179 collocations for launch

We launched our boats upon the lake and rowed to the head of Long Island, where we put up our tents for the night.

When Faustus in the presence of Helen asks, "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?"

" Lister got up presently and launched the canoe.

In June they launched a great attack on a seventy-mile front, which was to have made an end of Italy; but the Italians beat them back.

And then, on the day the pageantry closed, Mr. Asquith launched his Thunderbolt.

Afrásiyáb now hears with ardent joy, The bold ambition of the warrior-boy, Of him who, perfumed with the milky breath Of infancy, was threatening war and death, And bursting sudden from his mother's side, Had launched his bark upon the perilous tide.

On the Isonzo front the Italian commander, General Cadorna, launched a great offensive while the British were active in Flanders and by August 23 had broken through the whole Austrian line, capturing the town of Selo, which was the pivot of the Austrian defense, and considered impregnable, and inflicting upon the enemy, in this eleventh battle of the Isonzo, the greatest losses he had sustained since the capture of Goritz.

As Adonis was mortally wounded by a boar's tusk, so (it is here represented) was Adonais slain by an insidiously or murderously launched dart: see p. 49.

O young Mariner, Down to the haven, Call your companion, Launch your vessel And crowd your canvas,

" He encircled her slender body with his right arm and, shaking out the bridle, launched his horse at a gallop down the sandy lane.

But if thou yield not to our prayers, so soon as the sun shall commence his course our armies will launch upon thee their poisoned arrows; and when the sun shall end his course, they will give thee over to all the horrors of famine; and this will they do from year to year.

I think my second adventure in getting a job in Goa came when Erasmo de Sequeira launched his paper, Goa Monitor .

He singled out a warrior of inferior grade, toward whom he made at a gallop, and, insulting him by word of mouth, after the ancient fashion of the Celtic warriors, cried: "Frank, I am going to give thee my first present, a present which I have been keeping for thee a long while, and which I hope thou wilt bear in mind;" and launched at him a javelin which the other received on his shield.

Now, in hot haste, Sir Pertolepe launched another charge to check that furious onset, what time he reformed and strengthened his main battle; but, with speed unchecked, Sir Benedict's mighty ranks met them in full careerbroke them, flung them reeling back on Sir Pertolepe's staggering van and all was wild disorder, above which roaring tumult the Raven banner reeled and swayed and the fray waxed ever fiercer.

Therefore, it is most urgent that you give orders to the artillerymen of Courbevoie and Mont Valérien, to moderate their zeal, if you do not desire that Parisneutral Parisshould make dangerous comparisons between the Assembly which flings us its shells, and the Commune which launches its decrees, and come to the conclusion that decrees are less dangerous missiles than cannon-balls.

All the time, too, he had to keep a watchful eye on King Constantine, lest the latter launch the Greek army in a treacherous attack on his rear.

And all the things you did before, just now seem weak and tame Since you launched that Dardanelles campaign of pillage, lust and shame.

When his captors hesitated to launch their spears at him, he spake gently to them and pointed to his gun.

Scarcely was he consecrated by Theophilus of Alexandria before he launched out his indignant invectives against the patron who had elevated him, the court which admired him, and the imperial family which sustained him.

Directly behind the single dreadnaught and the battleships came a flotilla of submarines, ready to dash forward at the proper moment and launch their deadly torpedoes.

Further, we know not from one day to another whether we may not be absolutely necessitated to excommunicate that fautor of Gallicanism, Louis the Fourteenth, and before launching our bolt at a king, we may think well to test its efficacy upon a rat.

"Yea, though it wore a CROWNI launch the CURSE OF ROME!

For Easelmann was a study,always agreeable, never untruthful, but fond of launching an idea like a boomerang, to sweep away, apparently, but to return upon some unexpected curve.

It was then in 1980 on a dark night ... in Panjim ... that the idea of launching a Konkani daily was born.

Park, however, at length launched his schooner on the Niger, passed the city of Timbuctoo, and, with two or three Englishmen, followed the river more than a thousand miles to Boussa.

179 collocations for  launch
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