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514 collocations for  mistaking

514 collocations for mistaking

with all my soul, Sir; alas, you mistake my honest meaning, I scorn to be so unjust as not to see you a-bed together; and then agree as well as you can, I have done my partIn order to this, Sirget but your self conveyed in a Chest to my house, with a Direction upon't for me; and for the rest Gay.

By Jove, she has mistook her Man, This 'tis to be a Lover now: A Man's never out of one broil or other; But I have more Wit than Aminta this bout.

The enemy, emboldened by the cessation and mistaking its cause, assumed they had the Yanks on the run, advanced to the rail fence separating the woods from the field just as the Second Minnesota was doing the same, and while the rebels got there first, they were also first to get away and make a run to their rear.

" "You quite mistake the object, Miss Eve, which is to stir the people up; a hopeless thing, I fear, so long as they always sit under the same preaching.

Maillet, in his "Description de l'Egypt," tells us of a pigeon despatched from Aleppo to Scanderoon, which, mistaking its way, was absent for three days, and in that time had made an excursion to the island of Ceylon; a circumstance then deduced from finding green cloves in the bird's stomach, and credited at Aleppo.

But I fear you have mistaken the character of our paper," said Patsy quietly.

That he loved her niece she suspected from the first fortnight of their acquaintance, and it had given additional stimulus to her investigation into his character; but to doubt it, after stepping between her and death, would have been to have mistaken human nature.

Affects to mistake the intention of Belford's letter, and thanks him for approving his present scheme.

I know not how you could mistake so holy a face.

"My friends," said he "I have seriously considered our manners and our prospects, and find that we have mistaken our own interest.

Of the ten dialogues translated by Dacier, I can say nothing with accuracy, because I have no knowledge whatever of the French language; but if any judgment may be formed of this work, from a translation of it into English, I will be bold to say that it is by no means literal, and that he very frequently mistakes the sense of the original.

Their blunder arose from their mistaking the word neuviรจme ninth, for nouvelle or neuve, new.

He mistook a loud voice, and a habit of laying down the law, for manly decision, and the gift of leadership; and imagined that in talking down his mother's gentle protests he had convinced her of his superior wisdom.

The man had mistaken his directions, and had driven him to JOHN CARVER'S old Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, instead of JAMES FISK Jr.'s steamboat at Pier 28, North River.

Roswell Gardiner had not mistaken the persons of those in the boat.

Does this mean that we are to set ourselves up as judges, and brand as wretches all those who thus mistake the laws of charity and justice?

There was no mistaking her feelings.

Cape Race has received its permanent name, "Raso" and, although only the east coast of Newfoundland is named, there is no possibility of mistaking the easternmost point of Cape Breton.

If I have formerly mistaken the question; I must confess my ignorance so far, as to say I continue still in my mistake.

In Literature we see a few original writers, and a crowd of imitators: men of special aptitudes, and men who mistake their power of repeating with slight variation what others have done, for a power of creating anew.

And yet if we were to attribute the malady merely to excessive individualism, we would again err in mistaking a symptom for a cause.

If he kicks small animals, swears violently at a servant who mistakes orders, or is grossly rude to his wife, it is remarked apologetically that these things mean nothingthey are all temper.

Never dreaming what could be the motive for so early a visit, and thinking that someone had mistaken the door, he again lay down, and was about to resume his slumber, when a second ring at the bell, still louder than the first, completely aroused him.

You will not mistake my purpose, I am sure, in saying that you know better than we can guess how your people, through no fault of theirs, have been long in bondage to the unskilled hand, the unawakened mind, and the uninspired heart.

Thus prejudiced, they mistake also the effects of moral and spiritual perturbation and misery for further sign of intellectual disordereven for proof of moral weakness, placing them in the same category with the symptoms of the insanity which he simulates, and by which they are deluded.

You mistake me Lady.

All these opportunities of damage to the fibre of the people had been freely accepted, and with the result that in the age of Cicero we cannot mistake the signs and symptoms of degeneracy.

Although the face lay in the shadow of the high window-sill, there was no mistaking the man's identity.

He was a fairly able judge, but he had mistaken his vocation; his rare talent for making third-rate jokes would have brought him a fortune in the world of musical comedy.

The sea had so far gone down as to render the breakers much less formidable to the eye, than when it was blowing more heavily; but this very circumstance made it impossible to mistake their positions.

It may be objected by some critics that he mistook his duty in espousing the Southern cause.

Certainly there was no mistaking the fact that his liking for her and his delight in her society were wholly genuine.

