473 collocations for occasioning

On one of these occasions, I heard from a party of merchants that the Omrah Addaway, whose health had been declining for some time, had gone to Benares, for the benefit of medical advice; that his disease, however, had become more serious; and that it was generally thought it would soon occasion his death.

We came down very gently, it is true, but we struck one of the numerous boats which ply around the island, and had nearly occasioned the loss of our lives, as well as of theirs.

Admiral WAGER then spoke thus:Sir, if I am rightly informed, another petition is preparing by several eminent merchants, that this clause may stand part of the bill; and, certainly, they ought to be heard as well as the present petitioners, which will occasion great and unnecessary delays, and, therefore, I am against the motion.

The sudden appearance of an enemy, preparing to attack him, occasioned some surprise; but his sloop mounting several guns, and being manned with twenty-five of his desperate followers, he determined to make a resolute defence; and, having prepared his vessel over night for action, sat down to his bottle, stimulating his spirits to that pitch of frenzy by which only he could rescue himself in a contest for his life.

" "No, son," returned the venerable personage, "I propose to occasion no such needless trouble to Apollo, or any other Divinity.

Two white men, who walked along the road past the vessel, and who presently returned back the same way, occasioned me some alarm; but they seemed to have no suspicions of what was on foot, as I saw no more of them.

We had been sitting in the dark, and Dupin now arose for the purpose of lighting a lamp, but sat down again, without doing so, upon G's saying that he had called to consult us, or rather to ask the opinion of my friend, about some official business which had occasioned a great deal of trouble.

What had occasioned this change? "Morgianna, do you not love me?

This, he assured Cornelia, to whom the reports I have mentioned occasioned some uneasiness, was because he was more often summoned to attend, in a professional way, at those places, than he had ever been of old; which was true enough, I dare say, for more spinsters and widows were taken ailing about this time than had ever been ill at once before.

Care should be taken not to occasion any pain to the frog.

His serious indisposition had occasioned to Edith much anxiety and alarm; but now she was made to feel how often those events which we regard as misfortunes are really 'blessings in disguise'; and how frequently our merciful and all-seeing Father renders them the means of our preservation from far greater evils.

It was an able paper, but it contained a passage, the publication of which occasioned Gifford the deepest regret.

The selfishness of the late Napoleon Bonaparte occasioned innumerable wars in Europe, and caused him to perish himself in a miserable islandthat of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.

JOHNSON. 'Sir, the want of inherent right in the King occasions all this disturbance.

The wood is reported to have continued burning for seven years, and so great was the devastation as to occasion great inconvenience to the colony for many years afterwards, from the want of timber.

This occasioned a very warm dispute, which was not settled for some time, and which gave rise to some beautiful and interesting speeches on the subject.

This delay occasioning much expense and trouble, the government agents applied for assistance to the command at Fort Snelling.

"For be well assured," he said, "most excellent Crito, that to speak improperly is not only culpable as to the thing itself, but likewise occasions some injury to our souls.

The stranger remarked that he had seen him talking with me, assured him that I would do him much more harm than good: that I had occasioned great confusion in the world, by driving many people mad.

Uncle John went to the city every morning, and at first this occasioned no remark.

Dr. Johnson had an advantage over me, in this respect, he having no wife or child to occasion anxious apprehensions in his mind.

Nor need the occurrence of exhibitions of archery and of the Robin Hood plays and pageants, at this time of the year, occasion any difficulty.

In both respects it promised well to perceive that his chamber was occupied by his most eminent scholar, Porphyry, though he was less gratified to observe his disciple busied, instead of with the scrolls of the sages, with an enormous roll of accounts, which appeared to be occasioning him much perplexity.

His exertions were, in short, entirely successful, and the country was thus freed from the visitation which had occasioned so much distress and ruin.

As it is, he occasions me continual annoyance; he is the most punctilious blockhead in the world.

473 collocations for  occasioning