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31 collocations for « minister »

31 collocations for « minister »

  • Merciful Father, give me more confidence in the gift which, thou hast bestowed on me, and favor me with a greater portion of strength to minister thy word faithfully.
  • Being brought to see the prisoners at the bar, upon their trials, they swore, in open court, that they had oftentimes seen them at witch meetings, "where was feasting, dancing and jollity, as also at devil sacraments, and particularly that they saw such a man amongst the accursed crew, and affirming that he did minister the sacrament of Satan to them, encouraging them to go on in their way, and that they should certainly prevail.
  • They ministered no balm to human sorrow.
  • Culbreth is a military veteran who ministered a church near St. Pauls for six years before taking the pulpit at First Baptist Church in Fayetteville.
  • " It is hardly possible to allude to the great affliction of this illustrious lady without thinking also of the persistent acts of womanly sympathy by which, during the anguish and suspense of the past two months, she has tried to minister comfort to the stricken wife of our suffering and now sainted President.
  • more profound than when the withered kindly face looks as of old upon the congregation, to whose fathers its owner first ministered, and which has grown up mainly under his instruction,and when the voice that falls familiarly on so many ears tells again, quietly and earnestly, the old story which we all need so much to hear.
  • Not that a man can save another's soul for him any more than he can eat his dinner for him, but he can minister to him better food or worse.
  • Therefore this cause of dreams and of these words ministered the more fume of hate and envy.
  • Now we comprehend that the universe was designed to minister happiness to myriads of intelligent beings; but that man, by sin, frustrates the gracious intent, and produces misery.
  • Pish, anything, love will minister ink for the rest.
  • To her the Life was more than meat or raiment, so she ministered to the Lifeto the joy of living.
  • He is set on the throne, judging right, and ministering true judgment among the people.
  • Samuel served and ministered our Lord in a surplice before Eli.
  • I have listened to the cabinet ministers lots of times, and there's nothing to it.
  • Not to him only, but to his mother, that mother whose loss he had lived to deplore, had the inmates of Cherbury been ministering angels of peace and joy.
  • When Decius was come again, he commanded that they should be fetched, and then Malchus, which was their servant and ministered to them meat and drink, returned in great dread to his fellows, and told and showed to them the great fury and woodness of them, and then were they sore afraid.
  • Gloster will be a Proteus every hour, That Elinor and Leicester, Henry, John, And all that rabble of hate-loving curs, May minister me more mirth to play upon.
  • And now that we have removed that charge, has she not with her a leprous boy, to whose necessities she ministers hourly, by day and night?
  • By which kinde of Iugling, a great number haue Iugled away, not only their money, but also their landes, their health, their time, and their honestie: I dare not (as I could) shew the lewde Iugling that cheaters practise, least it minister some offence, to the well disposed: to the simple hurt and losse, and to the wicked occasion of euill doing.
  • 9, for a citizen of Lyons, in France, gives his reader to understand, that he knew this mischief procured by a medicine of cantharides, which an unskilful physician ministered his patient to drink ad venerem excitandam.
  • Good Saint Cuthbert, I have wrought for him my best as thou hast seentended his hurt thrice daily and ministered the potion as I was commanded.
  • They had already provided to several officials and ministers a proposal related to social entrepreneurship for youth and indicated that it could be adapted as needed."
  • The thriving pimp, who beauty sets, Hath oft enhanced a nation's debts: Friend sets his friend, without regard; And ministers his skill reward: 30 Thus trained by man, I learnt his ways, And growing favour feasts my days.'
  • This ministers the smoak, and this the Muses.
  • I told the deacon that ministers down South had put an extinguisher on their lamp, and couldn't be expected to raise much of a light from it to guide anybody's steps."
  • To the former, she ministers the sword and the dagger, that they may fight their way into place, and power, and profit.
  • The prince moreover said, "I am the servant of my society, because I serve it by doing uses:" the other said, "I am minister of the church there, because in serving them I minister holy things to the uses of their souls.
  • Had we, Oh Birmingham, for thee design'd A trade that's partial, and a sphere confin'd, Thou'dst been a city, near some stream or shore, To bless some single district and no more; But thou must minister to thousand wants,
  • They express the real experiences of living men, who lay under an inner necessity to utter such a song, relieving themselves by the effort and ministering a means of relief to others in a like situation of soul.
  • He was, nevertheless, incomparably the superior of the young man whom, expecting him to draw, the deacons of his church, with the members behind them, had substituted for himself, who had for more than fifteen years ministered to them the bread of life.
  • Sit down, ministering Christian, sit by my side; I have some questions to ask you."

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