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8726 collocations for  makes

8726 collocations for makes

Then, having stored all our belongings, we dismissed the driver, as he had to make his way back as speedily as possible, and told him to come across to us at the end of a fortnight.

To make use of present opportunities to control present advantages needs a great education and a large human experience.

(He made up his mind, you know, to see the whole world in the toga, Greeks, Gauls, Spaniards, Britons, and all.)

Yet, I had to make one more effort, and haul Pepper into safety.

I have heard so many artists say it made all the difference to them when they felt the public was with themif there were one unsympathetic or criticising face in the mass of people, it was the only face they could distinguish, and it affected them very much.

I saw that he took everything that was offered to himdishes, wines, saucesbut he never attacked anything without waiting to see what his neighbours did, when and how they used their knives and forks,then did exactly as they did,never made a mistake.

After a long discussion, during which the door was several times shaken, they became quiet once more, and I knew that they were going to make a third attempt to break it down.

After dinner, with coffee, a bear made its appearance in the drawing-room, a "baby bear" they said, but I didn't think it looked very small.

I had been warned, but notwithstanding it made a most disagreeable impression on me.

When he had made a great noise with that end of him which talked easiest, he cried out, "Oh dear, oh dear!

He advanced too and we made a stately progress to the dining-room side by side.

Though I felt some reluctance to abuse the patience of this polite and intelligent magistrate, I could not help making some inquiry about the jurisprudence of his country, and first, what was their system of punishment.

I had of course to make acquaintance with all the diplomatic corps.

We didn't always know beforehand, and I remember some dull afternoons with one or two members making long speeches about purely local matters, which didn't interest any one.

I was fearful of a discussion; but he sat down without making a reply, and immediately addressing the company, descanted on the various qualities of food, and their several adaptations to different ages, constitutions, and temperaments.

He made a statement in the House of the line of policy he intended to adoptand was absolutely approved and encouraged.

He made no answer; but stood silent, as though listening, and I kept quiet also.

How many brilliant, sanguine, impossible theories I heard advanced all those days, and how the few remaining members of the Centre Gauche tried to reason with the most liberal men of the Centre Droit and to persuade them frankly to face the fact that the country had sent a strong Republican majority to Parliament and to make the best of the fait accompli.

Here, take this, it'll make a man of you.

What he said nobody understood; as a matter of fact, he was ordering my lady of Fever to be taken away, and making that sign with his trembling hand (which was always steady enough for that, if for nothing else) by which he used to decapitate men.

He quite understood W.'s feelings in the matter, and was perfectly willing to make an arrangement about Tunis.

As soon as I perceived that my secret was discovered, I endeavoured to make a friend of Fatima, in which I was successful.

There is a great deal more in business than the art of making money.

Every now and then he made some remark to the Marechale, but he was certainly not talkative.

What would a general do, who, in looking over his troops, should find two hundred and fifty-six provincial armies, not at ease or at peace with each other, and yet expected to make war upon a common foe?

As the evening drew on, the air grew chilly, and I began to make preparations for passing a second night in the towertaking up two additional rifles, and a heavy ulster.

Is it for this I have made peace by land and sea?

" With a nondescript salute, the man departed on his errand; while we made haste to get into our clothes; after which, we began to prepare breakfast.

Life holds a record of our every deed, and from no least responsibility can we make our escape.

It was on a Tuesday that we arrived in Kraighten, and it would be on the Sunday following that we made a great discovery.

And he was making love obviously to that sickening, irritating red-haired fool (so Edith thought of her), Vincy's silly, affected art-student.

"I suppose you were aboard," said Barnett, and Trendon made a quick gesture of impatience and rebuke.

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He made various changes, one of which was that the valise should be absolutely restricted to official papers and documents, which really was perhaps well observed.

The years had moved onward, uneventfully enough, in that little hamlet; the man making his monthly journeys, regularly.

So he cut his hair & otherwise disguised himself & went off to Brighton, and having hired a piano & boy took up his station on the front and started in to make his fortune.

