1932 collocations for offered

No club owner, unless he is maliciously or foolishly inclined, will jeopardize the interests of his team by acting in a wilfully unjust manner toward a player who is cheerfully and uprightly offering his services.

He limped back again and solemnly offered his hand to each of the travellers in turn.

Not alone in church shall we offer up a "Prayer before Election."

When he offered sacrifices to his ancestors, he used to act as if they were present before him.

If the victim advanced with an easy and natural air, in a straight line, and without offering any resistance,if he made no extraordinary bellowing when he received the blow,if he did not get loose from the person who led him to the sacrifice, it was deemed a certain prognostic of an easy and flowing success.

"We notice that Mr. Fossberry has offered a reward of 50 pounds for any information which shall lead to the arrest of the thieves who entered his house some few weeks ago, and stole a valuable collection of coins.

Had Carleton remained in Canada these felicitous events would have offered him a unique opportunity of strengthening the friendly ties between the British and the Americans in a way which might have saved some trouble later on.

Presently the ambassador appeareddidn't offer me his arm, but again made me a low bow, which I returned and moved a few steps forward.

We offer these unrivalled machines, believing them to be the | | simplest, most durable, useful, and desirable sewing | | machines in the world, with a view to giving workingmen, or | | deserving woman a chance to obtain a machine for much less | | money than in any other possible way.

A rich patient in Devonshire once offered him a large sum to stay until the next morning.

" Several bucks came running down from the Kachime, and stood about, coughed and spat, and offered assistance or advice.

The Editor of the GUIDE would offer one suggestion to league presidents and umpires; it is this: whenever two possible plays occur in conjunction, instruct the chief umpire always to turn to the spectators and inform them which player is out.

" He cursed, and offered five dollars more.

Through the open windows are seen the editors of the Sun and the Free Press, each determined to be the first to offer GEOFFREY a place on the staff of his respective journal.

I have been anxious for some time to broach the subject, but I saw that our going would be a trouble to you; now, since fortune offers this chance, we must seize itthat is, those of us who feel it a duty to go"; and she looked meaningly at Merry and her daughter.

And here the devil offered Him the very prize for which He came down on earth, without struggle or difficulty, if He would but do, for one moment, one wrong thing.

That was my Fate, not Fault, I knew him not: But yet to make up my offence to you, I offer you my life; for I'm undone, If any faults of mine should make you sad. Am.

As I leaned forward ready to fasten on the man when he should offer violence I heard a peculiar sound as of a loose piece of wood or iron striking the sill.

On the other hand, a knife offered advantages almost too numerous to be listed.

It desolates me to think that I cannot offer these apologies to Mr. Vantine in person.

With his whole second squadron intact and the British apparently helpless, he had thought to crush these few ships before aid should reach them; and then, if the approaching British were not too formidable, to offer them battle also.

That Denbigh would offer some explanation he believed, and he had fully made up his mind to accept it, let it be what it might, as his fighting friend entered.

"Allow me to offer my best congratulations.

Shelley addressed to Keats in Naples another letter, 'anxiously enquiring about his health, offering him advice as to the adaptation of diet to the climate, and concluding with an urgent invitation to Pisa, where he could assure him every comfort and attention.'

More than this, the motor-car has made the whole rural life more attractive, and offers the one inducement that will keep the boy on the farm.

1932 collocations for  offered
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