscription from this office.

I never heard Gambetta speak, which I always regrettedin fact knew very little of him.

The fishing-sage knows the ways and haunts of fish.

And then, I had been sure that she must have known the truth, later, when those brutes had attacked the house.

" I saddled up my horse, and then taking my old reliable gun, "Lucretia," I said to the man: "That's the best writ of replevin that I can think of; come along, and we'll get that horse, or know the reason why.

Don't you know our place?" "I daresay I ought to know it," I replied, "although at the present moment I can't recall the name.

And so the days pass on, and I am still filled with a wonder to know the meaning of all that I saw on that memorable night.

" I did not, after this, push my inquiries farther; but remarked, aside to the Brahmin,"I would give a good deal to know this secret, provided it would suit our planet.

The happiest life, like the purest atmosphere, has its clouds as well as its sunshine; and what is worse, we never fully know the value of the one, until we have felt the inconvenience of the other.

" "In court," Henshaw observed, with a malicious smile, "handled by a counsel who knew his business, your statement could be given a very ugly turn indeed.

"Aha!" said he, "hast heard such a name ere now, even here in the greenwood?" "Sir," answered Beltane, "betimes I have talked with soldiers and men-at-arms, so do I know thee for that same great knight who, of all the nobles of Pentavalon, doth yet withstand the great Duke Ivo" "Call you that black usurper 'great,' youth?

She has always known that scandalous story about you and me.

When we were dining out it was very disagreeable, particularly the first winter when I didn't know many people.

" Sir Henry sat silent for a moment, then he said, in a terse voice: "Perhaps you will advise me what to do after you know the nature of the malady which afflicts me.

Yet there are accredited professors of English who do not know these facts, and who, if called upon, could neither prove them nor disprove them.

It was evident, I reflected as I went toward the tent, that the inhabitants of these few huts in the wilderness did not know a word of English; and when I told Tonnison, he remarked that he was aware of the fact, and, more, that it was not at all uncommon in that part of the country, where the people often lived and died in their isolated hamlets without ever coming in contact with the outside world.

Who ever knew a fickle woman?

I was astonished the first years of my married life in France, to see people of certain position and standing give the cold shoulder to men they had known all their lives because they were Republicans, knowing them quite well to be honourable, independent gentlemen, wanting nothing from the Republicmerely trying to do their best for the country.

But, knowing well the difference between reading and seeing, I will only ask attention to some brief sketches of its varying aspects as they are presented throughout the more marked seasons of the year.

"You are not going to suggest we don't know our own minds.

Endowed with natural business talent, the young man who goes out into the world with such preparation as this knows a great deal more than just how to make money; he knows how to make it honorably and how to spend it, in his business, family, and social life, for the public good; he has in him the making of a statesman and a philanthropist, as well as a man of wealth.

The super asked the Manager, What did the Censor see?' 'Charming,' murmured Lady Everard; 'brilliantI know his father so well.' 'Whose fatherthe censor's?' 'Oh, the father of the composera very charming man.

I do not know the names of the fish.

All through the British camp spread the tale of Kavanagh's brave deed; and the enthusiasm of officers and men alike knew no bounds.

My sudden surmise was correct, and now, I knew the cause of the wet and noise.

We must have forgiveness in order to know God.

I made a note of each day, so as to know the time when I might expect him back.

We know their histories.

My mother-in-law, who knew three or four languages, did not at all approve of the careless habit we had all got into of mixing our languages and using French or Italian words when we were speaking Englishif they came more easily.

OLIVER DYER, of the Sun, is the original "Dyer Necessity that knows no law.

He "fixed" the Red Dog as one knowing the power of the master's eye to quell.

All diplomatists, from the ambassador to the youngest secretary, must follow their instructions, and if by any chance an ambassador does take any initiative, profiting by being on the spot, and knowing the character of the people, he is promptly disowned by his chief.

He knew all the literary and educational world, not only in France but everywhere elseEngland, of course, where he had kept up with many of his Cambridge comrades, and Germany, where he also had literary connections.

I knew the kind heart of that mother, how truthful it was, and how earnest and pure in its affection for its gentle and only darling.

He also introduced me to the General's chief guide, Frank Grouard, a half breed, who had lived six years with Sitting Bull, and knew the country thoroughly.

