571 collocations for mutter

Whenever the big fellow's undamaged eye caught sight of the cool, hostile smile on Darrin's face, Treadwell muttered savage words.

"Huh! guess Jake Storms' got a reputation that'd kerry him through, all right, sonny," muttered the big man, but Max could see that he squirmed uneasily; likewise Obed must have guessed the truth also, as his next remarks proved.

They were muttering curses, low but deep.

"He must be mad," muttered Holman.

They muttered their prayers, as they encountered her bloodshot, but tearless eyes, and left her with her son.

" "I tried to get him," muttered Dave in an undertone, "and I shall go on trying to the last.

This set the engineer to muttering threats against the stranger who had stolen the submarine, and caused him for the hundredth time to remark: "H'I 'ates t' think what'll 'appen t' 'em, once h'I gets me 'ands on 'em.

And I observed that when we parted, and Moll in common civility offered him her hand, he muttered some oath as he raised it to his lips.

" "It's a wonder," muttered the captain, glancing shrewdly at the bronzed, fine young fellows around him, "that not more of you went overboard as well.

Baptiste stammered, muttered many incoherent sentences, and finally, in his impotency, he permitted the dangerous secret to escape him.

"He was in luck to have this storm," muttered Coquenil.

The old man nodded, and muttered to himself, "Fine young woman!

"And you will be a drudge, while she will be a lady," muttered Hagar, as her tears fell on the face of the sleeping child.

"Just Daniel!" muttered the stranger, when he found that his companion was not disposed to speak; "one would think, illustrious Signore, that your confessor had imposed a penance of silence, by the manner in which you refuse to speak to your servant.

"I mean what I say, and I can back it up," muttered Darrin.

"This, then," muttered the doctor, and the hypodermic needle shot home.

"It is useless to dispute with an obstinate man," muttered the Alderman making his way through vegetable baskets, butter-tubs, and all the garniture of a market-boat, to the place occupied by his niece, in the stern-sheets.

" "Another young autocrat!" muttered a voice.

No," muttered Trendon.

Several times, I have caught myself muttering prayerslittle things learnt as a child.

" "When you like girlwhat you do?" "Tell her so," muttered the Boy mechanically.

"I haven't had time to find him," muttered the detective, sullenly.

Then he muttered a few guttural syllables, turned his back upon her, and addressed himself to Dickensen.

"But the rascal covered up his tracks so cleverly that we can't prove anything on him," muttered Roy disgustedly.

"In leaving the palace of the Cancellaria, one met some faces gleaming with a hellish joy, others pallid with alarm; many townspeople standing as if petrified; agitators, running this way and that, carbineers the same; one kind of men might be heard muttering imprecations on the assassin, but the generality faltered in broken and doubtful accents; some, horrible to relate, cursed the murdered man.

571 collocations for  mutter