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14 collocations for « neighbored »

14 collocations for « neighbored »

  • Both counties announced schools would remain closed Thursday, as did neighboring Hillsborough County.
  • One budget hotel that has remained open on the Strip reports a few stir-crazy tourists visiting from neighboring California - and even as far away as Wisconsin.
  • Taken by us in 1164, it was followed in so neighboring a country as France only so late as a few years ago.
  • Israel already has developed a natural gas industry elsewhere in its economic waters, producing enough gas for domestic consumption and to export to neighboring Egypt and Jordan.
  • It is overlooked by neighboring sand-hills and by the houses of Moultrieville, which closely surround it on the land side, while its ditch is so narrow and its rampart so low that a ladder of twenty-five feet in length would reach from the outside of the former to the summit of the latter.
  • She said six states have adopted the practice, including neighboring Idaho and Wyoming.
  • End markets are found in Ohio and neighboring Indiana at fiberglass and bottle manufacturers.
  • After the first wave of disruptions from China, the second wave of supply chain disruptions emerged from neighboring South Korea and Japan, when Covid-19 spread its wings to these countries.
  • The person's cancer may be far away from the mouth, or it may be in a part of the body that neighbors the mouth.
  • Hundreds of demonstrators stood in silence outside the governor’s mansion in neighboring St. Paul to hear relatives of a dozen men who had died in police custody share their experiences.
  • At 35 feet tall, Village View Condominiums would be roughly the same height as neighboring Mojo Rosa’s, Greens N Grains, Shipwrecked and Door County Nature Works.
  • That's the state's new recommendation not a requirement, as it's being enforced in some other states, including neighboring Vermont.
  • Leave that to neighbor Paunch!
  • Many people also headed to shops neighboring the Historic Village, like Daphne’s Bakery, Goodness Gracious Gifts and Interiors, and The Gift Workshop.

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