2308 collocations for needing

Does Mother still need my help?

We need money so the missionaries can buy food and clothing.

Man needs rest.

I need a man who can understandIntellectual sympathy' *

Indeed, on the last occasion, she even ventured to address me, on her own account, with regard to some household matter that needed attention.

"It occurs to me," said the Major stiffly, "that this needs an explanation.

At every point the theologian needs assistance from the man of science.

But of course, he needs care and encouragement.

I need the Service of the living, Sir.

If ye need aid you will go to Mercer's Tavern at James Town down on the water front, and you will ask news of Ninian Campbell.

"I don't need his word to assure me of that factI can see it with my own eyes.

But to perfect this force needs time, and, above all, it needs a man on the spot; for Virginia is not a healthy place for me, and these savannahs are a trifle distant, I want a man in James Town who will receive word when I send it, and pass it onto those who should hear it, I want a discreet man, whose trade takes him about the country.

It went all right with the giant, because he was so big I was afraid of him, but I thought the midget was about my age, and needed protection, and when the crowd surged around us I said: "Don't be afraid, little fellow, I will see that no one harms you."

We need friends just as we need air.

We need not this proof to confirm thy Loyalty; Nor am I yet so barren of Rewards, But I can find a way, without depriving Thy noble Head of its victorious Wreaths, To crown another's Temples.

" "No, my friend," answered Mary, "they need the same thing that every person in the world needs and that is the Saviour Jesus Christ.

" "John," said Mary, turning to a young man who had come with Mr. Bishop, "you go back and tell the carriers they must come tonight for we need food and dry clothing.

I need your strength, and must I steady you?

It sadly needed change.

Children in factories and mines required to be protected from the cruelties to which they were subjected; chimney sweeps needed to be guarded from the dangers to which they were exposed; the hours of labour in factories were excessive; thieves required to be shown a way of escape from their wretched life; ragged schools and other institutions needed support.

There is nothing we need fear to take into our lives, if it receives the right assimilation.

You be proud, and high, and scornful, my lady,'tis in your blood,you'll need a strong hand to guide ye,and the strong hand shall come.

I know people do not like to believe that; I know that it is much more convenient to fancy that when a man repents, and, as he says, turns over a new leaf, he need trouble himself no more about his past sins.

It needs no comment.

"We're needing a good deal more before this thing really gets on its feet; and when our people know what work can be done in State schools, and what a glorious chance we have, I think they'll see that the money is provided.

2308 collocations for  needing
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