105 collocations for motioning

"Well, I should say so!" He motioned the old man into his chair, and both sat down again.

You think they would not watch Susie all the time if Dolly motioned Jack Frost, too, and looked like Susie!

At Norgate's entrance, however, he dismissed them and motioned his visitor to a chair.

The rowboat approached this craft and the officer motioned his three companions to follow him aboard.

Cosimo motioned the sorrowful bearers to proceed, and they and their burden were no sooner out of sight than Duchess Eleanora came up in her sedan-chair, terribly agitated by the cries she had heard in the forest.

Beaumaroy motioned his guests back to the parlor.

He jumped up, motioned the Boy to put on more wood, cleared away the granite-ware dishes, filled the bean-pot and set it back to simmer, while the Colonel got out Mac's Bible and his own Prayer-Book.

" The soldier saluted and motioned Jack to follow him, two other soldiers closing in behind him as he set out.

" Stoddard motioned the Hardwick driver to wait, and called down to the carriage load, "I want you people to drive round by the hospital and send the ambulance, if you'll be so kind.

"I'm not very bad scared," he said, advancing softly in line with his proposed patient, motioning the girl not to make herself known, or startle her uncle.

" He bustled cheerfully out of the room and downstairs, and Mrs. Gibbs, motioning Mr. Brown to silence, stood by the door with parted lips, waiting.

"That's the man of the picture; but I never seen him before, anywhere." Osborne put his fingers under his collar and pulled as though to breathe more freely; then he motioned another attendant to take the remaining prisoners away.

The sight of her produced a much better effect upon him than Hagar's brandy would have done, and motioning the old woman aside he declared himself ready to be removed.

A piece of roast beef was placed before him, and, motioning Mr. Sharp to a seat opposite Florrie, he began to carve.

" Captain Raleigh motioned Frank and Jack to follow him and left the room.

He began pacing back and forth across the room, puffing volumes of smoke from a huge bowled German pipe as he motioned Aldous to a chair.

The driver nodded and stepped alongside the officer, who motioned the three friends up the steps ahead of him.

Their captor called a halt and climbed out, motioning the lads to follow him.

The sheriff at this moment motioned the crowd to stand back and gave the signal to his two assistants, who went to the other end of the pole and seized the rope dangling there.

The officer motioned his prisoners into the largest of these and gave instructions to the driver.

He motioned Rab down, and, taking his wife in his arms, laid her in the blankets, and happed her carefully and firmly up, leaving the face uncovered; and then, lifting her, he nodded again sharply to me, and with a resolved but utterly miserable face strode along the passage and down-stairs, followed by Rab.

He sees that difficulty; he proposes to meet it; he says he will find you a suitor!" Olive freed her hands violently, motioned her mother back, and stood proudly drawn up, flashing an indignation too great for speech; but the next moment she had uttered a cry, and was sobbing on the floor.

And, turning in his saddle, he motioned back his escort twenty paces to the rear.

"My name is Dodd," said the lady, motioning Mr. Fenton to a chair, "Miss Letitia Dodd.

She motioned Feodor to her side, and with a touch of triumphant pride, said to him, "It is Bertram, the friend of my youth.

105 collocations for  motioning