318 collocations for lamenting

" "I don't think I ever lost themthough I never had enough to make such a spirit as yours lament their loss."

The king was still in perfect health, and his gratitude to her who had been the means of his recovery was so lively in his mind, that the moment he saw the countess of Rossilion, he began to talk of Helena, calling her a precious jewel that was lost by the folly of her son; but seeing the subject distressed the countess, who sincerely lamented the death of Helena, he said, "My good lady, I have forgiven and forgotten all."

Occupied, as my thoughts were, with the scene I was about to witness, and with fears for its issue, they were often interrupted with remarks made in the crowd, in which Veenah's name or mine were mentionedsome lamenting her cruel fate, others pitying mine; but all condemning and execrating Shunah Shoo.

Then he retired sadly to his wigwam, to lament his brother's continued absence, and to hope for better success the following evening.

The man of noble spirit and philosophy will not lament his misfortunes, especially in public, while the lower orders of intellect are likely to express all their feelings with greater freedom, and thus furnish the poet with easier subjects for imitation.

Nevisanus the lawyer holds it for an axiom, "most women are fools," consilium foeminis invalidum; Seneca, men, be they young or old; who doubts it, youth is mad as Elius in Tully, Stulti adolescentuli, old age little better, deleri senes, &c. Theophrastes, in the 107th year of his age, said he then began to be to wise, tum sapere coepit, and therefore lamented his departure.

My mother, who in the early part of her life had lived in a more civilised spot, and had been used to constant churchgoing, would often lament her situation.

Now this Mattathias lamented to his children the sad state of their affairs, and the ravage made in the city, and the plundering of the Temple, and the calamities the multitude were under; and he told them that it was better for them to die for the laws of their country than to live so ingloriously as they then did.

" While they were lamenting this fact, and wondering what to do, the dogs set up a racket, and were answered by some others.

"They talk as I expected Southern people of intelligence to talk; they lament the evil, and say, 'It is upon us, what can we do?

With pious earnestness he besought the Almighty to bless him in the great work; and whilst in a despairing mood he was lamenting his deplorable condition, his tongue and throat being parched with thirst, his body prostrate on the sand, under the influence of a raging sun, he saw a sheep pass by, which he hailed as the harbinger of good.

Astonished, Ushkabús cried, "Who art thou? What kindred hast thou to lament thy fall?" Rustem replied:"Why madly seek to know That which can never yield thee benefit?

"To be even with him, I complained of my weak eyes, and lamented the necessity of the spectacles, under cover of which I cautiously and thoroughly surveyed the whole apartment, while seemingly intent only upon the conversation of my host.

Fired with this fever of epidemick patriotism, the tailor slips his thimble, the draper drops his yard, and the blacksmith lays down his hammer; they meet at an honest ale-house, consider the state of the nation, read or hear the last petition, lament the miseries of the time, are alarmed at the dreadful crisis, and subscribe to the support of the bill of rights.

Since we began to be a nation we have always lamented our decay.

So I withdrew to a distance, and sat down upon an old tree, lamenting my hard case very seriously.

You, who see these things every day, think me as unreasonable, in making them matter of complaint, as if I seriously lamented the change of seasons.

We should extremely lament this want of energy, or whatever it may be, on our parts, were it not for one consolationnamely, that we are no better acquainted with the meaning of the book through which we have so painfully toiled than we are with that of the three which we have not looked into.

Two lines on a small board on this root-house point the application: "Dost thou lament the dead, and mourn the loss Of many friends, oh! think upon the cross!"

I lamented my own folly and willfulness in attempting a second voyage, against the advice of all my friends and relations.

She went forth from her home, taking the children with her, and bitterly lamenting her cruel destiny.

" 'He said at another time, three or four days only before his death, speaking of the little fear he had of undergoing a chirurgical operation, "I would give one of these legs for a year more of life, I mean of comfortable life, not such as that which I now suffer;"and lamented much his inability to read during his hours of restlessness; "I used formerly, (he added,) when sleepless in bed, to read like a Turk.

The difficulties which opposed his success, showed the courage that could meet, and the zeal that strove to surmount them; and, while we lament the failure, we perceive that it was owing to untoward circumstances which he could not have foreseen; and disappointments from a quarter whence he most confidently expected and depended upon continued cooperation and ultimate accomplishment.

He at last discovered, that his terrours and grief were equally vain, and that to lose the present in lamenting the past, was voluntarily to protract a melancholy vision.

She doubtless inspired some of his verse; but the poet seems to sing the praises or lament the cruelty of various sweethearts.

318 collocations for  lamenting