Gambetta made some bitter attacks on the Royalists, accusing them of mauvaise foi and want of patriotism.

We were obliged to send for two huissiers, who with some difficulty made room for me.

If any disclaimer or limitation set forth in this agreement violates the law of the state applicable to this agreement, the agreement shall be interpreted to make the maximum disclaimer or limitation permitted by the applicable state law.

Long ago she had made a hard trip through the jungle in pouring rain to help when he was deathly sick.

As much as possible I endeavored to preserve my coolness, and thus we stood looking at one another without making any movement or uttering a word for perhaps ten minutes, when one at last, who seemed to be the leader, gave a sign that they wished for some tobacco; this I signified that they should have if they fetched a quantity of cones.

In addition to which, they had about fifty of their most promising young men travelling abroad, who made observations on all that was remarkable in the countries they passed through, which they regularly transmitted once a month to Okalbia.

"It will be making a great sacrifice on my part," the Doctor replied, "but out of friendship for you, I'll make you a proposition.

After cautiously casting about, I made choice of the tallest of a group of Douglas Spruces that were growing close together like a tuft of grass, no one of which seemed likely to fall unless all the rest fell with it.

Have they spent six months, hours and hours a day, to make the law of God, the word Obedience, ring in that child's ears?

I made weekly visits to my own house, which was never dismantled, as I always felt our stay at the Quai d'Orsay would not last much longer.

To the left, I made out the monstrous Eyeless-Thing, grey and inscrutable.

Claudius began to breathe his last, and could not 3 make an end of the matter.

Yet if you'll yield to marry me, We'll keep it secret, till our kinder Stars Have made provision for the blest Discovery.

The Seine was full of large blocks of ice, which got jammed up against the bridges and made a jarring ugly sound as they knocked against each other.

[Scaramouch having placed them all in the Hanging, in which they make the Figures, where they stand without Motion in Postures, he comes out.

The song of the peepers is a pleasant memory, and comes welling up with a thousand cherished recollections of our vanished youth; but the song of the cricket that made its home in the jams of the great stone fire-place is pleasanter, and the memories that come floating back with his remembered lay are pleasanter still.

I will write it down now, and, if anything more happens, endeavor to make a note of it, at once.

I made my report.

He made some excuse about its not looking very steady, and appeared to be just setting it right, and Lili-Tsee pretended there was nothing out of the common in his putting the vase straight.

He was so sure that the ministry would fall that we had already begun cleaning and making fires in our own house, so on that afternoon, as I didn't want to sit at home waiting for telegrams, I went up to the house with Henrietta.

Don't make a fool of yourself if you know anything, HIRAM, and respect your family.

While I collected myself I heard the grate of a boat being shoved off from the cove, and a few moments later made out lights aboard the Laughing Lass.

But they make amends for this irregularity, by a very strict and punctilious observance of festivals, which are regulated by the motions of the sun, at whose rising and setting they have their appropriate ceremonies.

One must make allowances.

When we had nearly reached our lodgings, we heard a violent altercation in the house, and on entering, we found our landlord and his wife engaged in a dispute respecting their domestic economy, and they both made earnest appeals to my companion for the correctness of their respective opinions.

Laboring harmoniously in united strength they crushed and ground and wore away the rocks in their march, making vast beds of soil, and at the same time developed and fashioned the landscapes into the delightful variety of hill and dale and lordly mountain that mortals call beauty.

I made rapid advances in the art of horsemanship, for I could have had no better teacher than Horace Billings.

I am confounded that neither here, nor later on, does the Recluse make any further mention of the continued north and south movement (apparent, of course,) of the sun from solstice to solstice.

When he wished to write, he made a picture with a stick, a stone, on a leaf, or traced his idea in the mud.

I answered, 'bring me the guns, and I'll make short work with the howling curs.'

