404 collocations for lowered

I will now.' Captain Willis lowered his voice to a confidential tone and said: 'Do you know, what I always say islive and let live and let it go at that; what?' 'That's a dark saying,' said Edith. 'Have a burnt almond,' said Captain Willis inconsequently, as though it would help her to understand.

At last in extreme vexation, I lowered my head and rushed blindly for his chest.

Then Stapylton lowered his eyes, if just because the laws of caste had triumphed, and in consequence his glance crossed that of his daughter, who sat motionless regarding him.

" "We'll lower a boat," was the response.

The mass of the soldiers was made loyal by this course: of the more prominent they tempted some with the goods of those that had been despatched by lowering the price on certain articles and granting others to them free, and others they honored with the offices and priesthoods of the victims.

The country rose to a woman in most spirited fashion to combat the plan to lower the standards of labor conditions in the supposed interest of war needs.

' I spent a weary half-hour in this endeavour, and as it now seemed evident to me that no considerable shop could belong to the object of my search, I lowered my tone in addressing an old apple-woman, who sat behind a table covered with her stores at the corner of the street.

He lowered his hand with the same slow precision and folded it with the other, all the time probing Donnegan with his difficult eyes.

The great treatment of lowering the body of the patient to the flat position cannot be followed here.

Ives was sent aboard the schooner to lower sail and report.

Mrs. Wilson felt herself overcome to a degree that compelled her to lower a glass of the carriage for air.

His Excellency sat in his long parlour among a mass of books and papers and saddle-bags, and glared at me from beneath lowering brows.

I at once covered Bevins with my revolver, but as I saw that he could hardly stir, and was making no demonstration, I lowered the weapon.

He never lowered his bow arm in all the shooting, but fitted each shaft with his longbow raised; yet all three of his arrows smote the center within easy distance of the black.

This agent, by lowering the temperature of the skin, and opening the pores, producing a natural perspiration, and unloading the congested state of the lungs, in most cases does away entirely with the necessity both for leeches and a blister.

Allingford and his men journeyed to the neighbouring town, so gaming the additional credit of a victory on their opponents' ground; and thus, for the first time for many years, Ronleigh lowered the flag of their ancient rivals both at cricket and at football.

" The German lowered his rifle.

One by one, his eyes dared them, and one by one they took up the challenge, struggled, and lowered their glances.

Only once, as he stood there waiting to be questioned, did he cast a furtive look towards the man whose life hung on his evidence, but the malevolent vindictive gaze Birchill shot back at him caused him to lower his eyelids instantly.

The boy lowered the gun.

If you were merely to take something away from this recognized minimum without putting something else to take its place, you would actually lower the rate of wages.

"If one could manage it without lowering one's dignity," she said, "I think that that is the best thing one could possibly do with M. de Chauxville.

" Miss Hassiebrock lowered her flaming face to scrutinize a tray of rhinestone bar pins.

The tracks of the wheel rims engaged entirely his sulky, lowering gaze.

Somebody had lowered the Venetian blinds as a conventional intimation to the outside world that the house was one of mourning, and the room was almost dark.

404 collocations for  lowered