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" "Well, I should say you did!" He linked his arm into hers.

And so they talked, parents and pastor and J.W., quite naturally and freely, of the long chain of interest which had linked his life to the church's life, back through all the years to his babyhood.

Looking forward to Feodor's death, Boris made ready to mount the throne; and he sawwhat all other "Mayors of the Palace" climbing into the places of faineant kings have seenthat he must link to his fortunes the fortunes of some strong body in the nation; he broke, however, from the general rule among usurpersbribing the churchand determined to bribe the nobility.

And she sat down, gracefully, linking her white fingers over her knees.

3. The hollow caves with joy resounds, And pleasure ev'rywhere abounds; The Graces, linking hand in hand, In love have knit a glorious band.

The imprudence of their venture had not seemed to matter so much back at Evreux, where accident had thrown them together and Hermia had linked her fate to his.

To her fair works did Nature link 5 The human soul that through me ran; And much it grieved my heart to think What man has made of man.

That is the method of logical association, by which one links up a new fact with something already in the mind.

Let the inference span with its mighty arch a myriad of years, or link together the events of a few minutes, in each case the arch rises from the ground of familiar facts, and reaches an antecedent which is known to be a cause capable of producing them.

It is an objective realization of feeling and sentiment, it gives purpose and meaning to man's cravings for a diviner life, it links generation to generation in a continued series of beautiful traditions and noble inspirations.

So long as I am without the right or the power to protect you, my first duty is to shield you from any or all gossip linking our names together.

Man is linked by every tie of blood and bone and cell memories with his brethren of the sea, the jungle, the forest and the fields.

There walks a sentinel at thy gate Whose heart is heavy and desolate, And the heavings of whose bosom number The respirations of thy slumber, As if some strange, mysterious fate Had linked two hearts in one, and mine Went madly wheeling about thine, Only with wider and wilder sweep!

It brought to Rachel's mind the Daniel to whom she had expected to link her destiny, and she burst into a dismal sob, and hurried upstairs to her own chamber.

They have contributed to the growth of that common civilization which links together the small powers and the great with bonds more sacred and more durable than those of race, of government, of material interest.

The most advanced psychologists of the day link the sex impulse with the windings and twistings of all human activity.

The book is a harmless picaresque, a geste of innocent rogue-errantry; its place is with Lavengro and The Cloister and the Hearth, in that ancient, endless order of tales which link up age with age and land with land in the unaltering, unfrontiered fellowship of the road that kept the spirit of poetry alive through the Dark Ages.

I therefore took up link by link the chain of events of the previous day, but in inverse order.

So slips the chain linking this world with Heaven, And drops me back to earth: so slips the chain That hangs my spirit to the Redeemer's cross Above pollution in the pure swept air Whereunder frets this hive: so slips the chain (She starts up)God!

Wells links witchcraft and the Reds.

The only report was progress in linking things up; not only along the Canadian and Mexican borders and the custom houses, but we had also done a further unusual thing, we had an agent on every ship going out of America to follow through to the foreign port and look out for anything picked up on the way.

There is a chain running through the Bible that links truth and it must not be broken, or it will not be truth.

That tall white shape I looked upon With a mysterious dread, Linking unto the senseless stone The image of the dead The father I never had seen; I remember on dark nights of storm, When our parlor was bright and warm, I would turn away from its glowing light, And look far out in the churchyard dim, And with infinite pity think of him Shut out alone in the dismal night.

For nothing less can be produced by a disregard of those ties which link nations in confederacies, and produce confidence and security, and which enable the weak, by union, to resist the attacks of powerful ambition.

Price had already found out, with the assistance of a not too brilliant detective, that his wife's mother derived her income from a gambling saloon; the remaining problem was how to link up this knowledge with the odd behaviour of Mrs. Price.

158 collocations for  linked