346 collocations for masters

The work of Wycliffe Bible Translators is to master the language of a tribe, reduce it to writing, and then teach the people to read the Scripturesin their own tongue.

Determination shows in every line of his face; the pen is almost gone only an inch remains, and then the Poet masters his subject.

She had not quite mastered the art of the inward smile.

" Orme turned away for a moment to master his emotion.


He regarded the non-existence of the cold-storage system as one more proof of European inferiority, and no longer wondered, in the absence of the room-to-room telephone, that foreigners hadn't yet mastered the first principles of time-saving.

And I've set myself to master every detail of the business.

I have reason to believe that she would have mastered this fear, but at that instant Miss Caroline coughed rather alarmingly.

" The Hebrew, exulting in his success, now took his leave, with a manner in which habitual cupidity and subdued policy completely mastered every other feeling.

The Rector of Epworth had been slowly mastering his difficulties with the world.

The more sceptical part of his adherents very naturally wished to knowsupposing his story to be truehow in his early years he escaped from the Temple; and when the stranger had sufficiently mastered the French languagewhich he took but a short time to acquirehe gave a most circumstantial and plausible account of his early adventures.

Teachers know, and students soon learn to recognize the fact, that it is impossible to obtain a clear understanding of the functions of the various parts of the body without first mastering a few elementary facts about their structure.

As his powers failed with age the ruling passion for order assumed a greater prominence; and in his last days he seemed to be more anxious to put letters which he received into their proper place for reference than even to master their contents.

When you have done this, you have mastered the word.

But I do not think that their nature or their employments will permit of their mastering the severe steps of beginning (and indeed all through) and the complicated steps at the end.

However one has to master the techniques and follow all the procedures and requirements very carefully.

The most marked development is in the growth of the idea of "taking turns"; the children have begun to master this all-important lesson of life.

After all, one head, perhaps, also, one heart, is very like another; but Nina had not yet mastered this, the first element of a rational philosophy, and would have fled, if she could, to the ends of the earth.

The agreeable task of the editor, therefore, was to search English and American literature for those poems which had fallen from the lips of poets with so sweet a cadence and in such simple notes that they would offer but slight difficulties to a child who had mastered the rudiments of reading.

This little volume will commend itself to parents, as a book for children who have just mastered the alphabet.

"He has mastered papa's weaknesses, fostered them, and taken advantage of them, until papa is afraid of him.

This painter was born at Utrecht in 1590 but went early to Italy, and settling in Rome devoted himself to mastering the methods of Amerighi, better known as Caravaggio (1569-1609), who specialized in strong contrasts of light and shade.

But this arrangement was not to master Charley's mind.

" Our hero had just about mastered the intricacies of the game when, lo, three men entered the car, and the sharp whispered to the lad: "Great Scott!

But in 1850 he felt that he had mastered the situation, and accordingly he began to write for the Press.

346 collocations for  masters