You might have perceived, that while the old man was abusing the wine you drank as unripe, and making wry faces at it, he still kept tasting it; and if I had not reached it to you, he would probably, before he had ceased his meditations, have finished half the bottle.

For Hercules saw his iron was in the fire, trotted here and trotted there, saying, "Don't deny me; I make a point of the matter.

I tell Mr. DROWSE that you make your fun.

It will make me very happy if you will make that promise.

This is a penitent thief who desires to make a confession.

The coppersmith agreed to undertake the work we wanted done, for a moderate compensation; but we did not think it prudent to inform him of our object, which he supposed was to make some philosophical experiment.

You have made trouble.

We may conceive Mr. Fanciful Fopling in the sleepy blink of those early hours before the pleasures of the day have made a start, inquiring between his yawns what latest novels have come down from London, or whether a new part of "Pamela" is offered yet.

It was my reception afternoon, and while I was sitting quietly in my drawing-room talking to some of my friends, making plans for the summer, quite pleased to have W. to myself again, the butler hurried into the room telling me that the Marechale de MacMahon was on the stairs, coming to make me a visit.

I shall be on the platform to make a sort of introductory speech and Monti, of course, will accompany.

The boy made no comment.

On my return to this my native State, as soon as it was noised abroad that I had met with extraordinary adventures, and made a most wonderful voyage, crowds of people pressed eagerly to see me.

We talked a little (he looking at me to see if I had taken off my veil and my right-hand glove) and then a man in black appeared at the door, making a low bow and saying something in Spanish.

I was above all to make no fuss if they really came to arrest him.

Her sisters could no longer be constantly with her as in the nursery days; and though she made no complaint, nor spoke of it to those around her, yet she felt it none the less keenly.

The gestures of the various trees made a delightful study.

The next to be asked was Diespiter, son of Vica Pota, he also being consul elect, and a moneylender; by this trade he made a living, used to sell rights of citizenship in a small way.

The next thing we did was to make a complete tour of the tremendous chasm, which we were able to observe was in the form of an almost perfect circle, save for where the ruin-crowned spur of rock jutted out, spoiling its symmetry.

The landlord's buxom wife came forth from an inner room and offered her a lodging for the night, and then, when she could not persuade her, helped her to wrap the baby up afresh, and finally made her place in her pocket a tiny flask of brandy, "in case," she said, "the snow should overtake them.

If you make any resistance, I'll shoot you on the spot."

I paused a moment at the door, afraid to enter, or even look in; made one or two steps, and hearing no sound, concluded that all was over with the Hermit, and that my own doom was sealed.

Here he bobbed up at the other end of the continent, making shady bargains with obscure shipping captains, and paying a big premium for absolute secrecy.

After this discovery, I made excursions over all the High Sierra, pushing my explorations summer after summer, and discovered that what at first sight in the distance looked like extensive snow-fields, wore in great part glaciers, busily at work completing the sculpture of the summit-peaks so grandly blocked out by their giant predecessors.

He must make a stand somewhere, and he makes it here.

The Church is drawing hosts of young people under the shelter of its teaching, and is placing before men and women ideals which cannot fail to make their mark upon the social standards of the times.

Some of us looking north, some south, some"he hesitated the briefest moment, and then with a faint smile, half sad, half triumphant, made a little motion of his head"some of us ... looking upwards.

Then a fragment of courage stole into my heart, and I made a frightened rush at the door, dashed it to, and bolted it.

She criticised the name, but was easily persuaded by her mother-in-law to make no objection.

As the night was calm the tow had made fair time toward their port in the Hawaiian group.

Chief watching him surreptitiously, and seeing he was no nearer making an offer, felt he should have some encouragement.

Homer, Dante, Milton, and Shakespeare are the lineal descendants of the man who made holes in a leaf, or lines on a wave-washed sand.

The man who makes continued application to work a principle or habit of life, is industrious.

I. Gradation of Feasts makes a distinction between doubles, semi-doubles and simples, and distinguishes the various kinds of doubles.