238 collocations for loosing

He loosed his hold of Nig.

Jack loosed the band from the neck.

Shall I loose my hand and let you go?'

"So will I come and watch thee diehangman, and loose a shaft or two on mine own account!"

Master, they've loosed the dogs on us!" Even as he spake, very faint and far as yet but plain to hear above the leafy stirring, the deep baying of a hound came down the wind.

I, who of all young women was the most simple-minded, and ordinarily with barely power to loose my tongue, when among my companions, concerning the most trivial and ordinary affairs, now, because of this my affection, mastered so speedily all his modes of speech that, in a brief space, my aptness at feigning and inventing surpassed that of any poet!

[Footnote A: Jarchi's comment on "Thou shalt not compel him to serve as a bond-servant" is, "the Hebrew servant is not to be required to do any thing which is accounted degradingsuch as all offices of personal attendance, as loosing his master's shoe latchet, bringing him water to wash his feet and hands, waiting on him at table, dressing him, carrying things to and from the bath.

What had loosed the bond, swept away all the effects?

So now, an I must dieI must, but O master, say a prayer for me my sins lie very heavy" But Beltane, trembling, pulled upon the rope and swung Black Roger writhing in mid-air; then, of a sudden, loosing the rope, the forester fell and, while he lay gasping, Beltane stooped and loosed the rope from his neck.

When all was made ready the knights struck spurs to their steeds, and loosing the rein upon the horses' necks, hurtled together with raised buckler and lance in rest.

Dick loosing Warick's horse so that he might make his way back to his master, the fugitives rode cautiously out of the lane, into the open fields, and, though it was not their shortest way, pushed along the river road to mislead pursuit.

The winter was advancing, as was evidenced by longer hours of daylight and hotter sunshine; but when night came the frost was more severe than ever, as if loath to loose its grip on the lakes and streams of that wide white land.

He held the ox-goad, however, firmly grasped in his right hand, and it was not without a little tremor that he loosed the last knots.

At Ninth Street Miss Lola Hassiebrock loosed her arm where Miss Beemis had linked into it.

And straightway came one from the rear, where rode the servants and men-at-arms, a great, bronzed fellow, bearded to the eyes of him, loosing his sword-belt as he came; who, having tossed aside cap and pourpoint, strode toward Beltane, his eyes quick and bright, his teeth agleam through the hair of his beard.

I then made up many packages of rubies, emeralds, rock crystal, ambergris, and precious stuffs, and bound them upon my raft, being careful to preserve the balance, and then I seated myself upon it, having two small oars that I had fashioned laid ready to my hand, and loosed the cord which held it to the bank.

And at the closing of the day She loosed the chain, and down she lay; The broad stream bore her far away, The Lady of Shalott.

From the straitened hand and mind, Let us loose the binding fetter, Let us, as the Lord designed, Make the world a little better!

Heabani loosed his grasp and stumbling falls, And to his king approaching, thus he calls: "My friend, our strongest men are overthrown: But see!

A real friend would have loosed the straps that run along the horse's flanks.

Then Beltane would have loosed his clasp, but her white hands reached up and clung upon his broad shoulders, yet when she spake her voice was low and humble.

So saying he set aside bow and quiver, loosed off his sword, and tightening his belt, stepped towards Beltane, his broad back stooped, his knotted arms advanced and fingers crooked to grapple.

And the more your show be, Your loves and readinesse to loose your lives, The lother I am to adventure them.

Harke how th'applauding shouts doe cleave the ayre, This idle talke will make me loose the sight.

The desperate squadron had only proceeded three leagues, when a faulty, if not treacherous manoeuvre, broke the tow-line which fastened the captain's boat to the raft; and this became the signal to all to let loose their cables.

238 collocations for  loosing