429 collocations for mount

She arrived in a coupe, her maid with her, and mounted her horse from the block.

Those who can climb mount the higher and ever-narrowing stair.

" As they mounted the front steps the faint notes of a guitar sounded from the front room.

"Aware of the numerous vices of that temporal government, and hostile to all vice and all its agents, he had sought, on mounting the throne, to effect those reforms which justice, public opinion, and the times required.

"Major Doyle, will you mount guard over my men at the dynamos, to see they're not interfered with, while I look after the wire?"

The sudden appearance of an enemy, preparing to attack him, occasioned some surprise; but his sloop mounting several guns, and being manned with twenty-five of his desperate followers, he determined to make a resolute defence; and, having prepared his vessel over night for action, sat down to his bottle, stimulating his spirits to that pitch of frenzy by which only he could rescue himself in a contest for his life.

On the fourth or fifth morning of our pursuit, I rode ahead of the command about ten miles, and mounting a hill I scanned the country far and wide with my field glass, and discovered an immense column of dust rising about ten miles further down the creek, and soon I noticed a body of men marching towards me, that at first I believed to be the Indians of whom we were in pursuit; but subsequently they proved to be General Terry's command.

It matters little whether or not one can mount a ladder comfortably.

* Men and Manners The following paragraph, cut from a newspaper, suggests a good deal: "A Hindoo cabby, before mounting the box and taking the reins, always first prays that his driving may be to the glory of his God.

A hush of expectation fell on the crowded room as the captain mounted the platform on which stood the head-master's desk.

Hearing my horse's retreating footsteps toward the hills, and thus becoming aware that there had been an enemy in their camp, they mounted their steeds and started for me.

They also robbed me of such cooking utensils as they wished; then bidding me good-bye, early in the morning, they mounted their ponies and rode off to the south, evidently bent on some murdering and thieving expedition.

Be these defenses as they may, note with what bravado he mounts the wall!

But now seven habits such as Black Friars wear were brought, and the King and those about him having clad themselves therein, and His Majesty having hung a purse with a hundred golden pounds in it beneath his robes, they all went forth and mounted the mules that had been brought to the door for them.

Then a little man with a black beard and an eager manner stepped forward and mounted a chair, and on behalf of the Association of Italian Teachers wished us good luck.

He soon found the Kazan Passagea very nest of toyshopsand, following the directions given, he mounted a narrow staircase.

Hawks and eagles mount the sky; Sturgeons in deep waters lie.

I was just about to make a quick descent, hoping to get past that and other awkward points unnoticed, when to my dismay I became aware that the people whom I had thought safely settled in the room below had come out and were beginning to mount the topmost flight of stairs.

Wherever the battering-rams had beat down any part of the wall, and the bridges were thrown out, instantly the argyraspides mounted the breach with the utmost valor, being led on by Admetus, one of the bravest officers in the army, who was killed by the thrust of a spear as he was encouraging his soldiers.

Before the bombardment of the French, the fortifications mounted forty pieces or so of cannon, but of no strength; on the contrary, going completely to ruin and decay, being scarcely strong enough to fire a salute from.

Let us join hands and mount our cars, My friends and lovers all.

Never had so dense a throng been gathered within its walls; all were too closely packed to be able to move; and when at last Savonarola mounted the pulpit he looked down upon a solid and motionless mass of upturned faces.

With a desperate gathering together of her relaxed forces, she mounted the stairway.

Thus said: close following at her heel, With cheerful heart he mounts the wheel.

The next morning, the 29th of October, the day of the lord-mayor's inauguration, a solemnity never perhaps attended before with a public execution, Sir Walter was conducted by the sheriffs of Middlesex to the Old Palace Yard in Westminster, where mounting the scaffold, he behaved with the most undaunted spirit, and seeming cheerfulness.

429 collocations for  mount
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