346 collocations for  lined

346 collocations for lined

The drums beat to arms, the church bells rang, the news flew round to every household in Quebec; and before the tops of the Surprise frigate were seen over the Point of Levy every battery was fully manned, every battalion was standing ready on the Grand Parade, and every non-combatant man, woman, and child was lining the seaward wall.

The coaches and chariots which line the street give earnest of the families already assembled from Princess Ann to Fairfax and the Northern Neck.

The ball went wide of the mark, and the game dashed, with more desperate energy, and whistling and snorting like a locomotive, into the brush that lined the banks.

We drove out and had some difficulty in making our way through the crowd of carriages, soldiers, police, and spectators that lined the road.

Make a rich pie-dough; then line a pie-dish with the dough.

The lakes, the rivers, and the streams abound in trout, while abundance of deer feed on the lily pads and grasses that grow in the shallow water, or the natural meadows that line the shore.

Box plants, with their bright leaves here and there changing into a rich red, lined the way, and many flowers, including gentians, added their charm.

When this proclamation is over, the king exhibits, so as to line both sides of the road, the five hundred different bodily forms in which the Bodhisattva has in the course of his history appeared:here as Sudâna, there as Sâma; now as the king of elephants, and then as a stag or a horse.

Pluck, draw, and wipe the partridges; cut off the legs at the first joint, and season them inside with pepper, salt, minced parsley, and a small piece of butter; place them in the dish, and pour over the stock; line the edges of the dish with puff paste, cover with the same, brush it over with the yolk of an egg, and bake for 3/4 to 1 hour.

Empty, skin, and thoroughly wash the rabbit; wipe it dry, line the inside with sausage-meat and forcemeat made by recipe No. 417, and to which has been added the minced liver.

He had lined his pockets, and could take the new turn in his affairs with equanimity.

This command could not, however, be long obeyed; for as the party proceeded through the rocks and stunted trees that lined the coast, they came in sight of a burial ground, similar to that which had been discovered in the first expedition, except that, in this case, the mounds of earth were enclosed by a strong palisade of upright poles, bound together firmly at the top.

Roll out some puff paste about 1/4 inch in thickness; line the patty-pans with this, put upon each a small piece of bread, and cover with another layer of paste; brush over with the yolk of an egg, and bake in a brisk oven for about 1/4 hour.

Our arrival had been notified, and in spite of the early hour, a hostile crowd, abusive and threatening, lined the route.

He let his fingers stray in and out among it; and it felt like the soft, warm down that lines a little bird's nest to his skin.

Make a little shell-paste, roll it, and line your tins, prick them in the inside, and so bake them; when you serve 'em up put in any sort of sweet-meats, what you please.

The singing was by the whole congregation, the minister lining out the hymns as in the early times in New England.

Where the earth ended was a fantastic filigree border, like the fancy paper with which our mothers used to line the pantry shelves.

But mark what pitfalls line the good man's path!

Crowds of stay-at-homes, throngs of women and children lined the sidewalks, shouting deliriously, and waving handkerchiefs, inspired by the marching soldiers, with guns on their shoulders, and the strains of martial music, varied with the then popular "The girl I left behind me," or, "When this cruel war is over."

In the edition of 1836 these two couplets of 1815 were compressed into one, and in that edition lines 200-201 preceded lines 198-199.

Laugh arose above laugh, however, and taunt succeeded taunt more bitterly, as the boats came among the gorgeous palaces which lined the canal nearer to the goal.

Make a suet crust with 3/4 lb. of flour by recipe No. 1215; line a buttered pudding-basin with a portion of it; fill the basin with the damsons, sweeten them, and put on the lid; pinch the edges of the crust together, that the juice does not escape; tie over a floured cloth, put the pudding into boiling water, and boil from 2-1/2 to 3 hours.

Then, with young Wilson escorting him on one side, Purvis on the other, and Fawcett carrying his bag behind, he went in triumph to his carriage, and drove amid a long roar, which lined the highway like a hedge for the seven miles, back to his starting-point.

Kurt saw a weariness, a shade, in the gray lined face that had never been there before.

Not a new board met the eye;old weathered lumber everywhere, even to the quaint settle-shaped benches that lined the room.

Line a pie-plate with a rich pie-dough.

While this was going on Dick suddenly swung the lamp around so that its rays struck through the trees and bushes lining the roadway.

This origin will explain the absence of pigment from this thin uniting "line," as it does from the horn lining the interior of the wall.

A line of troops, horse and foot, lined the beach along which he passed from the gate of the city to the place of embarkation; quaint enough both in uniform and armament, but still with something of a pretension to both about them.

The chick makes a circular fracture at the big end of the egg, and a section of about one-third of the length of the shell being separated, delivers the prisoner, provided there is no obstruction from adhesion of the body to the membrane which lines the shell.

The sense of smell is lodged in the delicate membrane which lines the nasal cavities.

This occasioned several détours, the sepoys lining the hedges and firing at us through loopholes and openings, cursing the gore log and daring us to come on.

It closely lines the inner surface of the skull, and forms a protective covering for the brain.

He stood there, straining his eyes toward the ship as if expecting a following signal, then he turned and gazed aloft at the windows of the apartment houses lining the driveway to see if some answering signal flashed back.

Next day line a salad bowl with lettuce leaves, fill in the salad and garnish with hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and capers.

Several fine old pear-trees and a few of the choicest varieties of plum and cherry were scattered over it; currants and gooseberries lined the fences; the main alley, running through its whole extent, was thickly bordered by lilacs, syringas, and roses, with many showy flowers intermixed, and terminated in a very pleasant grape-arbor.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout of South Africa lines up a putt on the 13th hole during Day Three of the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek Country Golf Club on Nov. 28, 2020, in Malelane, South Africa.

He was in no danger from his youthful persecutors, because they had all gone up to line Fifth Avenue and help cheer the visiting King of the Belgians.

A few fine, silky-stemmed grasses are occasionally found interwoven with the mosses, but, with the exception of a thin layer lining the floor, their presence seems accidental, as they are of a species found growing with the mosses and are probably plucked with them.

But Tyee knelt on one knee and lined the sights of his rifle on the rearmost Sunlander.

The mucous is normally a thin film which lines the airways.

They lined the side-walks and pointed me out to each other, saying, as I could judge from their gestures, 'There goes one of those devils of Cossacks.

After being killed they were decapitated and their heads placed upon posts that lined the fields so that they could be seen by other slaves to warn them of what would befall them if they attempted to escape.

Crowds lined the railroad tracks.

"Maudie's lined the tent with black drill," said the Colonel.

On its white-satin lining my long-sighted eyes enable me to decipher the name of Hunt and Roskell; and it does not need any long sight to observe the solid breadth of the gold band bracelet, set with large, dull turquoises and little points of brilliant light, which is its occupant.

Cars and vehicles lined the roadside.

Carefully line a medium baking tray with greaseproof paper and spread 1tsp coconut oil over it.

Above the rattling cottonwoods that line the lisping stream, The crow is proudly calling to the sun, And the beetles in the bushes make the summer day a dream,