I know a good voice when I hear it.

To the end of his life he regretted never having known a mother's love.

" "Then you know my mother?

"He wants to tell me now that I do not know a woman's face from a man's.

I know one lady of otherwise careful appetite who even leans toward dates if she may buy them from a cart.

He has seen men with black skins and hearts, (for he used to know lots of politicians;) but wants to put his vision on some "rosy

and I knew the kind of lodge he was living in.

By Instinct; such as you ought to know a Person of Quality, and pay your Civilities naturally; in France, where I have travel'd, so much good manners is used, your Citizen pulls off his hat, thusto every Horse of Quality, and every Coach of Quality; and do you pay my proper Person no more respect, hah! Isa.

Edith knew the girl by sight, knew perfectly well that she was Vincy's friendthere was a photograph of her at his rooms.

No more dissembling, I know your Land is gone I know each Circumstance of all your Wants; Thereforeas e'er you hope that I should love you ever Tell mewhere 'twas you got this

I s'pose I'll know the worst on settlin'-day.

And, Sir, you have all Encouragement; her Brother, you heard, refus'd to pay her Portion, and you know the Fate of a handsom young Wench in this Town, that relies on weak VirtueThen because she is in The House with her Uncle, this same Steward has contriv'd matters so, to bring you in at the Back-door, her Lodgings being in the Garden.

" "Why, just to show you how a woman don't know how many real friends she has got, whyeven Mark Haas, of the Mound City Silk Company, a firm I don't do a hundred dollars' worth of business with a year, I wish you could have heard him the other night at the Y.M.H.A., a man you know for yourself just goes there to be sociable with the trade.

Then, at least, I should have known my danger, and been able to meet it; but to wait like this, through a whole night, picturing all kinds of unknown devilment, was to jeopardize one's sanity.

"I knew the old boy, and he wasn't the sort to care a hoot in Sheol for treasure, buried or unburied.

Not only the great content that was everywhere, but a deeper light, and the air of a judge who knew both good and evil, and could see both sides, and understood all, both to love and to hate.

Miss Myra Mooney, formerly a beauty, had known her days of success.

They were all delighted to come to Paris, and knew perfectly well the state of things, what an abyss existed between all the Conservative party, Royalists and Bonapartists, and the Republican, but the absence of a court didn't make any difference in their position.

"Edmund" still holds its place among your best verses, "Ah! fair delights" to "roses round," in your poem called "Absence," recall (none more forcibly) to my mind the tones in which you recited it, I will not notice, in this tedious (to you) manner, verses which have been so long delighful to me, and which you already know my opinion of.

I knew one gifted fellow whose shoes presently would cramp him until he kicked them off, when at once the juices of his intellect would flow.

Had any man an emperor or a coal-heaver, it would not have matteredspoken as Patricia had done within the moment, here, within arm's reach of the poor flesh that had been Agatha's, Rudolph Musgrave would have known his duty.

She was very clever, very original, had known all sorts of people, and it was most interesting to hear her talk about King Louis Philippe's court, the Spanish marriages, the death of the Duc d'Orleans, the Coup d'Etat of Louis Napoleon, etc.

They found rich booty in Pertolepe's camp, with store of arms and armour and many goodly horses, and thither Sir Benedict's wearied followers betook them as night fell and knew blessed rest and sleep.

Though I know ye to be cursed cowardly lying Rogues, yet because I have use of ye, I must forgive ye.

You know the roads eastward.

The young couple usually spend the summer with parents or parents-in-law, in the chateau, and I know some cases where there are curious details about the number of lamps that can be lighted in their rooms, and the use of the carriage on certain days.

She was a great help to us, as she knew all the children, their ages, and what they would like.

I could see Grady and Simmonds gripping the arms of their chairs and staring at the newcomer, their mouths open; and I knew the thought that was flashing through their brains.

Mine, Sir, I don't know the Gentleman; pray which is he?

He knew the strength of oak and ash; the swing of oar, the curve of prow, the dash of wave, and the curling breaker's sweep.

I must know tricks.

When after nearly four months, the convention adjourned, the secret had been kept, and no one knew even the concrete result of its deliberations until the Constitution itself, and nothing else, was offered to the approval of the people.

She knows a number of the officers' wives.

