362 collocations for manifests

And the ushers have received strict orders to eject anybody in the audience who manifests any marked interest in the performance.

When the Brahmin saw that I had overcome my first surprise, and had acquired somewhat of his own composure, he manifested a disposition to beguile the time with conversation.

It should be noted, however, that both of the accounts manifest the not unnatural desire to give full prominence to the part taken by Columbus himself.

" Confucius said, "Yen, there is a sentence of Cháu Jin which runs thus: 'Having made manifest their powers and taken their place in the official list, when they find themselves incompetent they resign; if they cannot be firm when danger threatens the government, nor lend support when it is reeling, of what use then shall they be as Assistants?'Besides, you are wrong in what you said.

" "We have been conversing of this, and he has manifested so much proper feeling that it has even raised him in my esteem.

He obeyed the call of the nation without delay and without manifesting surprise.

The twelfth century was its apogee, and it was not until the thirteenth that it manifested the first symptoms of decay.

The meeting took place in the evening when the young men were collected for supper and devotion; they received the word which was preached to them in gospel love, and manifested towards our friends no small degree of tenderness and affection.

" Froebel begins his Education of Man by an inquiry into the reason for our existence and his answer is that all things exist to make manifest the spirit, the élan vital, which brought them into being.

answered Jacopo, who had manifested no emotion during the abortive attempt of the other to retire.

It was Ilbrahim, who came toward the children with a look of sweet confidence on his fair and spiritual face, as if, having manifested his love to one of them, he had no longer to fear a repulse from their society.

I immediately returned to the house, and found the domestics running to and fro, and manifesting the greatest anxiety, as well as hurry, in their looks.

" The stranger started, and first manifesting an intention to pass on quickly, he suddenly arrested the movement to reply.

She was unquestionably a woman of great intellect, as well as of tact and beauty, and even manifested a sympathy with some sorts of intellectual excellence.

To all this, however, Nick manifested the utmost indifference.

I knew not that he ever had a sister, or that he had parents living, or that he or any person connected with him had ever manifested the slightest tendency to insanity.

He knows more than many would give him credit for; whilst naturally reticent and cool he is by no means dull; he is shrewd and far-seeing but calm and unassuming; and though evenly balanced in disposition be would manifest a crushing temper if roughly pulled by the ears.

In a few moments he found a shallow portion of the creek across which he immediately waded and made his way down the bank, to where the Indian had first manifested his presence.

Our worthy host, though very feeble, had so far recovered as to dress himself, and receive the congratulations of his household, who had all manifested a concern for his situation, that was at once creditable to him and themselves.

Captain Standish addressed the Chiefs, and strove to speak kindly to men whose deaths he was compassing all the while: but, whether his resolution somewhat failed as the moment for the execution of his bloody purpose drew on, or whether he was disconcerted by the absence of Rodolph, who refused to enter the wigwam, and assist at the slaughter, so it was that he manifested evident signs of weakness and indecision.

I mingled with the crowd around the Court doors, a crowd manifesting bitter hostility to the prisoner and to the Order, of whose secrets a revelation was eagerly expected.

"Since the Ministry of Mr. Pitt," she remarked, "he is so desirous to signalise his zeal for the contrary faction, he is perpetually saying ridiculous things, to manifest his attachment; and as he looks upon me (nobody knows why) to be the friend of a man I never saw, he has not visited me once this winter.

In compliance with this request he recited a poem in praise of warriors and war, and the king and all the court manifested their delight.

As for Maud, she asked no questions, solicited no pauses, manifested no physical weakness.

For some time after she recognized her nurses, she continued to be very drowsy, and manifested no curiosity concerning her condition.

362 collocations for  manifests