102 collocations for nails

They had nailed boards across it to make a floor, and the load that jumper carried on occasions was something wonderful.

He said he had nailed his flag to the mast, and would never abandon it.

Then, I nailed the heads of the struts to these, and, driving them well home at the bottoms, nailed them again there.

Then he nailed a bracket to the tree, at the height of an easy step from the ground, and at the same height nailed a piece of wood across between two of the poles.

The origin of the superstition of sailors, of nailing a horse-shoe to the mast, is to me unaccountable, unless it may have been, like the following trial of the credulity of the superstitious by some person for amusement:Sailors sometimes make a considerable pecuniary sacrifice for the acquisition of a child's caul, the retaining of which is to infallibly preserve them from drowning.

Every generation nailed up a door or a window till all were nailed up.

The master got tired, laid down his whip and nailed the negro's ear to a tree; in this condition, nailed fast to the rugged wood, he remained all night!

But the Night Wind that swept down from the City of the Great King stayed that night in the Forest awhile to say that it had seen that day a Cross raised on Calvary,the Tree on which was nailed the Body of the dying Master.

He picked me for fifty bucks by nailing a dollar I tossed up at twenty yards.

When they are ready to set out, they nail up the coffin, and a servant presents the company with sprigs of rosemary:

I'm going to build another kite!" She sped into the house and in a few moments was busy nailing together another frame while the rest of the Winnebagos stood around and handed her tacks, paper, paste, and everything as she needed it.

See where they have nailed the Lord and Giver of Life!

He sent a soldier to nail a notice on the gate of one of the handsomest houses in Laona house whence the tenants had fled at the coming of the Germanswhich notice gave warning to all whom it might concern that Captain Mannesmann, who carried the Kaiser's own pass, and four American Herren were, until further orders, domiciled there.

The Panorama was then partly in outline, and we had to catch its identities through a maze of scaffolding poles, planks, and stages; while the immense domed area re-echoed with the operations of scores of artistes of every grade, from the upholsterer nailing up gay draperies, to the heavy blow of the carpenter's mallet.

Then Philip's father was hurriedly interviewed by Philip's mother, and he agreed to nail a box on the end of the stable, far beyond the reach of prowling cats, and Philip, armed with twenty-five cents, set forth gaily on his five-mile walk.

Over the top of the box was nailed a cover with a handle to it, and by this handle the pig in the little cage could be easily carried.

" "Would it be the same thing if I were to nail up this window?

We cannot nail the dial's hand; We cannot bind the sun By Gibeon to stay and stand, Or the moon o'er Ajalon; We cannot blunt th' abhorred shears, Nor shift the skeins of Fate, Nor say unto the posting years "Ye shall not desolate.

"I saw a Scout nailing a bulletin on a tree in the square down town challenging all the boys in town to a kite-flying contest on Commons Field next Saturday afternoon.

We have committed the unpardonable sin against slavery, and to fail now would be to place ourselves in the same position that is held by the commander of a ship of war who nails his colors to the mast, and yet has to get them down in order to prevent his conqueror from annihilating him.

"By the Lord, we'll nail their hides to our barn door yet!" were his first words of greeting.

The grieved are many, I am told; The reason deeper lies, Death is but one and comes but once, And only nails the eyes.

Besides, he might ask you why you nail a horseshoe over your door.

But let us, while admitting our shortcomings in the past, nail our colours to the mast and insist that this war shall never degenerate into one of mere revenge or aggrandisement, that the fate of the nations of Europe shall be decided, so far as possible, in accordance with their own aspirations rather than the territorial ambitions of dynasties or racial cliques.

"I mustn't play band or nail the slats on the rabbits' hutch.

102 collocations for  nails