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216 collocations for maning

Illustrated by Manning De V. Lee.

Their enemies saw them and, manning boats, headed them off, killing or capturing every one.

In the terrible struggles in which England found herself engaged with France, her maritime force was her chief dependence, and accordingly she increased the number of her ships unprecedentedly; but it soon became difficult to man all these vessels.

Hoping to relieve them somewhat, and also to annoy the enemy, Pericles manned a hundred and fifty ships, placed on board, besides the sailors, many brave infantry and cavalry soldiers, and was about to put to sea.

Before another could be dropped, the man who manned the anti-aircraft gun fired again.

But as soon as Caesar had landed his troops, he set off the same day for Oricum: when he arrived there, Lucius Torquatus, who was governor of the town by Pompey's appointment, and had a garrison of Parthinians in it, endeavoured to shut the gates and defend the town, and ordered the Greeks to man the walls, and to take arms.

Instead, therefore, of restraining the wages of the merchants, it seems probable, that by raising those of the king, we may man the fleet with most expedition; and one method of raising the wages will be to suppress the advanced money.

When all Constantine's preparations for defence were completed, he found himself obliged to man a line of wall on the land side of about five miles in length, every point of which was exposed to a direct attack.

for the honor of Deity, if commentators had not manned the forlorn hope, and rushed to the rescue of the Divine character at the very crisis of its fate, and, by a timely movement, covered its retreat from the perilous position in which inspiration had carelessly left it!

BEAUDOUIN, FRANK. Pilots, man your planes.

As Henrietta, with mournful cynicism, put it: "Men the world over care little about women beyond their physical charm.

Meanwhile a party of men had seized the life-boat, and had pushed it over the sand to the water's edge, where they launched it, and with much difficulty kept it from grounding until four young men, all bathers, jumped in and manned the oars.

That no methods, hitherto used, have been sufficient to man our navies, and that our preparations have, therefore, been little more than an expensive show of war, the whole nation is sufficiently informed; it is, therefore, not doubtful that some new measures must be taken; whether any better can be suggested than are offered in this bill, must be inquired.

Great Caesar's ghost, by Manning Coles, pseud. of Adelaide Frances Oke Manning & Cyril Coles.

Has man the right, has man the power in the sight of God to draw any imaginary line of demarcation between Englishman and Englishman, especially when that line is drawn between rich and poor?

Having manned our craft, we purchased a colossal refrigerator in which to put our Bass and Weak Fish, laid in a stock of cold provisionsamong other things a Cold Shoulderplenty of exhilarating beverages, and, with Buoyant Spirits, (every Man of us,) and plenty of ice on board, started on the slack of the Morning Tide.

but it makes little difference to the weary German who mans the trenches over against him.

" Ned took the Bible, and having found the place, read, "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: but if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses.

In order to man the numerous galleys which she sent out, she necessarily employed large numbers of hired mariners and slaves at the oar; but the staple of her crews was Athenian, and all posts of command were held by native citizens.

The natives immediately manned their canoes, and flocked on board, to trade with the strangers.

By every law of God and man your life, Coubitant, is forfeited; and justice requires that you should die.

WE HAVE ALREADY SAID that no other animal yields man so many kinds and varieties of luxurious food as is supplied to him by the flesh of the hog differently prepared; for almost every part of the animal, either fresh, salted, or dried, is used for food; and even those viscera not so employed are of the utmost utility in a domestic point of view. 777.

The worst that can be said of the Moslems is, as the poet put it, they offered to man the choice of the Koran or the sword.

Blue has, in one sense, always been JACK's favorite color; but if this sort of thing goes on much further, he must become bluer than ever, and his cheerless condition will be such that he will not have a cheer left to shake the welkin with when he helps to man the yards.

* God hath given to man a short time here upon earth, and yet upon this short time eternity depends.

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