Do not mistake my motive, nevertheless, Miss Effingham, which is any thing but vulgar curiosity"here Mrs. Bloomfield looked so kind and friendly, that Eve took both her hands and pressed them to her heart"you are motherless; without even a single female connexion of a suitable age to consult with on such an occasion, and fathers after all are but men" "Mine is as kind, and delicate, and tender, as any woman can be, Mrs. Bloomfield.

They knew of his visitsthey permitted themhe has only mistaken the hour.

His Anna How and Charlotte Grandison are recommended as patterns of charming pleasantry, and applauded by his saint-like dames, who mistake pert folly for wit and humour, and impudence and ill nature for spirit and fire.

It was very considerably out of our way, owing to the guide having mistaken his road and turned to the left instead of the right.

"You're straining your eyes so much you mistake other things for lights, Jack," he told the observer.

She began by wondering if she had mistaken his look just now when she had leaped to the triumphant decision that he loved her; she ended by feeling hopeless and tired and uncertain of all things.

Marcella's own satin bow was larger than common, so that no one might mistake the principles of the heart beating beneath it.

There was no mistaking his astonishing sincerity, his painfully earnest endeavor to impart to her some rather unusual ideas in which he certainly believed.

I had mistaken a wild, frightened steer for a red cinnamon bear!

Versed in her every expression, I could not mistake the language of her dismayed soul, at this, the most critical instant of her life.

Yet no one could have mistaken the impulse of her grief.

No native of those parts mistakes the tone of the idol, they know its varying shades as a tracker knows blood; the moon was streaming in through the open door and Ali saw it clearly.

"He hath perished the past night, mistaking the bone-house for the Refuge!" exclaimed the clavier: "Maria and her Son intercede for his soul!" "Is the unfortunate man truly dead?" asked the Genoese with more of worldly care, and with greater practice in the investigation of facts.

I have blushed at it, because I thought that you might have mistaken that respectful kiss.

He who is not prepared to find in its cultivation and exercise his chief recompense, has mistaken his calling and should retrace his steps.

There will be stout fare and much to drink, and that thou likest, or I much mistake thee.

But nobody would ever have mistaken one woman for the other, after a fair look at their faces.

Oh, there was no mistaking such an historical figure.

He mistook the boys for full-grown soldiers, and, considering an attack dangerous, moved his party to a hiding-place in a deep ravine north of the village.

"Many of your readers have mistook that passage.

for some of them will "state the thing that is not," and others "convey" their neighbor's property into their own coffers: men who prefer gain to godliness, and mistake much money for respectability.

roared Sam, waxing bolder and bolder, and mistaking Rob's conciliatory manner for cowardice.

He has a more permanent model, but his liability is his propensity to mistake his map for the actual territory.

" "We are small reasoners in the legal distinction of the world, and may mistake your rights in so novel a character.

They are mistaking liberties for liberty I fear.

The French are, indeed, said to be a very lively people, but we mistake their volubility for vivacity; for in their public offices, their shops, and in any transaction of business, no people on earth can be more tediousthey are slow, irregular, and loquacious; and a retail English Quaker, with all his formalities, would dispose of half his stock in less time than you can purchase a three sols stamp from a brisk French Commis.

They mistake the strength and set of the tide; they imagine that minds round them are going as fast as their own.

When you have read this, I would see you; my impatience will bring me to your side, and I shall read my fate at a glance; for grief is a rapid poisonand the heart, though weak, never mistakes the signal of irrevocable destiny.

All his designs are greater than the life, and he laughs to think how Nature has mistaken her match, and given him so much odds that he can easily outrun her.

If I do not mistake the true intent of the address now proposed, we are invited to declare that we will oppose the king of Prussia in his attempts upon Silesia, a declaration in which I know not how any man can concur, who knows not the nature of his claim, and the laws of the empire.

But 'tis very plain, that he has mistaken the Foundation, for that which is built upon it; though not immediately.

"Nothing is more easy than to mistake an u for an a."Tooke's Diversions, i, 130.

Oh my good Lord, do not mistake my case, And yet my griefe is sure infallible.

Without further delay the column advanced down the hill; and as soon as Captain Johnston had struck the plain with his twelve dragoons, having mistaken the purport of an order from the General, he uttered a yell, and, without waiting for the support of the main body, dashed on the heavy ranks of the enemy, falling a victim of his own indiscretion.

He thinks that the error was due to the copyists, who had substituted by mistake the letter [Greek: i] for [Greek: x].

