245 collocations for mourned

"He was thirty-one years of age when he met his death, and he left a wife and two children to mourn his loss.

On this principle we may explain his enthusiastic regard for the chorister Eddlestone, from whom he received the cornelian that is the theme of some of his verses, and whose untimely death in 1811 he sincerely mourned.

The two innocent forms were buried side by side, and the whole country round mourned the fate of the infant lovers.

It was not kind To leave me like a Turtle, here alone, To droop and mourn the Absence of my Mate.

There was wailing on the mainland from the rocks of Marblehead, In the stricken church of Newbury the notes for prayer were read, And long by board and hearthstone the living mourned the dead.

Thy sudden doom, O Bion, Apollo himself lamented, and the Satyrs mourned thee, and the Priapi in sable raiment, and the Panes sorrow for thy song, and the Fountain-fairies in the wood made moan, and their tears turned to rivers of waters.

"The King's affairs cannot be slackly done"; 'Tis thus our parents mourn their absent son.

And now how many women mourn their husbands and son's wounded, and perhaps dead?

He says, "I am pained exceedingly, and nothing but my duty to God, to the oppressors, and to the poor down-trodden slaves, who go mourning all their days, could move me to say a word.

And now, emerging from the forest's gloom, I greet thee, Chartreuse, while I mourn thy doom.

General M'Carthy had returned to Spain without receding from his original proposal, and his niece was left to mourn her early departure from one of the most solemn duties of life.

The grief felt was so profound, that it seemed irreparable to the men who mourned their beloved friend, as the leader who was also their constant companion, and always cheerful with them under every adversity.

"No matter for my hands, I mourn my gloves.

In mourning garments all are clad, Fit harness for the occasion sad; But, four by four the mighty throng In slow procession streams along.

Nor were the survivors left in peace to bind up their wounds and mourn their slain.

But she told Elettra to go out and buy a little crape to put on the black frock, and to send for dressmakers to make mourning things quickly.

Marjorie's pale face and mourning dress had touched him deeply.

In regard to (c) and (d), they begin to mourn, more especially the women, as soon as a person dies.

I may mourn this disappointment, and foolishly wish, perhaps, it might have been otherwise; but ours is not a house of which the maidens die for their inclinations in favor of any youths, however deserving!"

Luzerne went South and found Marie's mother who had mourned her child as dead.

Parkman estimates that in 1763 the whole number of Indians east of the Mississippi was but ten thousand, and they were already mourning their own decay.

Rebellion he could well withstand, And yet we mourn his lot!

In sure and stedfast hope to rise, And claim her mansion in the skies, A Christian hero her flesh laid down, The cross exchanging for a crown; True daughter of affection she, Inured to pain and misery; Mourned a long night of grief and fears A legal night of seventy years.

She said she was correcting proof of the Life by the daughters; that the Life was intensely interesting; that Mrs. Somerville mourned all her life that she had not had the advantages of education.

On the whole he liked it well enough, but there were timesusually in the springwhen without being conscious of what was the matter with him he mourned his lost youth.

245 collocations for  mourned