She comes with her daughter under a safeguard from General Johnston, who knew the family when he was at West Point.

You are a horsewomanyou know the feeling of a restive horse.

In mind and manner he was older than his years, and he knew his work as a military professional extremely well.

He was essentially French, or rather Parisian, knew everybody, and was au courant of all that went on politically and socially, and had a certain blague, that eminently French quality which is very difficult to explain.

But most of all I envied Elspeth the courage which could know desperate fear and never show it.

Sir. Gawd knows wot 'e's up to now."

All soft and sweet the Maid appears, With Looks that know no Art, And though she yields with trembling Fears, She yields with all her Heart.

"Jack," said Mr. Vance, "you know that house that was to let just on the other side of The Hermitage?

[Footnote 78: I have known an instance of a man of rank and influence who could never forgive another man, who was by far his superior in every respect, for having forgotten to take off his hat during a visit.

Soon artillery officers had no longer to join their batteries at once on appointment; R.E. officers could be given a seven weeks' training at Chatham; little enough, "for a man supposed to know the use and repairs of telephones and telegraphs, or the way to build or destroy a bridge, or how to meet the countless other needs with which a sapper is called upon to deal!"

Worse than thatas long as I lived I should have been blackmailed by Sergeant Hooper, who knew Mr. Saffron's condition, though he didn't know about the money here.

Mary knew the answer.

The writer indicated that he was doing all that was possible in Sir Horace's interests, and that he would meet Sir Horace at Riversbrook at 9.30 on Wednesday night and let him know the exact position.

"At present I only know one or two very vague details.

He knew the worth of Hwรบi of Liu-hiรก, and could not stand in his presence.

As Country Squire, who yet had never known The long-expected Joy of being in Town; Whose careful Parents scarce permitted Heir To ride from home, unless to neighbouring Fair; At last by happy Chance is hither led, To purchase Clap with loss of Maidenhead; Turns wondrous gay, bedizen'd to Excess; Till he is all Burlesque in Mode and Dress: Learns to talk loud in Pit, grows wily too, That is to say, makes mighty Noise and Show.

Again: "Hello!" "Who's there?" The two outside turned and looked into each other's facesbut if you want to know all the moment meant, you must travel the Winter Trail.

But the Lord God, Jehovah, the Ancient of Days, encanopied in space and glory, leads onward to the end of years His people in a mighty train, to a rule and kingdom which shall know no end.

How much have you cleared?" Shillito said nothing, and Cartwright went on: "My antagonists are old card-players who know the game; but when you broke Forman he was drunk and the other two were not quite sober.

And sure you know my Soul too well to fear.

Fortunately for me I knew the wagon-master, John Willis, and as soon as I recovered my breath I told him what had happened.

"We know that there are some who have given Mr. | | Prendergast's plan a trial, and discovered that in a few | | weeks its results had surpassed all their | | expectations.

He had very certainly never known anybody who in his opinion merited the torments of his orthodox Gehenna; so that in imagination he vaguely populated its blazing corridors with Nero and Judas and Caesar Borgia and Henry VIII, and Spanish Inquisitors and the aboriginal American Indiansexcepting of course his ancestress Pocahontasand with Benedict Arnold and all the "carpet-baggers" and suchlike other eminent practitioners of depravity.

There is no heap of sand in a corner, nor is there a tub of water; for the practical teacher knows how little hands, if not little feet, with their vigorous but as yet uncontrolled movements would splash the water and scatter the sand with dire effects as to the floor, which the theorist fondly imagines would always be clean enough to sit upon.

It is a fine book, and if a student of liturgy knew its contents well he would have no poor knowledge of this and, incidentally, of other questions of liturgy.

" "My point of view is" "My dear fellow, I know your point of view perfectly.

"I don't care what Thurston does," would be their answer; "you know the rule, and that's sufficient."

But if we could know the direct effect of preaching, and the conversions which are really due to preaching, I think we should find them comparatively few.

Now, you'd like to know the subject.

Dost know aught of Sir Benedict, O Innocence?" BELTANE.

She knew LEOPOLD'S weakness for Schnapps, when he was a boy at Schiedam, and, producing a bottle of the Aromatic elixir, with which she had previously armed herself in expectation of his obstinacy, poured out a glassful and requested him to clear his voice with it.