88 collocations for molesting

Their unkindness is not right, but the result is, they never molest a man who is merely eccentric.

"to be cornuted by Jupiter," let it not molest thee then; be friends with her; "Tu cum Alcmena uxore antiquam in gratiam Redi" "Receive Alcmena to your grace again;" let it, I say, make no breach of love between you.

In this particular neighborhood the ordinary jaguars molested the cattle and horses hardly at all except now and then to kill calves.

30. inveighs against such perturbations, "that purge to the halves, tire nature, and molest the body to no purpose."

Not a field was encroached upon, not a house molested, not a person harmed or insulted, by troops that had been so harassed and vituperated by a people now entirely at their mercy.

He did not molest the rapidly walking negro.

They were civil enough fellows, following their own ways, and not molesting their scanty white neighbours, for the country was wide enough for all.

In the early morning, without molesting their English officers, about half the regiment signified their intention of marching down-country; while of the rest, some 300 men returned to their lines at Ferozepore, and on being called upon to do so by the Colonel, laid down their arms.

There are no Indians, in this part of the country, who would dare to molest a settlement like ours.

Other murders would probably have followed, had it not been for the prompt and honorable action of Colonels Robert Patterson and Robert Trotter, who ordered their men to shoot down any one who molested another prisoner.

The girls were unharmed, for the Indians rarely molested their captives on the journey to the home towns, unless their strength gave out, when they were tomahawked without mercy.

Blake soon supplied his fleet with provision, and received orders to make reprisals upon the French, who had suffered their privateers to molest the English trade; an injury which, in those days, was always immediately resented, and if not repaired, certainly punished.

When I started on this hunt I had a thorough understanding with Hunter and my native that no one was to carry a rifle but myself, for I was determined not to allow my natives to molest the game.

" They abound exceedingly in all sunny spots; nor in the shady lane do they not haunt every bush, and lie perdu under every leaf, thence sallying forth on the luckless wight who presumes to molest their "solitary reign;" they hang with deliberate importunity over the path of the sauntering pedestrian, and fly with the flying horseman, like the black cares (that is to say, blue devils) described by the Roman lyrist.

Take care not to lose the way, and see that no one molests the cat."

" Ceron and his companions received instructions not to molest Ponce nor any of his officers, nor demand an account of their acts, and they were recommended to endeavor to gain their good-will and assistance.

In fact, except the cougar, I saw but one living thing attempt to molest the elk.

At one time he made his request on the pretence that he wished to desert the other filibusterers, and save Spain by committing a double treachery, and betraying the treasonable movement into which he had entered; and again he asked funds on the ground that all he wished to do was to establish a separate government in the West, and thus destroy the power of the United States to molest Spain.

And if he please to take the air o'th' gardens, Or walk i'th' inward rooms, so he molest not Bar.

In the direction where the approach of the enemy was expected, they had erected a strong square stockade, to molest the army; while the women and children retired to the principal fort, which was very strong, and situated at the summit of the highest hill: it had a breast-work all round it about five feet high, and a broad ditch beyond that.

This of drink is a most easy and parable remedy, a common, a cheap, still ready against fear, sorrow, and such troublesome thoughts, that molest the mind; as brimstone with fire, the spirits on a sudden are enlightened by it.

There is no man amongst us but who wishes to molest the foe, and do them all the mischief that he is able.

She promised to molest Ambrose

Any slave caught without one while off the plantation was subject to be caught by the "paderollers" (a low class of white who roved the country to molest a slave at the least opportunity.

It has been taught that this failure was due to a moral delinquency outside the law of cause and effect, and society is naturally suspicious that he will offend again or molest the community in some other way.

88 collocations for  molesting