205 collocations for lick

I was conscious that something was licking my hand.

Notice with what dexterity and generosity Mr. SPRAT selects the fattest parts and skilfully conveys them to Madam's plate, reserving the lean for himself; occasionally throwing a bone to his dog, while the lady now and then bestows a fat bit upon Puss, who slowly licks her lips and winks for more.

If you are moderately excited you may start, but there is an excitement that "nails you." Nig shook his wolf's coat and sprayed the water far and wide, made little joyful noises, and licked the face that was so still.

Handy Solomon continually wetted his lips, like an animal licking its chops.

We offered him some coffee, and he licked his fingers.

They found shelter that night under thick balsam, and when they lay down on the soft carpet of needles which the snow had not covered, Gray Wolf snuggled her warm body close to Kazan and licked his wounds.

But I hardly saw or heard these things, for I ran at once to my little darling, and snuggled close to it where it lay, and licked the blood, and it put its head against mine, whimpering softly, and I knew in my heart it was a comfort to it in its pain and trouble to feel its mother's touch, though it could not see me.

He even knew their horses by name also, and asked after each, while Perro, affable alike with rich and poor, exchanged the time of day with traveled dogs, all lean and dusty from the road, who limped on sore feet and probably told him of the snow while they lay in the sun and licked their paws.

His first requirement is that he must be able to lick any man in the company.

It is likewise all-necessary to beware, as Thomson sings, "The whisper'd tale, That, like the fabling Nile, no fountain knows; Fair-laced Deceit, whose wily, conscious aye Ne'er looks direct; the tongue that licks the dust

I crawled out, prepared to surrender, give up the plunder, and lick the boots of any man who'd slip me a cup of water.

It licks your feet,its huge flanks purr very pleasantly for you; but it will crack your bones and eat you, for all that, and wipe the crimsoned foam from its jaws as if nothing had happened.

I was lying on my back, with one leg doubled under the other, and Pepper was licking my ears.

The story goes, that when the shallow water, subsiding, had left the floating trough, in which the children had been exposed, on dry ground, a thirsty she-wolf from the mountains around directed her course toward the cries of the infants, and held down her teats to them with such gentleness, that the keeper of the king's herd found her licking the boys with her tongue.

She went to the fishmonger's To buy him some fish; And when she came back, He was licking the dish.

The first thing the poor cow did was to lick her calf, but it was quite dead.

As fast as the eye could follow, sheets of flame shot out of the sea of smoke, climbing higher and higher, in lightning flashes, until the lurid tongues licked the air a quarter of a mile above the startled wilderness.

We fall on our legs in this world, Blind kittens, tossed in neck and heels: 'Tis Dame Circumstance licks Nature's cubs into shape, She's the mill-head, if we are the wheels.

But I could lick my leg, and that did me some good.

Queer sounds rolled up and down in Gray Wolf's throat, and she licked her jaws.

It's an idee you can lick your weight in wildcats.

Then immediately the fire of Jehovah fell and consumed the bullock and the wood, even melted the very stones, and licked up the water in the trench.

" Here the tears stood suddenly in his eyes, and he lay down upon the ottoman and wept, paying no heed to her until presently he was aroused by her licking his cheek and his ear.

He told me as he had seen all the great Otels of Urope and Amerrykey, but he was obligated to confess, in his own emphatic langwidge, that the Brighton Metropole "licked all creation!"

Full many a slice of apple I have lifted from a pie Before the upper crust went on, escaping Mother's eye; Full many a time my fingers small in artfulness have strayed Into some sweet temptation rare which Mother's hands had made; But eager-eyed and watery-mouthed, I craved the greater boon, When Mother let me clean the dish and lick the frosting spoon.

205 collocations for  lick