49 collocations for languished

" The Countess Guiccioli was at this time about twenty, but she appeared younger; her complexion was fair, with large, dark, languishing eyes; and her auburn hair fell in great profusion of natural ringlets over her shapely shoulders.

They must be stalked, and when at bay wooed with tender words and languishing glances.

Who is the better Man for beholding the most beautiful Venus, the best wrought Bacchanal, the Images of sleeping Cupids, languishing Nymphs, or any of the Representations of Gods, Goddesses, Demy-gods, Satyrs, Polyphemes, Sphinxes, or Fauns?

He languished more than twelve months, which he spent almost wholly in a preparation for his passage into eternity; and, among his prayers and aspirations, was often heard to repeat, "Lord! now let thy servant depart in peace.

Among the various poets imprisoned, was one we should scarcely have expectedRouget Delille, author of the Marseillois Hymn, who, while his muse was rouzing the citizens from one end of the republic to the other to arm against tyrants, was himself languishing obscurely a victim to the worst of all tyrannies.

I can discover no Signs of her Aversion; but either a Fear of falling into the Toils of Matrimony, or a childish Timidity, deprives us of an Interview apart, and drives us upon the Difficulty of languishing out our Lives in fruitless Expectation.

At last she took in two sisters, one of whom had spent her little fortune in procuring remedies for a lingering disease, and was now supported and attended by the other: she climbed with difficulty to the apartment, where she languished eight weeks without impatience, or lamentation, except for the expense and fatigue which her sister suffered, and then calmly and contentedly expired.

I want you to say, 'My frien', 'Sieur Innerarity, never care to sell anything; 'tis for egs-hibby-shun'; maiswhen somebody look at it, so," the artist cast upon his work a look of languishing covetousness, "'you say, foudre tonnerre!

It is he who giveth power to the faint, and who, to them that have no might, encreaseth strength, so that the poor lifeless, languishing lie-by is made to mount up with eagles' wings, and surmount all these difficulties, with a holy facility, which were simply insuperable, and pure impossibilities.

Spreading her downy wings all veined with rose, Upon the gray-green mosses, cool and dank, Languished the sprite, and in a swoon she sank, While a delicious numbness born of death Stilled the soft wings that stirred with each faint breath.

Let us not struggle with th' eternal will, Nor languish o'er irreparable ruins; Come, haste and liveThy innocence and truth Shall bless our wand'rings, and propitiate heav'n. IRENE.

He lost his life in a riotous fray; for, detecting his servant with his mistress, he rushed into the room with a dagger in order to stab him, but the man warded off the blow by seizing Marlowe's wrist, and turned the dagger into his own head: he languished some time of the wound he received, and then died, [in] the year 1593.A. Wood.

A festive chamber with its golden hues, Its dream-like sounds, and languishing delights.

By-and-by he found himself at home, and began to pipe his little tunes; and there he was, sure enough, swimming and waving about, with all the droopings and liftings and languishing side-turnings of the head that I had laughed at.

The usual butt of her pointed sayings was poor Schnapper-Elle, and she could mock right well the affected genteel airs and languishing manner with which the latter accepted the insincere compliments of young men.

There is no safety for the love, when languish out of sight The form, the smile, the flashing eyes that once were love's delight; Nor can I, I confess it, feel certain of thy vow!

that with restlesse toyle Wearie your selves in wandring desart wayes, Till that you come where ye your vowes assoyle*, 535 When passing by ye reade these wofull layes On my grave written, rue my Daphnes wrong, And mourne for me that languish out my dayes.

This month have I lain languishing a-bed, Looking each hour to yield my life and throne; And died I had indeed unto the earth, But that Eliza, England's beauteous Queen, On whom all seasons prosperously attend, Forbad the execution of my fate, Until her joyful progress was expir'd.

Even her taper seems with fear To languish small and blue; Far in the woods the winter wind Runs whistling through.

That dream, so familiar to childhood, of meeting a lion, and, from languishing prostration in hope and vital energy, that constant sequel of lying down before him, publishes the secret frailty of human naturereveals its deep-seated Pariah falsehood to itselfrecords its abysmal treachery.

Nor did I send her home to her lonely yali, till the pale and languished moon, weary of all-night beatitudes, sank down soft-couched in quilts of curdling opals to the Hesperian realms of her rest.

There was something in the watchful, absorbed gaze of her great dark eyes so unlike the wondering or languishing looks usually bent by women upon the rising actor, that on the instant he was struck, pierced, by those subtile shafts of light, to the heart he had believed till then vowed alone to the love of his art and the schemes of a sleepless ambition.

Oh, how you bless mebut you still are married, And whilst you are soI must languish Dia.

I. Celinda, who did Love disdain, For whom had languished many a Swain, Leading her bleating Flocks to drink, She spy'd upon the River's brink A Youth, whose Eyes did well declare How much he lov'd, but lov'd not her.

Long languished her soul in its earthly abode, With a heavenly longing o'erflowed, For ne'er were those holy, pure strains of her birth, Effaced by the songs of the earth.

49 collocations for  languished