22 collocations for miscalculate

"You are sure you have not miscalculated the time?"

Should he have miscalculated his distance, or chosen a place where the cleft was widestshould his footing fail, or his strength be unequal to carry him over, what a death were his!

But they miscalculated the effect on those who did not know him, or whose interest it was to make the most of the advantage given them.

Whether the posse had not known of this rock ridge, or whether they had simply miscalculated its position it is impossible to say.

But it is an evil day for her if she relies on the semblance of power, or, miscalculating her enemies' strength, is content with half-measures, and looks to luck or chance for that which can only be attained by the exertion and development of all her powers.

It caused her generals to miscalculate and seriously under-estimate the strategic forces opposed to them, both in France and Russia; and in actual battles it has caused them to adopt, with disastrous results, tactics which were foolishly inspired by contempt of the enemy.

He found he had greatly miscalculated his influence, not only over the populace, but over his own soldiers.

And then, suddenly, the man with me clutched my shoulder, and pointed into the darkness upon our bow, and thus I discovered that we had come nearer to the weed than the bo'sun and the second mate had intended; they, without doubt, having miscalculated our leeway.

In my haste I miscalculated its length and pitched into the steps under the trap at a speed that sent me sprawling.

This once thoughtless, pleasure-loving, and hopelessly dissipated boy had not miscalculated his nerve.

But herein we miscalculated the potency of liquor and a comfortable bed of hay, for 'twas nine o'clock before either of us winked an eye, and when we got down, we learnt that Don Sanchez had been gone a full hour, and so no prospect of breaking our fast till nightfall.

It may be said almost invariably to do so, when decay does not supervene, and it now concerns us to consider, in some rough way, what the cost to the sinking class of attempting repression may be, when it miscalculates its power in such an emergency.

During the whole of this day it was impossible that I should sleep for a minute; since if at any point I should find that I had miscalculated my rate of descent, or if any other unforeseen accident should occur, immediate action would be necessary to prevent a shipwreck, which must without doubt be fatal.

Assuredly Mr. Oxford had miscalculated the result of his club on Priam's humour; he soon saw his error.

" The Postmaster had seemingly miscalculated the old man's infirm temper, and the daughter's skillful use of it.

However, it is not only Indians who miscalculate age, for a young lady, fresh from Ireland, having the same question put to her, said "Sixty;" and upon being told she was seventeen years out in her calculation, she replied, with painful coolness, "Which way?"

With science in any form Carlyle had no patience; and he miscalculated the value of that patient search for facts and evidence which science undertakes before building any theories, either of kings or cabbages.

Mr. Stilton appeared to notice that some internal conflict was going on; but he said nothing in regard to it, and, as events proved, he entirely miscalculated its character.

In his haste he miscalculated the dimensions of the consultery.

Madame de Verneuil had not, however, in this instance at all miscalculated the extent of her influence over the royal mind; as, instead of resenting an impertinence which was well fitted to arouse his indignation, Henry weakly condescended to justify himself, and by this unmanly concession laid the foundation of all his subsequent domestic discomfort.

Should he have miscalculated his distance, or chosen a place where the cleft was widestshould his footing fail, or his strength be unequal to carry him over, what a death were his!

Mark now began to think he had miscalculated its height, and that it might be two thousand feet, instead of one, above the water.

22 collocations for  miscalculate