How it came thither I knew not; but I hurried home, looking behind me at every two or three steps, and mistaking every bush and tree, fancying every stump to be a man.

"You cannot mistake the place, as it is an absolutely isolated building, consisting of a small cabin or hut, with a large shed attached for your work.

There was no mistaking the official paper on which the document was written, and it bore the seal of the Chancery of the Russian Embassy; but in Lady Maud's opinion the mention of the Patriarch of Constantinople stamped it as an egregious hoax.

" (And we add, a member, and if we mistake not an officer of the Presbyterian Church which was established there by Rev. Joel Parker, and which was then under his teachings-ED.)

He had grown up in the bask of Lord Chatham's glory, and had the folly to mistake half the rays for his own.

"You mistake meI am not of that sort at all.

"It was not an ordinary poacher, only a gentleman who had mistaken the Heron water for the Avory's.

"Death came to Drouet and M. Vantine because the maid of Madame la Duchesse mistook her left hand for her right.

No one mistakes the doctrines of Paul for those of Mohammed, because both taught the immortality of the soul.

I wonder if he had the right way, and we, with so many objects to hang on our walls, place on our shelves, drape on our chairs, and spread on our floors, have mistaken our course and placed our hearts upon the multiplicity rather than the quality of our possessions!

It is asked whether a person fulfils his debt to the Church if he has recited by mistake an office other than the one assigned in the calendar of the day.

Suppose a corn-cutter being to give little Isaac a cast of his office should fall to paring his brows (mistaking the one end for the other, because he branches at both), this would be a plot, and the next diurnal would furnish you with this scale of votes: Resolved upon the question, That this act of the corn-cutter was an absolute invasion of the city's charter in the representative forehead of Isaac.

You have simply mistaken the time for stretching the young soul's wings.

"Were you not affrighted, and did you not mistake a spirit for a body?"Bp.

and there was no mistaking his genuine earnestness.

If in your heart there is even the shadow of a doubt, you have mistaken your sentiments.

His minister had the unsympathetic nature which is common in the meaner sort of devotees,persons who mistake spiritual selfishness for sanctity, and grab at the infinite prize of the great Future and Elsewhere with the egotism they excommunicate in its hardly more odious forms of avarice and self-indulgence.

Mr. WINNINGTON answered to the following purpose:Sir, it is not impossible that the honourable gentlemen, having not lately looked into the orders of the house, may mistake the tendency of the question; I, therefore, move that the order may be read.

But John Wingfield, Sr. could not mistake the message of a voice vibrating with all the force of a being let free living over the scene.

"There is no mistaking his expression of countenance," she thought; "he must have been disappointed in love.

The man had nailed it high up in an apple tree, that they might not mistake his attitude of truckling disloyalty to his own country, hoping so to save his home.

If the figure beside me were not at once recognised, I could not mistake the touch of the hand that stole into my own.

As it is the besetting weakness of all provincial habits to mistake graces for grace, flourishes for elegance, and exaggeration for merit, Annette soon acquired a reputation in her circle, as a woman of more than usual claims to distinction.

Is it likely that I, who had lived with the light cavalry since the first hair shaded my lip, would mistake the sound of troopers on the march?

The others, Beauchene and Valentine, then intervened and recalled circumstances under which they also had mistaken the twins one for the other, so perfect was their resemblance on certain occasions, in certain lights.

There could be no mistaking that ancient garment.

Junius has sometimes made his satire felt, but let not injudicious admiration mistake the venom of the shaft for the vigour of the bow.

By the ninth tour I was wearying fast of the cicerone act, and hoping they would not mistake my dutiful reticence for stuffiness.

" Hetty had caught the village character in the act of striping the wooden foot, and his expression of intense interest in the operation was so original, and the likeness so perfect, from the string suspenders and flannel shirt to the antiquated straw hat and faded and patched overalls, that no one would be likely to mistake the subject.

But there is another kind of Hypocrisie, which differs from both these, and which I intend to make the Subject of this Paper: I mean that Hypocrisie, by which a Man does not only deceive the World, but very often imposes on himself; That Hypocrisie, which conceals his own Heart from him, and makes him believe he is more virtuous than he really is, and either not attend to his Vices, or mistake even his Vices for Virtues.

Here and there, the moonlight flecked the glades and Julian feared to advance, because he mistook the silvery light for water and the tranquil surface of the pools for grass.

There was no mistaking the quality of that sharp summons.

His smacking of a gentlewoman is somewhat too savoury, and he mistakes her nose for her lips.