105 collocations for loom

Back of all, there looms up the great Figure of the Originator of life, and of the forms of life; the Maker and Ruler of them all.

In another seven or eight minutes there loomed up, on the left hand, the dim outline of Mr. Saffron's abodethe square cottage with the odd round tower annexed.

Far to my right, away up among inaccessible peaks, loomed the enormous bulk of the great Beast-god.

There, immediately in front, loomed the majestic mass of Mount Ritter, with a glacier swooping down its face nearly to my feet, then curving westward and pouring its frozen flood into a dark blue lake, whose shores were bound with precipices of crystalline snow; while a deep chasm drawn between the divide and the glacier separated the massive picture from everything else.

Something loomed out under a great peak, a shape of greyness.

North loomed up the lofty, steep rim of the Mogollon Mesa, with its cliffs of yellow and red, and its black line of timber.

" He glanced a moment at the Lebanon looming gaunt and somber through the gathering dusk.

At its northern end, a furious surf was beating on a sandy beach; and beyond that, dim and distant, loomed up the low flat farther island, known by the name of Grande Terre.

Back of the meadow loomed a mountain wall, and in this wall they saw a door of thick boards.

A long way ahead loomed the line of the Djebilets, the Djinn-haunted mountains guarding Marrakech on the north.

Polygamy or promiscuity looms a possibility, and may yet have state and church sanction, as in Turkey.

To the south of it, and barely distinguishable, so completely was it blended in hue with the veiling cloud, loomed up a lofty mountain.

"You're getting on my nerves, Jeanyou and that accursed dog!" "Silence, M'seur!" Out of the grim loneliness at the foot of the mountain there loomed a shadow which at first Howland took to be a huge mass of rock.

In the hall, her stout figure looming grotesque in wall-shadows, sat Blanche Devine pretending to read.

I looked back to the shore, with its winking lights and looming cliffs, and wished I could see by some kind of searchlight into the soul of England on this night of fate.

I have stood upon the immense boulder that forms the head or summit of Baldface Mountain, a lofty, isolated peak, looming thousands of feet towards the sky, and counted upwards of twenty of these beautiful lakessleeping in quiet beauty in their forest beds, surrounded by primeval woods, overlooked by rugged hills, and their placid waters glowing in the sunlight.

Shrill mothers cursed; wan children wailed; sharp coughs Rang through the crazy chambers; hungry eyes Glared dumb reproach, and old perplexity, Too stale for words; o'er still and webless looms The listless craftsmen through their elf-locks scowled; These were my people!

Along the eastern horizon's rim loomed the blue sea beyond the sandy dunes of old Plum Island; the lazy river born in babbling brooks and bubbling springs flowing languidly mid wooded islands, and picturesque stacks of salt hay, representing the arduous toil of farmers and dry-as-dust fodder for reluctant cows.

And then, just as the dawn was upon us, there loomed up a fresh wonderthe hull of a great vessel maybe a couple or three score fathoms in from the edge of the weed.

On Blackwells Island loomed the gray hospitals and workhouses, and at intervals on the shore sparkled a friendly light.

At once we realized how perfect an abiding place this was for a thing which offered so fine and looming a target.

Yet by thy wild words raised, In Love's most careless revel, Looms through the future's fog a shade of evil, And all my heart is glazed.

But more important than the knowledge Graham desired, loomed the old question.

Again I felt powerless, and saw looming up before me the vast solitude.

Before him loomed a giant 747 glistening in the sun, its huge jet engines screaming with impatience for full power to be applied, and the passenger door was open at the top of the stairs with a smiling flight attendant beckoning Graham aboard.

105 collocations for  loom