8726 collocations for makes

Then, having stored all our belongings, we dismissed the driver, as he had to make his way back as speedily as possible, and told him to come across to us at the end of a fortnight.

To make use of present opportunities to control present advantages needs a great education and a large human experience.

(He made up his mind, you know, to see the whole world in the toga, Greeks, Gauls, Spaniards, Britons, and all.)

Yet, I had to make one more effort, and haul Pepper into safety.

I have heard so many artists say it made all the difference to them when they felt the public was with themif there were one unsympathetic or criticising face in the mass of people, it was the only face they could distinguish, and it affected them very much.

I saw that he took everything that was offered to himdishes, wines, saucesbut he never attacked anything without waiting to see what his neighbours did, when and how they used their knives and forks,then did exactly as they did,never made a mistake.

After a long discussion, during which the door was several times shaken, they became quiet once more, and I knew that they were going to make a third attempt to break it down.

After dinner, with coffee, a bear made its appearance in the drawing-room, a "baby bear" they said, but I didn't think it looked very small.

I had been warned, but notwithstanding it made a most disagreeable impression on me.

When he had made a great noise with that end of him which talked easiest, he cried out, "Oh dear, oh dear!

He advanced too and we made a stately progress to the dining-room side by side.

Though I felt some reluctance to abuse the patience of this polite and intelligent magistrate, I could not help making some inquiry about the jurisprudence of his country, and first, what was their system of punishment.

I had of course to make acquaintance with all the diplomatic corps.

We didn't always know beforehand, and I remember some dull afternoons with one or two members making long speeches about purely local matters, which didn't interest any one.

I was fearful of a discussion; but he sat down without making a reply, and immediately addressing the company, descanted on the various qualities of food, and their several adaptations to different ages, constitutions, and temperaments.

He made a statement in the House of the line of policy he intended to adoptand was absolutely approved and encouraged.

He made no answer; but stood silent, as though listening, and I kept quiet also.

How many brilliant, sanguine, impossible theories I heard advanced all those days, and how the few remaining members of the Centre Gauche tried to reason with the most liberal men of the Centre Droit and to persuade them frankly to face the fact that the country had sent a strong Republican majority to Parliament and to make the best of the fait accompli.

Here, take this, it'll make a man of you.

What he said nobody understood; as a matter of fact, he was ordering my lady of Fever to be taken away, and making that sign with his trembling hand (which was always steady enough for that, if for nothing else) by which he used to decapitate men.

He quite understood W.'s feelings in the matter, and was perfectly willing to make an arrangement about Tunis.

As soon as I perceived that my secret was discovered, I endeavoured to make a friend of Fatima, in which I was successful.

There is a great deal more in business than the art of making money.

Every now and then he made some remark to the Marechale, but he was certainly not talkative.

What would a general do, who, in looking over his troops, should find two hundred and fifty-six provincial armies, not at ease or at peace with each other, and yet expected to make war upon a common foe?

8726 collocations for  makes