214 collocations for mar

The axe had not harmed it, nor had fire marred its beauty.

Something, indeed, had happened to mar their happiness, and the cause of their depression was as follows: Soon after breakfast, when the contents of the post-bag had been distributed as usual, Mugford accosted his two chums, who were strolling up and down the quadrangle.

A very trifling disregard of it will mar an effect.

On many points they agreed, but not on all; and those who differed from him feared that his continued residence among them might excite a party spirit, and mar that peace which had hitherto reigned in their community.

Oh, Mabel, darling, for the sake of the pastbefore I came on the scene to mar the lives of both of themwill you save him?

" "Your statement," remarked Smith, "that accident has much to do with making or marring the fortunes of men, is doubtless true.

If it is, there are few of us who have not thrown into life much, very much to mar the harmonies of nature, to throw discord among the spheres.

If any child is unkind, or regardless of the rights of others, it is easily seen that he not only makes himself unhappy, but seriously mars the pleasure of all the other children.

Zarifa spoke to Fatima, "How has love marred thy face!

The hangman has a receipt to mar all his work in a moment, for by nailing the wrong end of a scutcheon upwards upon a gibbet all the honour and gentility extinguishes of itself, like a candle that's held with the flame downwards.

he did not put her to this trial, only he stood there like a thing of evil omen to mar the joy of this day with fearful foreboding.

Nothing occured to mar this prospect till about eight o'clock in the evening, when the boat was off Silver Creek, about eight miles from the shore, and thirty-three miles from the city, when a slight explosion was heard, and immediately, almost instantaneously, the whole vessel was enveloped in flames.

Sir Frederick Pollock has admitted that this is a weak point in Spinoza's philosophy, and mars its symmetry.

If she was a bit more subdued, a trifle less high-spirited than was her habit, if she refused positively to sit with her back to any door or to retire for the night until her quarters had been examined, if (as Lanyard suspected) she was never unarmed for a moment, day or night, she permitted no signs of mental strain to mar the serenity of her countenance or betray the studied graciousness of her gestures.

The Tribunal expressed its sympathy with Mrs. Strunski, and stated that the War, important as it might be, could not be allowed to mar the future of such an able youth.

he loveth a wench, indeed: He careth not though both of them do bleed; But Robin Goodfellow will conjure you, And mar your match, and bang you soundly too.

I have none other cause: who would not sing merrily, Being, as I am, in such felicity: The God of this world, so mighty of power, As makes men, and mars men, and all in an hour?

And all through the night that followed, those words of Piers' pursued him, marring his rest: "It's a beastly desert road I'm on, but I know it'll lead somewhere."

" The captain shook his head and a slight frown marred his usually amiable features.

Where'er we in the wide world playing be, Misfortune bears a part, and mars our melody; Impossible to please with music's strain, Our heart-strings broke are, ne'er to be tun'd again.

It seems to me the chief arguments against them are (1) that they are injurious to health; (2) that they impair the womanliness of woman; (3) that they mar her appearance.

The alarmists warn us that what we do for the children in the direction of costly and complicated toys may, even while helping them do something for themselves, mar their priceless simplicity.

In company with Mrs. H., I drove through several of the principal streets, and thence through the most public thoroughfare into the country; and no where could aught be seen to mar the decent and truly impressive solemnity of the day.

But though anger and envy and meanness have written his history, they have not been able to mar the pure and noble image which it presents.

"Here, of course, is the difficulty which mars his plan, for it is questionable whether Austria will consent to a postponement of her military operations.

214 collocations for  mar
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